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I'm feeling giddy as I walk into the lobby to meet them all. I shouldn't. I should feel troubled by the lack of information on the murders or exhausted from the magic practice but I find myself instead eager, almost ridiculously so, at the prospect of meeting Adrian today which in itself I should be uncomfortable with being an alchemist.

Going to the apartment had been Eddie's suggestion. He'd decided after the craziness of the past few months a movie night slash sleepover at Adrian's might make a nice change. No-one was going to disagree with that.

A joking wolf whistle breaks me out of my thoughts. "Whoa, Sydney, dressed to impress?" Angeline called.

I frowned looking down at my clothes in confusion "What do you mean?".

She grinned "So much colour, I'm just shocked is all".

I supposed she was right. In comparison to when she met me my attire had changed. Tonight I wore dark jeans, a gauzy red shirt with a gold belt and red wedges. Certainly different from the neutral slacks and shirts of bm (before magic) me.

In response I chuckle lightly. "Okay, let's get this show on the road then!".

We all pile into latte and I can't help but admire our surroundings. The midday sun shines down on the palms creating a beautiful greenish-yellow hue upon the world. I admired especially the seemingly wild, blush pink roses. Although I could've sworn there were none there just the other day.

Too soon or not soon enough we arrived at the apartment to see Adrian carrying some bags in from his car, the ivashkinator. It struck me then just how beautifully his muscled back flexed when he shifts his arm a little… erm no idea where that came from.

At Eddie's call he turned to grin at us, nodding us up. Was it just me or did his eyes brighten when he set eyes on me?

Upon entering the apartment I scanned the room in delight "You've been busy!" Canvasses were pushed up against all the walls. Magnificent paintings so clearly created by a passionate, emotional artist.

Adrian smiled uncharacteristically shy "You like?", at my nod of approval he stepped forward to hold my hand tugging lightly "Come with me". He pulled me to the door of his bedroom. "You will appreciate this. Now close your eyes" he ordered me, moving to stand directly behind me and covering my eyes with his hand. Having him so close… it was intoxicating.

We made our way into, presumably, the center of his room.

He eases my head back, tilting it up and resting it on his shoulder. "Now open your eyes" his voice hushed as he removes his hand.

"Oh Adrian… this is incredible" My eyes unexpectedly begin to fill with tears as I glance at his expectant face before returning them to the ceiling. Constellations as real looking as a true night sky covered the ceiling, painted with painstaking precision. The Ursa major, Lynx, Draco. "I'v never seen anything so beautiful".

"I have" he murmurs his eyes, sparkling with unhidden love, bored into mine. With his hand on my cheek he turns my face to his. Our lips only a breath away.

"Adrian, we…" He cuts me off tracing his thumb lightly over my lips.

"Shhh, just let me have this one moment" He pleads softly, resting his forehead upon my own as if committing this minute to memory. "I want to kiss you Sydney. Will you allow me to kiss you?" he sighed tenderly.


His lips push against mine lighter than a feather at first but growing more urgent. I kissed him back every bit as hard, our bodies pressed together as though life would be unbearable were we not so. All too soon he pulled away resting his head on my shoulder, kissing my neck daintily "the others are waiting, love"

We walk reluctantly to the couch in the living room but he doesn't let go of me once. Pulling me down to sit by his side with an arm wrapped tightly around me. It feels so right!

The guys, arguing over what movie to watch first, barely notice us nor do they comment on our proximity. These are our friends, he told me, they won't tell anyone.

"So what are we watching?" I ask.

Immediately three heads snap in our direction. "Finally" Jill cries exasperated. "Please tell these two 'amateurs' in film that there is no film greater than the princess bride".

"Hah" Angeline snorts indignantly "I think its clear that fight club tops that any day"

I sigh. This is going nowhere fast, "Eddie?"

He blushes "I was actually thinking tangled"

I turn smirking to Adrian. "wait a second amongst your vast collection of films over there, including some of the goriest horrors ever, you own Disney."

He shrugs "what can I say they get the waterworks going"

Laughing I turn back to Eddie exclaiming "tangled it is!".

Throughout the night I truly enjoy myself but towards the end I make a decision. These people, these wonderful crazy people, are my friends. You don't keep secrets from your friends. Besides maybe they'll have noticed something I haven't.

I shift slowly out of Adrian's embrace to sit up straight.

"You guys, I … there's something you need to know-"

"That you and Adrian are together? Oh we know" Angeline brushes me off.

I share a look with Adrian blushing, caught off guard. WE haven't even had that talk yet "What? No, not that. I received a call from Stanton the other day", beside me my lover tenses bracing himself for the worst no doubt. I touch his arm comfortingly "nothing like that either, there have been a series of murders in the surrounding area. Nowhere too near to my knowledge but I couldn't find anything in any database on them which to say the least is unusual. It could be completely random of course. Some psychopath killer except…"

"Except", Eddie prompts.

"all the deceased were either Moroi or alchemist" I finish tensely.

Jill gasps "Those poor people. Should we be worried?"

"I'm not sure. Definitely you should be more on guard and of course I will keep looking into it. Ms Tewilliger has been particularly helpful" I mention looking meaningfully to the two Moroi in the room.

This makes Adrian smile a little "who'd of thought? My girl accepting her talents at long last."

I smirk a little shyly, looking up at him through my eyelashes "Your girl?"

He flat out grins taking my hands within his own before confirming my hopes a touch possessively, "My girl".

Awkward coughing brings me back to the present.

"Sorry Eddie" "Sorry not sorry" we answer in unison.

"I'm going to forget you said that Adrian. So what do you propose we do Govner?"

"Govner? Never mind, I think we should scout around for any information we can you never know where you could pick something up. The one who's doing this, I don't know, I just feel like there has to be a pattern"

"hmm yes. We can all agree that we'll keep our eyes open, yes? Good I say we meet on Tuesday to share any findings. Now enough of this gloom lets watch something else."

I snuggle back into Adrian's welcoming arms. I think we were watching a comedy but couldn't have told you what happened. I was far too focused on the steady beating of Adrian's heart.

When I awake I'm tucked under soft silk sheets curled into Adrian like he's my life line. His long lashes flutter a little as he senses movement. I place a gentle kiss to his forehead, smiling, before drifting back into the blissful dark.

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