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She sat on her full-sized bed, humming a gentle tune while repeatedly dragging the soft bristles of her brush through her dark locks, her eyes focused upon the stars in the fall sky that shown perfectly through the window near her bed. At the moment, Celeste felt at total peace, which she believed she deserved after what occurred a few hours ago.

The brunette had decided to walk to a small corner market a few blocks over. Although she saw the dark clouds looming above, she ignored them and neglected her umbrella on the way out of her apartment, which later came back to bite her. While the weather held up nicely on her way to the store, the trip back home was a different story entirely. Almost as soon as she stepped outside of the market, the downpour began. After muttering a profane phrase or two, the brunette sighed and walked through the rain, eventually arriving at her flat completely drenched.

Once inside, Celeste set the merchandise down by the front door and headed directly for her bathroom. She stripped, showered, and later emerged wearing a towel, then proceeded to put away the groceries. When that was done she put on warmer attire, consisting of a mauve cotton sweater and a pair of dark skinny jeans, before she plopped onto her bed, ultimately deciding to nap until the storm passed.

And here I am a couple of hours later. It's a miracle I somehow didn't catch a cold.

At the thought, Celeste softly chuckled to herself while she brushed her chestnut hair and continued her soft melody, until she heard what sounded like some sort of faint, scratching noise.

It's probably a tree limb rubbing against the window up front or something.

She disregarded the sound and resumed what she was doing. A few seconds later, she heard it again, but dismissed it once more. It wasn't until she heard the familiar squeak of her front door that she became concerned.

Now alert, Celeste slowly stood and quietly placed her brush on the dresser. She walked into her doorway and stole a glance down the hall. Seeing that it seemed clear, she began walking cautiously down the hallway, taking delicate steps on the tan carpet. Once she came to her living room, she noticed that nothing was amiss except that her front door, while closed shut, was unlocked.

Huh… I thought I locked that…?

She thought to herself, a dark brow arched up in confusion as she strode over and rotated the latch until it clicked. However, as she started to turn back around, she found herself restrained by an arm. Reflexively struggling for freedom and tugging at the limb, Celeste found that the arm only tightened against her. Just as she was about to scream, a hand clamped over her mouth and a knife was at her throat.

"If I were you, girl, I wouldn't do anything stupid," a masculine voice hissed into her ear. "I have no issue carving pieces out of you."

At the verbal warning, Celeste remained silent and dared not to move, even though her mind was erupting into utter chaos as she began to analyze her situation. Her night had gone from peacefully brushing her hair to her being held at knife-point by some thug that broke into her apartment.

I need to do something before I end up dead. But what can I do?

The brunette tried to calm herself, her green orbs flickering about the room as she mentally shuffled through her options. While she debated her next move, she realized that her hands were still on the man's arm. She now knew exactly what to do, even if it was something she preferred not to do.

Well, it's the best choice I got right now.

With a silent sigh, Celeste closed her eyes and focused on the limb she clutched. Within seconds, she felt a dull, warm current flowing from his arm to her hands and soon after, she noticed his grip begin to loosen.

"What the hell are you doing to me?" the man roared as he swung the knife at her face, the blade making contact and leaving a long cut along her cheek. Right after, Celeste found herself being tossed to the floor. She could only brace herself as she fell to the floor with a grunt, the back of her head bumping the corner of the coffee table on her way down.

As she cradled her crown, her eyes swept over her assailant. She noticed he wore all black, including the mask that concealed his face save for his eyes. The opaque material seemed old and worn but there weren't any holes present in the cloth. She also saw that the man seemed slightly dizzy and disoriented, his right hand clutching the side of his temple, though that didn't surprise her with what she just did to him.

"You're going to pay for that, you little bitch," she heard him growl as he began refocusing on his task, tightly clutching his knife in his left hand while taking a step towards her. Celeste held her breath as he closed in on her, yet before he could actually reach her, a brilliant flash of light lit up the room.

Once the light subsided, there stood another man between her and the assailant. He was clad in white robes, a blue vest, and a conical straw hat, sparks of lightning sporadically flashing about his person. Wasting no time upon his arrival, he grabbed hold of the man in black and seemingly electrocuted him, sending sparks of electricity flying around them both. After the sparks subsided, the assailant went limp in the other man's grasp before he was dropped to the floor where he fell into a heap.

Despite having witnessed someone probably save her life, Celeste felt uneasy. Not only did this man quite literally appear out of nowhere, he also just killed someone with his bare hands,with lightning no less.

Oh fuck. What if I'm next?

At the thought, the brunette started to hyperventilate at the fate that she might meet, her heart thumping wildly in her chest as she allowed anxiety to overtake her.

"Do not be afraid. I am here to help you," the man spoke gently but with authority, his voice pulling Celeste from her current thoughts.

As he took a small step towards her, he slowly held out his hand to the panicking brunette, who only stared at him once she managed to pull herself into a sitting position, her breathing shallow and quick. Upon noticing a lack of pupils in his eerie, glowing bluish-white eyes, the brunette began noticeably shaking while she sunk deeper into her fear.

"You are bleeding. Please allow me to look at your wounds," he stressed, slowly advancing towards her with his hand still stretched out to her.

Celeste took a scoot back until she was against the leg of the table behind her, her lips moving to form words that never came as he got closer to her. All she could do was stare at this strange man whose person remained cloaked in flashes of electricity, until a wave of vertigo hit her. Everything in the room became fuzzy, the various colors and shapes began blending together, until finally, it all went black.

A/N: First, let me thank everyone that decided to check this out. It is my first Mortal Kombat fanfiction, and I admit that I'm kind of nervous. It's been a long time since I've bothered writing anything so I'm sure my skills are rusty.

Second, I want to let you guys know that this is set in an alternative Deadly Alliance timeline. In my AU, MK1-MK4 along with some DA canon still applies in this story, but the timing of certain events has been changed. Some things have occurred earlier than they did canonically, some things will occur later, and some things won't occur at all. Despite this being AU, I'm going to keep everyone in-character as best I can as I write this.

Third and finally, as I've stated in the summary, "Heavenly Resolve" nods towards a Sub-Zero/OC (in this case, Celeste) pairing. While there's going to be quite a bit of Sub-Zero/Celeste scenes, it's not the focal point of the story.

With all of that said, please enjoy "Heavenly Resolve."

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