Sesshomaru gave one last lick before looking up to see wide amber eyes staring back at him. Some distant part of his mind recognized them as belonging to Inuyasha, but in his state the only significance of that was that something linked them together.

"Wh-What the hell's going on?" sputtered Inuyasha, though he made no attempt to move away, his body tense and frozen in place. Sesshomaru's eyes flicked up to the furry, twitching triangles sprouting from messy, silver hair. He brought his nose closer and gave them a sniff, felt Inuyasha start beneath him. The scent of family was strong, stronger than it'd been for centuries and it was sending his excessive youki into a frenzy.

His long dormant instincts were waking as he nuzzled his face against the furry appendages. This was family, they said. Family was important, to be protected.

Sesshomaru felt his youki flow outwards, searching for that connection and he leaned back to see what would happen. Inuyasha was frowning and his instincts only had a moment to rear up before a fist smashed into his face. He fell back, stunned, leaving enough room for Inuyasha to run off, glaring. He watched him go with a blank face.

His youki was still going haywire, but he was capable of restraint at the moment. He picked himself up from the ground, intent on getting as far away as possible. He didn't get more than one step before his body rebelled. His youki, his true demonic self, refused to abandon his newly found family and Sesshomaru could have howled in frustration.

One kiss, and Inuyasha had him trapped in place. Damned. He'd never be able to kill him now.

Fuck, fuck, fuck. Inuyasha cursed his life. Why did shit always happen to him? He ducked under a branch as he searched about for Tessaiga; he couldn't believe he'd let himself be separated from it in the first place, what had he been thinking? He started muttering curses again until he spotted the glint of his blade in the grass, and the sheath a few feet farther away. He released the breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding as he got his hands on Tessaiga. The familiar weight of the sword went a long way in calming him.

As he slid the sword into its sheath, Inuyasha debated on what to do next. Should he go back and kick Sesshomaru's ass for molesting him (twice dammit!) or go check on his friends? He frowned as he considered the situation, when a sudden wave of energy passed through the area, sending the animals into a cacophony of motion and causing him to still.

"Well, that answers that," he scowled. He couldn't leave the bastard out here alone and so out of control; who knows what shit could happen. He turned back, took a step forward, and froze.

His head bombarded him with images of the kiss from before and how Sesshomaru had practically fondled his ears. Inuyasha felt his face heat up. Damn, but he didn't want to face the fucker right now! And why the hell couldn't he remember anything? Trying to recall anything since the celebration with Kagome felt like wading through mud. In the dark.

Something caught his eye as he tried to figure things out and he honed in on it. His red haori was lying on the ground reeking of human. His stomach swooped as he realized it had been his human night. And yet he was still alive. Why would Sesshomaru let him live? He hated him, and humans at that. Although...maybe not as much as he gave on if he was taking care of that kid.

Another wave of energy washed through the area, causing him to shiver at the raw power. Inuyasha frowned. He was confused, pissed, and the slightest bit scared and that was not a good combination for him. He picked up his haori and headed back to the clearing where he could feel, even from where he was, that Sesshomaru hadn't moved.

"The hell is wrong with you, Sesshomaru?" he murmured to himself. The crazy bastard was practically bleeding power.

He braced himself as he came into view. Sesshomaru was standing right where he'd left him and he whipped around to stare at him as soon as Inuyasha set foot into the clearing. He hesitated only for a moment before moving forward. The red had mostly receded from his eyes, but Inuyasha could still hear Sesshomaru growling softly.

He stopped a few feet away, his hand on Tessaiga. "What the hell's wrong with you?" he demanded.

Sesshomaru curled his lip to reveal a sharp fang. "None of your concern hanyou," he snarled.

"It is when you're kissin' me and I cant remember shit!" Inuyasha blurted out and immediately regretted it. Sesshomaru's snarling became loud at the reminder and red seeped back into his eyes. Inuyasha paused at the reaction. Sesshomaru was angry? He narrowed his eyes. Why would he be angry?

"You didn't want to kiss me?" and that was not disappointment in his voice. He took the silence as an answer and jumped to his next question. "So why did you?"

All he got was a blank stare as an answer and that pissed him off to no bounds. He deserved a fucking explanation and he was going to get one! When he moved closer, Sesshomaru let out an intimidating warning growl. Two can play at that game, he thought, and growled low in his throat.

Sesshomaru blinked, surprised, before his eyes narrowed down to slits. Inuyasha kept moving closer while Sesshomaru took his turn at being a statue. Another pulse of youki came from Sesshomaru, and this time, something happened. Inuyasha felt it wash over him, completely engulfing him in his brother's energy, sinking into body, mixing with his own youki and coaxing out a response from it. They both shuddered as Inuyasha's youki rippled out.

A moment passed, and then another. Inuyasha felt the tension build till he thought his muscles would snap from the strain.

"What's with the power show?" he asked somewhat shakily, coughing when he heard how messed up it was. Sesshomaru took a moment to blink before snapping back to his glare.

"It is not a show."

And it was Inuyasha's turn to blink. He wasn't expecting a response, and huh, at least it wasn't just his own voice that was shaky. Focus! he berated himself. Sesshomaru's youki kept surging out in waves until it was an almost steady stream of youki. If Sesshomaru was telling the truth and this wasn't some weird intimidation shit then...what, he had too much pent-up youki? Inuyasha turned contemplative eyes on his brother. He remembered the few times he'd been a full demon, all that strength and rage buzzing about, eager to be let out. He swallowed. Those were not good memories.

"You need some kinda release then?"

He almost laughed aloud at the innocent question. He knew Inuyasha had a tendency towards obliviousness, but he hadn't realized how far that trait went. Nevertheless, he nodded at the hanyou. He certainly needed release, and at this point, any sort would do. His youki practically purred at the thought of Inuyasha naked and wanting beneath him.

The image took him by surprise, as well as the strength with which his self wished it to be. This was...unexpected. He was so taken aback that he didn't really notice Inuyasha nod like he was agreeing to something before bringing Tessaiga up and launching a Wind Scar.

He dodged purely from instinct before pushing his thoughts to the background. A fight was just what he needed now and threw himself into it. The pulses, no matter how frequent, don't release enough youki to bring him any relief. They really are for show, for warnings and intimidations, and trying to dispense of it that way would take days if not a full week. Too much youki had built up, however, and it had started leaking out.

Inuyasha nicked his thigh with Tessaiga before trying another Wind Scar. Sesshomaru swooped in and broke his nose before he was able to launch it. The cut on his thigh quickly healed itself and he moved for Inuyasha's throat as he cursed and tried to fix his nose. He leaped out of reach and Sesshomaru allowed him a few seconds to set his nose. He rushed in once he heard the 'crack.'

He didn't use his sword at all, finding a greater pleasure in just using claws. Sesshomaru had always been very limber, faster than even his father. He used it to his advantage now, dodging attacks and rushing in with his own before Inuyasha had a chance to recover. Even so, when Inuyasha finally collapsed, sweat and blood soaked into his clothes, it was out of exhaustion not injury.

He paused, towering over Inuyasha who was panting heavily, his eyes closed. It would be so easy to kill him now, he thought. But then, it would have been easy hours ago too, and easier still last night. He tells Inuyasha that it wouldn't be worth it to kill him now, weak as he is. It wouldn't be a challenge, or at all satisfying.

He knows it is a blatant lie but ignores the voice in his head that whispers so.

Inuyasha huffs out a laugh as he brings himself to his feet. "We've been fighting all day and you're just as messed up as I am," he taunts. "How is that easy?"

With a hint of surprise, Sesshomaru realizes that, yes, he is sweaty and bloodied, his clothes torn and disheveled. He glances at Inuyasha, catches his smirk and the knowing look in his eyes and turns tail, calmly walking away.

"Oi, wait!" and he stops against his will. His youki was more attached than he thought, he frowned. "You're gonna leave just like that?"

Sesshomaru doesn't outwardly react. Inside, he's remembering how Inuyasha had smelled; right, like family and Sesshomaru had been alone for a long time. He'd only recently realized when it had started to dissipate, that the empty, aching feeling in his chest had been loneliness. Although Rin was very effective in keeping that feeling at bay, his youki still yearned for family. Of which it now recognized Inuyasha, both as a brother and as a potential mate. How troublesome.

"Fine," Inuyasha spat out, bringing Sesshomaru from his thoughts. He started moving again, intent on finding Rin, when Inuyasha appeared in front of him, blocking his way. He was about to say something when the impertinent hanyou reached up and planted a kiss on his lips. It was a day of shocks he thought, as he stared at Inuyasha, stunned beyond words.

"Payback for before, bastard," he smirked. And...well. He couldn't let his insolent little brother think he could just get away with that, could he? His lips twitched upwards and he saw Inuyasha's eyes widen and glaze over before he bent down and showed him how you really kiss someone.

Inuyasha gasped in surprise and Sesshomaru used it to his advantage, licking his way into his mouth. It took a few seconds before Inuyasha responded, one of his hands tangling in Sesshomaru's hair, the other sliding up his shoulders. It was rough, it was intense and it was wet. Saliva trickled down Inuyasha's chin and he moaned when Sesshomaru nipped at his tongue and lips. The sound was incredibly arousing and Sesshomaru kept kissing him until he ran out of breath.

"That's how you do it," he whispered as he pulled back. Inuyasha looked dazed, his face flushed and panting for breath. Sesshomaru swiped a thumb across his lips before pulling away completely; he really needed to find Rin now. It'd been two days and she'd been recovering when he left. He gave Inuyasha one last look before turning away He was already several meters away when Inuyasha snapped out of it.

"I owe you for that you bastard! And I'll damn well collect!"

Sesshomaru could hear the grin in his voice and his youki, exhausted to its normal state, purred in anticipation.

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