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Chapter 115

Jaime entered the throne room with Sansa on his arm and Julianna holding his hand. He choked back a snort at Julianna's gasp of delight when she saw it decorated for the feast. The room had transformed since their arrival the day before. Flowers and silks and jewels covered nearly every surface. The torches lining the walls were lit, giving the entire room an ethereal glow, and massive candelabras had been placed throughout the room. Jamie couldn't help thinking it looked rather gaudy. Margaery Tyrell must have helped to make the arrangements. The excess reminded him of Joffrey's wedding to the little rose.

Sansa poked him with her elbow and shook her head, sensing his distaste for the entire event. "Let her enjoy it, Jaime," she whispered, smiling fondly at her daughter. "Isn't it beautiful?"

Julianna smiled at Sansa and nodded enthusiastically. "I've never seen anything so beautiful," she breathed, her eyes sparkling as the light of the torches and candles caught her eyes.

Jaime refrained from pointing out that Julianna had said the same thing when she saw Sansa dressed for the feast. Sansa wore a long gown, cut to show off her womanly figure, her hair and neck adorned with his mother's jewels. Sansa had not had much occasion to wear diamonds in Lys, so Julianna had never seen them before. She had perched beside Sansa as she got ready, exclaiming over each piece that her mother pulled out of her jewel box. When Sansa suggested that she could wear a small ruby necklace to the feast, Julianna's eyes had gone so wide Jaime worried they would pop out of her head. Julianna had touched her neck half a hundred times already, as if to assure herself that the bauble was still hanging there.

The boys were too little to attend the feast and had remained behind in their bedchamber with Pia, but Sansa had been persuaded to allow Julianna to attend with them for a short while and their little lioness was grateful for every second of merriment she'd been granted. Jaime watched her surveying the room and knew that she was absorbing every detail and would remember attending the coronation feast for many moons to come.

Jaime looked Sansa over and felt proud to see the beautiful, confident woman she had grown into in the years since they'd left King's Landing. They had been together for many years, but he had never stopped and considered how different his little wife was from the girl he'd taken as his betrothed in that very room. He smirked as he noticed other men turning to look at her as they made their way to the table bearing the banners of their houses. Not that I blame them. She looks absolutely stunning tonight. Rather than wear the colors of House Stark or Lannister, Sansa chose to wear a deep purple gown, her sleeves and the sash at her waist stitched with an intricate pattern of silver wolves and golden lions running together.

Once they reached their table Julianna's head began turning here and there as she took in all there was to see. "Did you know, Lioness," Jaime began, leaning over and speaking softly to her, "That your mother and I were betrothed in this very room?"

"Everyone knows that, Father. Mother was betrothed to King Joffrey first, but the gods knew that she belonged with you, not him, so they made King Joffrey love another. You loved Mother so much that the gods told the High Septon to release you from your vows to the the Kingsguard. And then, you were finally free to take Mother as your lady wife."

Jaime looked at Sansa in astonishment. "The songs your Aunt Genna sent," she whispered and Jaime rolled his eyes. He knew Julianna had taken to reading over the parchment scrolls covered with his Aunt's handwriting every night, but he'd never actually read them himself. Jaime was a bit surprised that Sansa let her believe such nonsense.

"It wasn't exactly like that, Julianna. Your grandfather Tywin…he believed we would be a good match. He thought that uniting our houses would help to end the War of the Five Kings. House Stark and House Lannister did not always get on as well as we do now. It was only after your mother and I were married that we grew to love each other very much."

Julianna looked at him skeptically, reluctant to abandon the wonderful tale of love written by some minstrel in Flea Bottom. "Will you and Mother dance tonight?" she asked, changing the subject.

"I imagine so. I plan to dance with you as well, if you will so honor me," Jaime said, and Julianna lit up with happiness.

"There you are," Arya said, collapsing into the seat beside Jaime. "I thought you'd never get here. Before I left, Mother said I had to be sociable, and I've been forced to listen to war stories from every minor lord in the Realm. And my stories of the war are too scandalous to tell. That's what Mother said." She huffed again. "I don't know why I couldn't stay in my chambers, Sansa. I've never liked feasts."

"Because, Bran didn't feel up to attending tonight. Controlling the dragons takes a great deal of energy. And someone has to represent House Stark. That is why Mother allowed you to come to King's Landing." Listening to Sansa's easy explanation for her brother's absence, Jaime wondered if Bran was skipping the feast because he didn't want to see the man who had crippled him for life. He must want to be here with his sisters. He's not seen Sansa in many years. His thoughts must have shown on his face because Sansa reached past Julianna to squeeze his hand reassuringly. "You look very nice tonight, Arya," Sansa said, the surprise evident in her voice.

"You didn't think I would wear breeches to the coronation feast did you?"

"I'm never quite certain," Sansa said with a smile, taking a sip of wine. Julianna had told her all about the practice swords Arya had stolen from the royal armory and the wild battle she and the twins had engaged in when they were left in Arya's care. Jaime had expected her to be angry, but Sansa had only shaken her head and smiled. She had told Julianna about the feast when King Robert traveled to Winterfell and Arya had thrown food in her face in front of the royal family. Little Julianna was visibly mortified at the very thought of that happening to her.

Now that she was at a royal feast herself, Julianna watched with wide eyes as all the highborn lords and ladies of the Realm arrived at the feast and sat at the table designated with the sigil of their house. Jaime thought he would be annoyed by the entire event, but he found amusement at Julianna's wonder and exclamations of pleasure at the excesses parading before her. Many lords and ladies of the great houses of the Ream – and most of the lesser ones - stopped at their table to welcome the Lord and Lady of Casterly Rock back to Westeros. He knew most of the courtesies he was being shown were for Sansa's benefit, but he didn't much care.

Jaime smiled at Julianna's impeccable manners when he and Sansa introduced her. All who met little Julianna Lannister praised her beauty and her manners. She was a true lady, just like her mother. He knew then that returning to Westeros was the best thing for all of his children. They had been forced to keep to themselves in Lys – for fear of more assassins sent from Westeros. The children had been happy, and managed to charm even the most dutiful of Jaime's men into playing with them. But they were growing older and he knew Julianna desired the company of little girls her own age. The people of Lannisport will love her. And every lord and lady in the Realm will want her for their sons, when the time comes. Jaime shook his head, not wishing to think about when the time came for Julianna to marry.

"Oh, Mother, look," Julianna said, clutching Sansa's hand as the trumpets blared and Tyrion and Margaery Tyrell made their way to the head table, followed by Tommen and Shireen Baratheon. Margaery wore a gown in the crimson of House Lannister, trimmed in gold with golden roses embroidered on the bodice and down her back. The little rose seems to enjoy being a Lannister. Perhaps it's not as bad for Tyrion as I feared. Jaime didn't trust Margaery, nor particularly like her, but she had put up with his pointed comments the previous evening and she seemed devoted to their child. She wasn't cruel or unpleasant toward Tyrion – not even when they were alone – from what Jaime could gather. Tyrion deserves some small measure of happiness, after a lifetime of abuse from Father and Cersei.

An exotic-looking woman stood beside the Iron Throne and commanded all to rise for the Queen, though she went on and on with one title after another as she announced Daenerys Targaryen. It was all Jaime could do not to roll his eyes. A true Queen would not think she needs all of these titles to command respect.

Jaime leaned over Julianna's head and whispered in Sansa's ear. "Breaker of chains?"

Sansa shushed him and nodded toward Julianna, who was soaking up every detail with rapt attention. He heard her sharp intake of breath when the Queen came into view, followed by her Queensguard in shining black armor with the red sigil of House Targaryen on their chests, encrusted with rubies. It struck Jaime that she had attired her Queensguard in armor eerily similar to that of Rhaeger Targaryen.

The Queen wore a red gown, the fabric stitched to resemble dragon scales, and a gleaming black dragonglass necklace hung around her neck. Jaime wouldn't deny that Daenerys was a beautiful woman, but, to him, she didn't hold a candle to Sansa. Jaime glanced at his wife. She would have made a fine queen. The people would have loved her. As certain as he was that Sansa would have been a good Queen of Westeros, Jaime would be forever grateful that she wasn't Queen. That she belonged to him, instead of the people of Westeros.

The Queen stood before the Iron Throne, flanked by her guards, and began to address all that were assembled.

"I am honored that you have all joined me here to celebrate not only returning House Targaryen to the throne, but our triumph over the Others who would have turned all of Westeros to ice and, most importantly, we celebrate the unification of the seven kingdoms of the Realm – and of all the houses of the Realm."

Jaime took a large gulp of wine. This is going to be a long night. He looked at his daughter, who was soaking up every word. Sansa didn't appear to be a fraction as bored as he was. His little wife was still a hopeful person, despite the many times she'd said that she didn't believe in knights or the songs. Sansa had remarked to him before that Julianna was a symbol of the end of the war between House Stark and House Lannister, because she was a part of both of them, and she was so earnest when she said it. After all she had endured, Sansa still hoped for a happy ending. Jaime leaned back in his chair as the Queen continued to address the lords and ladies.

"The unification of the Realm began during the second Battle for the Dawn in the Westerlands." Jaime felt the Queen's eyes on him and met her gaze with a challenging look. She stared at him for a long moment before continuing. "It was under the leadership of Ser Jaime Lannister, Lord of Casterly Rock, and Warden of the West, that this battle was fought and won." Julianna smiled at him excitedly and grabbed his arm when the Queen said his name. "Ser Jaime led an army of his own men, and more than fifty Northmen. Northerners and Southerners – men sworn to House Stark and men sworn to House Lannister – fought side by side for the good of the Realm. These men put their differences aside for the good of us all. Men were lost on both sides and Ser Jaime was seriously injured by one of the White Walkers – its icy sword cutting right thought his armor. He continued to fight, despite his injuries, until the Others were defeated. Ser Jaime would have died had these Northern men – many who were once his enemies - not helped his soldiers return him to Casterly Rock where his wife, Lady Sansa of House Stark, nursed him back to health."

Jaime leaned over Julianna to whisper to Sansa. "She failed to mention the Northerners were my prisoners at the time."

"Hush," she whispered, shaking her head, though there was a smile on her lips.

"I'd like these men to come forward now – to stand before the Iron Throne." The Queen began naming the men who fought in the Second Battle for the Dawn, beginning with Jaime. Once he stood before the throne, Jaime saw Julianna clapping and smiling at him with pride. Perhaps there is some merit to this ceremony Tyrion dreamed up. Julianna can be proud of her father in a way I never could.

His men – Ser Addam, Gendry and all the others who fought the White Walkers – joined him before the Iron Throne. The Queen then named Edmure Tully and the Northmen. Edmure stopped and kissed Sansa on the cheek as he walked forward to join Jaime before the throne. The Queen continued calling forth the Northern Lords, and then began to speak of the bravery of the men of the Night's watch, describing how they had joined forces with the Queen's army, utilizing her dragons to burn the undead that the Walkers had left in their wake.

"I didn't think that we would see the two of you again, here in Westeros," Edmure murmured quietly as he stood beside Jaime.

"Sorry to disappoint you, Tully."

Edmure smiled to himself. "Cat will happy that Sansa is back home. Even if she will be with you, living at Casterly Rock."

Jaime smirked. "Surely more than six years of marriage and three children give me some right to have her by my side."

"She's safe and happy. That will be enough for her mother. Cat knows she has you to thank for that."

Jaime nodded. While he knew that he would never have an affectionate relationship with Sansa's mother – or her brother Bran for that matter – he knew that she needed them in her life. And that his children would benefit from a relationship with the Starks and the Tullys.

Jon Snow and his men joined them before the throne, and the Queen continued to address those who were assembled. "For too many years, House Targaryen was deprived of its rightful honor – and duty – to serve as Protectors of the Realm. That injustice has been rectified, and House Targaryen once again defends the Realm. Both through myself, as Queen, and through my brother Rhaeger's trueborn son, the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, who will ensure our continued safety from the White Walkers."

The man in question lowered his head, his discomfort palpable as his true parentage was revealed, and surprised murmurs traveled across the Throne Room as those assembled realized that she as naming Jon Snow as Prince Rhaeger's bastard son. He's always seen himself as the son of Eddard Stark. That's gone now. Jaime had heard from Tyrion that allowing the Queen to reveal Jon Snow as a member of House Targaryen was a concession the lad had made in return for the Queen's promise that Sansa would be pardoned and allowed to return to Westeros with her family.

"In this new Realm, House Targaryen does not stand alone. From today forward, the men standing before me shall forever be known as Protectors of the Realm, in recognition of their sacrifices and victory in the Second Battle of the Dawn."

Jaime looked to Sansa and saw Julianna whisper something in her ear. Sansa smiled and they both turned to look at him with the same admiration and pride in their eyes. For the first time since Aerys gave him the white cloak, Jaime felt like the knight he wanted to be when he was a boy. Jaime recalled when he last stood before the Iron Throne – the day he and Sansa were betrothed - and she was too shy and scared to look him in the eyes. Now, she smiled and held his gaze, all the love she held for him plain to see.

Jaime was distracted from his admiration of his beautiful wife by the Queen's voice, urging everyone present to enjoy their meal and the music and dancing that the evening would bring. Jaime patted Gendry on the back and urged him and Ser Addam to dine at his table.

"My lord, it wouldn't be proper for me to sit with you and Lady Sansa."

Jaime sighed. He'd told the lad not to call my "my lord" but Gendry could never bring himself to call Jaime by his given name. "Sansa and Julianna consider you part of the family. As to I." He glanced over at the table they were approaching and smirked. "And I have no doubt Arya Stark would welcome your company. It's been many years since you've seen one another."

Before he could continue to protest, Jaime led Gendry to his table, finding Ser Addam was already seated opposite Sansa. "My sweet little sister, I'm certain you remember your old chum, Gendry," Jaime said, the amusement audible in his voice. Arya glared at him and he could scarce hold back his laughter. It was clear to him that the girl's crush on the young smith had not diminished over time. He was astonished to see a blush on her face and could see that Sansa was just as surprised to see her sister acting like the maiden she was.

Perhaps there is much to look forward to tonight, Jaime thought as he shoved Gendry into the seat opposite Arya.

Sansa leaned forward to look past Jaime and see how her sister fared. Arya had been unusually quiet ever since Gendry had joined Jaime and the others before the Iron Throne. She knew that her sister had had a crush on the handsome young smith all those years ago, but she had not expected her to turn into a shy, blushing maiden at the sight of him. Once he'd gotten over his surprise at seeing the lovely young woman she had grown into, Gendry had spoken of their time in Lys, but Arya had merely nodded appropriately and picked at her food, scarce saying a word about what she had done since they last saw one another.

Sansa shook her head at Jaime's mischievous grin. Her lord husband had rather enjoyed Arya's discomfort that evening, even as he attempted to prod herinto conversation. Julianna was somehow blissfully unaware of any awkwardness as she sat opposite her father, between Ser Addam and Gendry and asked a million questions about the Second Battle for the Dawn. She'd seen she scars on her father's body and asked about them before, but she'd never had the chance to hear others describe Jaime's bravery. Sansa was glad that Julianna would know and remember these stories of her father's courage for her entire life. Not from the words of a song, but from someone who was really there.

Once dinner was over, music suited to dancing began to play. Sansa looked at the Queen, wondering if she was going to take to the floor and who with. The Queen was unwed and Sansa knew that she must have received offers from any number of suitors. Though, as Sansa waited, the Queen seemed content to watch the merriment from the dais and chat with Ser Jorah Mormont, Lord Commander of her Queensguard.

"Will you dance with Mother now?" Julianna asked Jaime, who slowly smiled.

"I was hoping you would favor me with your hand, Lioness," he replied. "Pia will be here to collect you, soon." She smiled with delight and scurried to Jaime's side.

After a few moments, Sansa was surprised to find herself alone at their table. Ser Addam was dancing with a lady that Sansa guessed was from the Lannisport, based on her blonde hair, and Gendry and Arya had both disappeared. She looked around the room and saw them standing just inside the small council room, talking quietly. Gendry was smiling, and Sansa hoped that Arya have overcome any embarrassment that Jaime had caused with his pointed looks and remarks throughout dinner.

"Your daughter seems to be having a wonderful time tonight. She's a happy child."

Sansa stiffened at the sound of Margaery Tyrell behind her, though her eyes did travel to Jaime and Julianna. He was spinning her around the dance floor as she gracefully danced the steps Sansa had taught her, using the twins, and occasionally poor Gendry, as practice partners.

"Your daughter seems happy, as well," Sansa ventured.

"May I join you?" Margaery asked, as she dropped herself into the seat Jaime had vacated.

"Of course," Sansa said, knowing she had little option.

"It saddens me that there is such…discomfort between us. We are sisters now and our lord husbands would, I know, like to be close again. And I would like for our children to know each other."

"I would like that as well," Sansa murmured, her eyes continuing to roam over the dance floor, as the lords and ladies twirled across the floor. Julianna was having a magical time, even if she was rather small to properly dance with Jaime.

"You did a wonderful job raising him," Margaery said quietly.

"Him?" she asked, turning to Margaery at last.

"Tommen. It's obvious that he's as much your child as the others. I know that you've loved him and cared for him as if he were your own. I've watched him with Shireen Baratheon and he's very kind to her. He would not be so unless you had raised him well. And I know that Tommen is why…why we are not friends as we were." Sansa didn't know what to say. Mainly because Margaery wasn't wrong. She would never forget how small and scared Tommen was when Margaery and Ser Loras abandoned him at Casterly Rock without any warning. "You can speak freely. I don't mind. You've always been far too polite for your own good, Sansa."

"What would you like me to say?" she whispered back harshly. "We both know what you did – what you allowed to happen - all to be Queen," Sansa said quietly. "I don't know what you did the day Joffrey died but you knew what was going to happen."

"And do you mourn him, Sansa? That monster that slaughtered your family."

"No, I don't mourn him. But you allowed Tyrion to take the blame. He was nearly executed. And Tommen – you manipulated an innocent little boy. All to be Queen. And then, when you realized he was about to lose the throne, you abandoned him."

"I did no such thing," Margaery replied, her tone easy, as if she and Sansa were discussing the latest fashion and not acts of treason. "I could have left him here to be executed. But I didn't. I brought him to…his father," she finished in a whisper. "I brought him to you. And he's had a happy life. Has he not?"

Sansa's eyes found Tommen, engaged in an animated conversation with Tyrion. "I've done all I know how to do to make him happy and make him know that he's part of our family." She always feared that she would fail – that she wouldn't be able to treat him as he deserved – because Cersei was his mother. But Julianna and the twins all loved him and Sansa loved him as much as the children she had born herself. Tommen must have felt her watching him and looked up, smiling at her. She nodded and he went back to speaking with Tyrion.

"I wonder if I could steal my lady wife, for a dance?" Jaime asked, standing before them.

"Where's Julianna?" Sansa asked, looking around the room.

"Pia swept her off to bed just now," he replied, looking between the two women.

Margaery rose to her feet, a knowing smile on her face. "I'd never keep you from your wife, Ser Jaime. I'm glad we had the chance to speak alone, Sansa," she murmured, gliding away from them and weaving her way through the tables lining the walls of the Throne Room and stopping to speak with those worth her notice.

Jaime held his hand out to her. "Shall we?" Sansa nodded and took his hand, allowing Jaime to lead her onto the dance floor and take her in his arms. She knew he wasn't much for dancing, but was indulging her. "What did Lady Margaery want?"

Sansa shook her head and moved one of her hands to the back of Jaime's neck. "Let's not speak of anything unpleasant tonight, Jaime. I'd much prefer to dance with my handsome lord husband…a hero of the Realm."

His green eyes twinkled at her praise and he pulled her closer, to speak softly in her ear. "You always did admire brave knights, didn't you, Lady Sansa? It seems I'm now a hero in one of your songs."

Sansa giggled and, though his tone was making her stomach flutter, she backed away from him to create a proper distance between them. "We're in public, Jaime."

"Yes, at a royal coronation." His mocking tone wasn't lost on her and she slapped his shoulder playfully. "You know every man here envies me." He pulled her close again to whisper in her ear. "You must feel their eyes on you. Were you dressed as you did in Lys, I might have had need to draw my sword."

Sansa had noticed more than one man looking at her in admiration throughout the evening. Not that she was at all worried about them acting on any lust they might feel for her. Not with Jaime anywhere around. She felt different – more confident – than she ever had at a royal feast. I'm a woman grown now. The Lady of Casterly Rock and the mother of Jaime Lannister's children. No one would dare harm me.

"Tommen seems to get along well with his betrothed," Sansa said quietly, noticing him dancing with Lady Shireen. She hoped that they could be happy together. Tommen deserved to be happy.

"Perhaps it was a good thing that you made him learn to dance along with Julianna."

"Tommen was only helping her to learn. He already knew how," Sansa said with a smile. "Cer…Cersei made him take lessons when he was just a little boy. She thought it would make him less clumsy." As soon as the words passed her lips she regretted them. Sansa reached up and stroked Jaime's face. "Being here must remind you of her. I know I'm not the only one here with ghosts wandering these halls."

Jaime's arm tightened around her waist. "I've never been much for lingering in the past."

She believed that he meant his words but she also knew that it must be difficult for him. It pained her to be where her father was executed and she was tormented for so long. It had to pain Jaime return to the place where he had lived, devoting his life to Cersei, for so many years. She let him holder closer than was proper, hoping her presence was some small comfort to him. Sansa looked over Jaime's shoulder and locked eyes with the Queen, still seated at her table and taking in all that was before her. Watching me and Jaime.

The Dragon Queen inclined her head, acknowledging Sansa, and she smiled back hesitantly, nodding at the Queen and truly feeling that she, Jaime and her children were safe in King's Landing.

Sansa leaned heavily against him as they made their way back to their room in the Tower of the Hand. Though she had been anxious when they first arrived in King's Landing, Sansa had slowly relaxed and seemed to realize that the Queen meant them no harm. She had danced and spent time getting re-acquainted with Edmure and Roslin Tully. And she had consumed much more wine than she normally allowed herself. Mostly at Tyrion's urging. My brother certainly has a talent for putting us in our cups.

Jaime had given their personal guards the evening off. He saw no reason why they should not enjoy the merriment of the feast – so he and Sansa were walking back to their bedchamber alone. He knew the feast would continue into the early hours of the morning, but Jaime had convinced Sansa to leave the feast early. He wanted his wife to himself. He was tired of sharing her with every lord in the Seven Kingdoms. When they weren't trying to charm her with stories of their bravery during the War of the Five Kings, they were spinning her around the dance floor and Jaime had had enough. She had not required much convincing to take their leave.

He smiled down at her and wrapped an arm around her to ensure that she stayed upright. She tilted her head up, returning his smile as she reached up, sliding her hand to the back of his neck and pulling him down for a kiss. Jaime sighed with pleasure as she pressed against him, her tongue seeing admittance to his mouth. He was surprised at her aggression in a public place and knew that the wine was fueling her passion. Though they were alone in the dimly lit hallway, someone could stumble upon them at any moment.

"You're rather forward tonight, my lady," he whispered against her lips.

"There's no one else here. It's only the two of us, Jaime." Her eyes searched his and Jaime knew he would never deny her.

"You were even more beautiful tonight than you've ever been," he said as Sansa moved her mouth to his neck, kissing and sucking at his skin. He tilted his head to the side to give her better access groaning as she cupped him through his breeches and he felt the blood rush to his nether regions.

Jaime heard voices far down the hallway, growing louder as other revelers made their way to their chambers and Jaime sighed in disappointment. He reluctantly freed himself from her grasp and all but carried Sansa the rest of the way to their bedchamber and closing the door soundly behind them. As he slid the bolt into place, Sansa pressed against his back and her hands began pulling at the clasps on his clothing, stripping him bare to the waist with surprising speed, given her inebriation.

As much as he wanted to strip her and touch her, Jaime pressed his forehead and his hands – both flesh and metal -against the heavy wooden door and let Sansa do with him as she liked. It wasn't often she was the aggressor in the bedchamber and he wasn't about to discourage her. They'd been trapped on a ship with the children, his soldiers and Sandor Bloody Clegane for more than a moon's turn. Opportunities for intimacy had been scarce, what with Sansa's notions of propriety, and Jaime was eager to spend some time alone with his wife, in their bed.

Sansa's mouth moved over his back, kissing and nipping at him, while her hands traveled over his body. Her hands slowly moved up his torso, her thumbs flicking over his nipples as she made her way over his chest and back down again. He felt her smile against his skin at his sigh of pleasure and he felt himself hardening even more, the laces of his breeches suddenly feeling a bit tight.

"What are you after, Sweetling?" he ground out, forcing himself to remain as he was. Jaime inhaled sharply as she silently answered his question, unlacing his breeches and taking his length in her delicate hand. Jaime closed his eyes and leaned his head back, breathing deeply. He let her continue touching him until he could take it no longer and turned suddenly, his cock hard and aching to be inside her. He pulled her against him, pressing himself between her thighs and kissed her hard. He continued to move his lips against hers until he had to stop to catch his breath. Sansa smiled mischievously at him through her own labored breathing and pushed his breeches down over his hips, her fingers lingering on his arse and giving it a squeeze along the way. Her smile gave her away – she was teasing him and enjoying the reaction she was getting.

He pulled off his boots and kicked his breeches across the room, before walking away from her to recline, naked, on the bed. Sanas began moving to join him when his voice stopped her. "Take off your clothes first and then get on the bed," he ordered, though there was a pleading in his voice that belied his need for her.

He watched her, absently stroking his cock, as she turned away from him and walked unsteadily away, her fingers working the tiny buttons on the front of her gown. Sansa shrugged off the purple silk and continued to the dressing table, removing her jewels and the pins in her hair slowly. So slowly that it was nearly torture for Jaime to watch her standing there in nothing but her shift carefully placing her diamonds and amethysts back in his mother's large jewel box. He knew she was deliberately taking her sweet time and increasing his anticipation for her.

She caught his eye in the mirror and tilted her head to the side. "Do you still wish for me to join you on the bed, Ser Jaime?"

"Yes," he nearly growled, fighting the urge to stride across the room and take her right there on the floor. Her eyes never left his in the mirror as she slowly pulled her shift over her head. She continued to watch him as she stood bare in front of the mirror and rubbed some potion onto her skin that she had brought with them from Lys. "Sansa," he nearly begged as she continued her primping, pulling a brush through her hair. She smiled finally and walked towards him.

She stood beside the bed, her eyes taking him in from head to toe and back again before climbing on the bed. Sansa tried to stretch out beside him, but Jaime lifted her so she straddled his thighs as he leaned back against the piles of pillows on the bed. The light from the candles Pia had left burning for them made Sansa's hair shine like copper against the white of her skin.

She leaned forward and kissed him, her hands resting against his chest. "You said that every lord at the feast was looking at me but…every lady was looking at you. As they always have."

He was unable to stop the rumbling chuckle in his throat. "Feeling possessive, my lady?" Jaime brushed her hair back over her shoulders and softly brushed his hand down her side. He didn't bother to hide his appraisal of her breasts. She's so beautiful. Inside and out. He leaned forward to kiss her, secure in the knowledge that, though he didn't deserve her, she was all his and always would be. "There's no woman in the world I desire but you."

She nodded. "I was just thinking that…the ladies at court always looked at me with pity before. When I was a hostage here, betrothed to Joffrey. They all thanked the Seven that they weren't in my place and they stood by watching it all but now…they envy me. They admire my husband and our beautiful children. They envy, not only how handsome you are, but the way that you look at me."

"How do I look at you?" he whispered as he nuzzled against her neck, pulling her tighter against him. He purred contentedly as Sansa threaded her fingers through his hair.

"You look at me like you love me more than anything in the world. As if I'm the only woman who matters to you."

Jaime looked up and pressed his forehead against hers. "That's all true. You – and the children – are my whole world. " He rolled her onto her back and settled himself between her thighs. "We ride for the Rock tomorrow. And once we've returned to our home, I will give you the life that you wished for as a young girl. You will be the Lady of a great keep with an adoring husband and children. Everyone in Lannisport will love and admire you. Even more than they already do."

She smiled, resting his hand on her cheek. "You sound as if you believe in the songs you loved as a boy, Jaime. The songs that the singers have written about us."

No song could capture how I feel about her. Jaime lowered his mouth to hers, kissing her thoroughly. He groaned when she wrapped her legs around his waist, urging him inside of her. He kept his eyes on hers as he sheathed himself inside her and her back arched in pleasure as he thrust into her again and again. Jaime rolled onto his back and slid his hand to Sansa's thigh, then her breast, as she rode his cock, her head tipped back and her long hair brushing his thighs with every roll of her hips. He enjoyed the view of her for a time before sitting up and taking one of her nipples in his mouth – suckling on her as he reached between them and slowly circled her pleasure spot with his finger.

Her nails pressed into his flesh as she gripped his shoulders. "Jaime," she whimpered and he knew she was close to her peak. He moved his mouth to her other nipple and pressed harder as his finger continued to circle the hard little nub where they were joined.

Come for me, Sweet Girl. He held her tightly as her body clenched around his cock and she began shaking with pleasure, his name on her lips over and over. Jaime pushed her onto her back again, thrusting into her until he too reached his peak, his face buried against her neck to muffle his loud moans of pleasure. She held him, softly stroking his head and shoulders until his breathing became less labored by the exertion of their lovemaking. Sansa reached for the light blanket at the foot of their bed and pulled it to cover them, kissing him before settling comfortably in his arms, the promise of their future as Lord and Lady of the Rock filling both of thier thoughts as they drifted off to sleep.

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