UnProfessionalism 4: Milestones

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The fourth and final installment in the UnProfessionalism. Nick and Finn have had a hard time getting along but can they work it out for the sake of their little guy. Recurring problems from their past can hinder the parenting skills.

Ch1: Missed Moments

"Mommy, am I scary?" Austin said growling trying to be the scariest vampire Finn had ever seen.

"Oh my goodness! What did you do to my little Auggie?" Finn said pretending to be terrified.

"Don't worry, Mommy. I'm right here." Austin said taking his fangs out.

"Oh phew." Finn said relieved.

"Is daddy here?" Austin asked excited.

"Not yet…" Finn said fixing Austin's makeup.

The original custody agreement between the two was that Nick would have Austin, or Auggie as Austin would say, from Sunday to Tuesday and Finn would have him the rest. But Finn often had Austin on Nick's days because of the job. Nick was now the assistant supervisor once again and needed more at the lab. Finn worked every now and again for law enforcement consult agency.

Austin was now four and looked just like Nick. They had the same build, same dark brown eyes, same smile, and same laugh. Austin had Finn's nose, ears, and definitely her attitude.

Even though Nick hadn't spent as much time with Austin as he wanted, he certainly made every second count. They watched cartoons together, they went fishing together, they would throw the football or baseball, they would play with Maverick, they would watch football, go to museums, just anything that sounded fun or that Austin would find fun.

"Mommy! Daddy is here!" Austin yelled hearing someone knock on the door. Austin took off running luckily it actually was Nick. Finn opened the door and Austin squeezed him in a hug. "Daddy!"

"There's my little man." Nick said hugging Austin. "How are you, Finn?" Nick always asked.

"I'm good." Finn said. She always a little frustrated with Nick because she always wanted him to spend more time with Austin. Austin was always taking a backseat to the lab and almost everything in Nick's life. It wouldn't surprise her if Nick got called away tonight. But it really upset her to see how disappointed Austin would be when Nick would call and say he couldn't come or if a case would make him late, but when Austin saw Nick, Finn loved to watch his little eyes and world light up. But at times she was jealous.

"You ready to get some candy?" Nick asked excited. Austin smiled and nodded.

As they went to the first house Austin got all nervous and hid behind Nick's legs as Finn knocked. The elderly woman opened the door a little surprised to see to adults at her door rather than a child.

"Come on, Austin." Nick said trying to move so that Austin would face the lady but Austin kept moving with Nick.

"He's a little shy." Finn said watching Nick and Austin sway back and forth unsure which way. Nick knelt down and whispered into Austin's ear.

"Ummm, trick or treat." Austin finally said nervous. When the woman put candy in his bag Austin smiled and his face lit up. "She gave me candy!" Austin said excited. Nick and Finn laughed.

"You ready to go to the next house?" Finn asked.

"Yeah!" Austin said super excited almost shocked. They started to walk to the next house and Nick's phone rang. Austin's face fell he knew his dad had to leave.

"Stokes." Nick said turning away from Finn and Austin. Finn continued walking Austin to the next house, but she knew Austin's little mind was already wrapped up in what Nick was doing. It didn't surprise either of them when Nick told them he had to go.

Unfortunately, this had been a recurring theme with holidays since Austin has been born. The first year Nick was really good about being able to send the holidays with Austin but it had really fallen apart since then. Nick had missed a lot.

Finn had invited Nick to come over for thanksgiving and to watch football with Austin. Finn's family was going to come up and send thanksgiving with them. Finn was worried about how Nick and her sister Rachel would act because they didn't like each other at all. But Finn didn't have to worry about it because Nick missed it.

Finn feared the same thing would happen for Christmas because it had in the pass. There had been a gruesome murder of an entire family. It had been all over the news and she had seen Nick on the TV working the scene. She was unsure if he would be able to come today. But to Finn and Austin's surprise Nick did come. He even had presents for Austin, but Nick looked a mess and looked as if he would breakdown at any moment. Nick reassured her everything was fine and that he just wanted to spend Christmas with Austin.

Austin loved fireworks and he loved the Fourth of July because he got to see the best fireworks. Nick always missed this unfortunately because he was the one that got then the seats to see then. Finn and Austin would go to the roof of the Rampart and watch the fireworks over the Nevada desert.

"Where's Daddy?" Austin asked Finn disappointed that Nick was missing them.

"He's working, sweetheart." Finn said feeling part of her heartbreak. She absolutely hated seeing Austin sad like this, that's why she grew frustrated with Nick.

"He's always working…" Austin pouted swinging his feet.

"I'm sorry, Auggie." Finn said hearing Austin sniffled. She wanted to call Nick right up and yell at him for upsetting Austin but she knew the job that's why she never yelled at him.

When they got home Austin turns the TV on to see the news on. Finn was never really concerned about Austin watching too much TV because he didn't. Austin would get bored of anything and everything in the matter of minutes; he was a little ball of energy.

"Austin, get ready for bed please." Finn said just as Austin went to leave the TV they saw Nick and Greg on the TV talking with Brass as an amber alert came across the TV.

"Mommy, look its daddy." Austin said excited pointing to Nick on the television. Nick looked angry the men talked, there was no audio. The TV cut to a commercial.

"I saw him. Go get ready." Finn said Austin ran to his room. Finn shook her head; after kids learn how to run they never stop. Austin ran everywhere he went, didn't matter where he wasn't or what time it was he just ran.

Finn felt her phone vibrate and saw that she had a text message from her friend Declan Grey. They worked at the same consultant agency for law enforcement. His specialty was ballistics.

How were the fireworks? She smiled to herself at least one of the men in her life remembered. Even though her and Declan weren't a couple they were friends and she knew about her son, never met him, it was nice to have someone to talk to again, she thought. As Finn was texting him back Nick called her phone.

"Hello." Finn said, to hear Nick talking to someone else.

"Finn?" Nick said walking away from all of the noise.

"Hi Nick." Her voice not hiding her annoyance very well.

"How were the fireworks?"

"They were nice. It's a shame that you missed them."

"How upset is he?" Nick asked sounding fearful of her answer.

"He was really upset before." Finn said remembering seeing Austin pout.

"Can I talk to him?" Nick asked.

"Austin, your dad is on the phone!" Finn shouted to hear Austin's little running feet coming.

"Daddy!" Austin shouted onto the phone. Austin began telling him the day's entire events from his breakfast to describing every firework he saw.

Nick promised Finn that once Austin started school things would get better. Finn had little faith in his words because he had said the same thing about when he got promoted and things didn't. Finn wanted to believe Nick, she did for Austin's sake but couldn't for Austin's sake.

This chapter mainly was to show how they were doing and to bring you up to speed to what they had or hadn't been doing. Can you understand Finn's annoyance with Nick? Nick is trying the best he can but is that enough for Austin? Please Review!