Would Like to say a MASSIVE thank you to Stacylk for Beta'ing this for me. Stace, I LOVE YOU! If You Haven't read any of her work, please do. Her Stories, "Legacy" and "The Companion" are in my Favourites.

Thanks Again Stace!

There's a small, winding road that leads into a solemn, street lit neighbourhood. On it embody the vast estates of the wealthy, renowned and esteemed members of a town that is plagued in colour and secrets, with tightly cut lawns and picket fences. Beyond this boulevard, there is a threshold...an imaginary boundary line that separates the clean, clipped hedges and vivid colours of the suburbs for a darker, more muted place. A place where the cold, clean cut lines are blurred and tarnished for two groups of inhabitants. The invisible ridge between the wild, feral world and that of cosmopolitan, perfect society.

At the end of the pavement, under a lone street light stands a seventeen year old boy, waiting for something to happen in the navy blue night sky. His eyes dart frantically to the ground, to the shadow that he has cast waiting for a girl he knows may not show up.

Inhaling, he tries to calm his nerves, tries to ignore the sweat that is forming between his palms which adamantly refuses to leave, no matter how many times he rubs them on the back of his jeans. The friction of the action not only leaves him anxious, but flushed with anticipation at the thought of her.

He knows that she may not show. The risk outweighs the prize for her, yet he can't forget the twinge of excitement and danger that meeting her entails. His mouth creeps up at the side as his hands dig into the pockets of his fitted jeans; a tailored orange shirt is tucked neatly inside of them, illustrating his chiselled physique and firm arm muscles that aren't grossly toned.

She had once said that she loved how strong he was, how his arms were her castle walls that towered over, that shielded her form the world that they lived in. She wished that one day, she could be strong. Strong enough for the pair of them; to save them from this place.

Strong enough to protect them both from the prejudice of others, not merely because she was from the Seam, but because she was brave enough to call to his house; thing girls rarely did, even if they were from the right side of town.

He thinks of her, he can't stop thinking about her and that's the problem. He thinks of how keeping a secret can be damaging, not only for him, but also for her. He knows that impromptu meetings under the illumination of a lamp post aren't what she deserves. They aren't what he wants either, but he knows the ugly face of prejudice that glares at him like a snake in the long grass, waiting to snap at his ankles, is all too willing to catch them should they try to rebel.

He glides a hand through his slicked hair, hoping that she'll arrive soon.

The air is crisp; a certain prominent smell of autumn foliage has taken over her senses; the girl strolls from the rugged wasteland of the wilds to a nearby streetlight, fear and anticipation growing with every stride she takes; with each thump of her heart.

Her hair is knotted back into a long plait that hits her repeatedly as she lifts her legs through the high grass. The lights of the boulevard hang ahead in the distance, where she's expecting to meet him. A lone figure comes into view as she treads on silently, aware of the dangers of their meeting so late at night.

She wonders about him; if he is just curious, like so many other men from the refined area of town that she's heard about, or if for once, something in her life is real. Love is by far the most confusing thing in the world to her; an undefined space between what she feels and what is permitted in this place.

His head pops up from the ground, a faint rustling in the nearby hedges interrupts his train of thought as she appears, bits of bracken caught in her long plait as she walks silently over to him, her eyes trained on their surroundings. A smile, a rare action these days crosses his face as she steps towards him, her hands balled up in fists, hanging at her sides, only to soften around his shoulders as his arms wrap around her waist, pulling her into a tight embrace.

There are no words spoken, no greetings or any other common salutations. They know that the night will only allocate so much to them, and words just complicate things and waste time. Their meetings under a lamp post at the end of the street never last long enough; they merely serve as a reminder for their relationship, a means that no matter how many times they meet up, it doesn't suffice.

She feels as if there's always more that needs to be said, but she understands the risk that he's taking too. What had he once told her…That what was between them couldn't co- exist with the world that they lived in. That he always would feel this way for her; looking back, he was fortunate for the serendipitous memory of how they first met.

Her eyes find his, her hand ghosting to his hard jawline, relishing in the feel of the tiny roots of stubble that rub roughly against the palm of her hand. He reaches to tuck a strand behind her ear, relishing in the feel of her long, dark tresses and the way that her eyelashes frame those blue- grey eyes, which stare back into his with a burning intensity for more than this.

Her heart thumps a little harder as her hand traces up his face, her long fingers knotting in his golden hair before resting at the junction of his neck where his shoulder meets, his own pulse evident under her fingertips, their eyes still locked together, as their foreheads meet in the space between them.

She thinks that he is the most beautiful thing in the world, not only because of his physical aspects, but because he is the epitome of goodness and strength. He is the light that glows when all other lights have gone out.

His eyes are lost in hers, and the shift of their faces in a fluid movement as he presses his mouth to hers as his arms tighten a little more around her, only encouraging her own fingers to knot in his hair again whilst the other strums the muscles of his back, her fingertips tingling the hard plains as the kiss intensifies.

She loves how his eyelashes bat against her skin as he holds her a little closer, her toes sliding off the ground as his arms hold her up. There's nothing in the moment but the sound or crickets chirping and wood pigeons nesting in the nearby trees.

She feels his heartbeat through her thin shirt and wonders if he can hear how loud hers is as it rings through her ears, as a sense of warmth rushes through the pair of them. With wild abandon her tongue presses to his bottom lip and the teasing invitation is more than he can stand as his tongue glides over hers.

She loves this rush of electricity that passes through her body, which leaves her both breathless but wanting more. His kisses set her on fire and she fights his tongue with her own, before kissing him squarely on the mouth again.

He pulls away slowly, savouring the taste of her lips before cupping her face with his hands. The danger is obvious, but his guard has been let down considerably in the past few moments. He looks at her before holding her close and speaking quietly into her ear.

"They'll find us one day, you know, maybe not today or tomorrow, but one day…"

Her eyes are deep and pensive as she looks into his, her hand holding his, her head lying against his chest, her eyes looking over his shoulder. She breathes in deeply, before mumbling quietly into his chest.

"Don't worry…tomorrow may never come"

They stand there for a while, holding each other for a bit before she slips away from him first, her hands gradually slipping from his until the tips of their fingers brush and the feeling of electricity leaves their bodies as they part ways.

Somewhere in the pitch black night, a girl and a boy disappear from the corner, walking in separate directions, slipping away from each other and back into the two different worlds that they belong to.

It's only when she gets home to her small house in the Seam that she wishes she could be enough for him so that he wouldn't have to hide anymore.

Similarly, when his head hits the pillow and he catches a glimpse of the stars shining, he's reminded of her, and how she shines, in a different place, in a different sky. He only wishes she could be his; that she could shine in his sky…