Game of Love

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Chapter 1

"Gather up and shut up!" You couldn't mistake the bellowing voice even if you tried. That was Charlie Swan, our manager and this was him being polite. When Charlie spoke people listened unless they were feeling brave.

"There are some announcements. Firstly as you all know today is Felix's last day as your physio because he is going to work with the England medical team. So as it is his last day give him hell. That's and order! Secondly, your new physio is starting tomorrow before the weekend game. Be nice. Enough said. Now get back to your laps you lazy bastards." Charlie had a big heart but he had a big fight to go with it. You only messed with Charlie if you were suicidal because when it came to the game, he was a tough motherfucker.

You couldn't really blame Charlie; I guess you need to be tough when you're managing a team of world class footballers for one of the biggest teams in the country.

Arsenal FC.

"Cullen!" Charlie shouted over to me.

"Yes boss?"

"I want you to work on taking corners today and your free kicks. Also try working on your runs on the right and through the middle. I need you to be on fire on Saturday. It's going to be tough for you to make a break; they'll be on the defensive and will close in on you from the starting whistle."

"Sure thing boss." I called Charlie 'boss' on the pitch and in the changing room because he is the boss and he knows his shit.

Training was tough. We were playing West Bromwich Albion on Saturday and it would be difficult because we liked to attack and they liked to defend and hold us back. The team worked on various plays, strategies and set pieces.

After training a few of us headed to the canteen to get a snack. I got some chicken pasta and sat down with Ben Cheney a central midfielder, Eric Yorkie who plays in defence and Mike Newton the number one goalie. We were flicking through the tabloids to see what they had written about our upcoming game when Mike threw his paper at me.

"They've done a bio on you because they think you'll be the hottest thing on the pitch." He laughed while trying not to choke on his food.

I looked at the paper to see what they had written. I didn't hold much hope because it was always the same old rubbish.

'Edward Cullen, who earns £75 k a week, aged only 23. Arsenal's top striker with 6 goals under his belt with only 3 Premier League games played so far this season. Edward rose to fame working his way up through the Arsenal youth academy, this is why he remains at Arsenal rather than moving to the likes of Chelsea where he could double his salary. He is one of the best strikers in the country or even the world. Cullen is very quick on the ball, he moves so fast you could miss him in the blink of an eye. Typically he is a right footed player, but manager Charlie Swan has ensured that his skills on the left foot have improved considerably. Cullen is favourite to score first in Saturday's game we can only pray for the West Brom's defence and hope he doesn't hurt them too badly.'

I threw the paper back to Mike. "Where do they get this stuff from?"

"At least they kept it to the game and didn't mention your personals."

"Not that you have much of a personal life anymore." Quipped Eric.

"I have a personal life; I'm just not shagging a different chick every night." I corrected him. "I'm tired of all the one night stands, the girls throwing themselves at me; they're just looking for their fifteen seconds of fame and have no respect for themselves or anyone else. I want to meet a nice girl that I could seriously make a go of it with, someone interested in me and not the fame that comes with me."

"Cullen you sure you aren't turning gay on us? Cos that was some serious flowery shit you just came out with." Mike quipped.

"Quite being a dick Newton." I grinned over at him. The banter was what made this team so strong.


As soon as I was done at the training ground I headed to my parents house out in Essex for dinner. With the away game this weekend and the mid week champions league game next week, I won't have the chance to see them again before next Sunday.

Mum made Italiano spaghetti bolognese with garlic bread. I loved her cooking, she had a magic touch. I don't know where she gets the energy from. She's a primary school teacher and how she comes home and makes a slap up meal I would never know. I spent an afternoon with the kids at her school and was exhausted; she spends all day with them alone!

"Mum, how are you?" I said hugging her, I didn't see enough of her and that bothered me.

"I'm good my dear and how are you?

"It's good, prepped for Saturday's game. We're travelling up tomorrow afternoon with the new physio."

"Is Felix leaving? Do you know who is replacing him?"

"No idea mum, Charlie has kept it a secret. I mean quiet enough that even the press haven't even got a sniff of who the new arrival is."

"I'm sure Charlie has got you boys the best, he wouldn't let anyone near you if he didn't think they were up to it." My mum knew Charlie well; she had spent enough time grilling him about her son's future. Surprisingly Charlie never raised an eyebrow and answered all her questions without any fuss or grumble.

I rang dad to see how long it would be before he was home. Mum had said he was finishing at the surgery at six today so he could be home in time for the family dinner. He said he would be home in ten minutes and that I had better keep my hands off the food!

"Mum where's Alice?" Alice was my crazy but loveable younger sister. She was surprisingly tiny in a family full of tall people, but her short spiky black hair and big mouth made up for the height shortage. She had just started an internship at a fashion company as her dream was to be a huge fashion designer.

"She should be home soon. Can you set the table while we wait for Carlisle and your sister?"

"Yeah sure mum."

Dinner was great, mum did herself proud. I caught up with dad and how his surgery was going, he was so dedicated and his patients adored him. I suspected it had something to do with his bright blue eyes and blonde hair. I heard all about Alice's internship and what work she's doing for some fashion show.

"Edward have you sorted my ticket out for the Juventus game?"

"Yes, and you've reminded me that I need to give it to you today. It's in my jacket I'll just go and get it."

"Edward you're the best big brother ever! I can't wait to come to the game and check out all the hot, sexy Italian players. Would you be able to introduce me to any of them?" She jumped up and down as she squealed with excitement.

"Alice I am not hooking you up with guys!" The thought of my baby sister with a guy made me feel sick. I didn't even wanna think about that shit.

"Edward don't be mean." She pouted.

"Alice you're my sister, I love you but I'm not hooking you up with guys. I don't even wanna know that you like guys and all that shizzle." I handed her the ticket. She was going to be sitting in one of the corporate boxes; I hoped that would keep her out of trouble.


The next morning I headed over to our Stadium to meet the lads and the new physio before getting the coach to West Brom. As we were leaving our cars at the stadium I decided to drive my Audi TT I didn't mind leaving that behind as I still wasn't ready to leave my Aston Martin unattended anywhere except in my garage. I had my huge sports bag stuffed with my overnight stuff, boots and training gear thrown over my shoulder as I walked to our changing room. I wondered who our new physio would be, there hadn't been any leaks of info; even the tabloids hadn't managed to figure out who it was. I guess whoever it is going to be would be one of the best; they wouldn't put us in the hands of someone who didn't know what he was doing.

As I neared the changing room I could hear various voices...wait ... was that a girl's voice? Nah it couldn't have been, there's no way Charlie would let a chick into our changing room.

Get a grip Cullen; it's been a while but still.

I pushed open the door too be faced with long brown hair cascading down a small curvy back, the hair falling just above the hottest arse I had ever set eyes on. My breathe hitched in my throat as I drank in the sexy sight in front of me.

I stood frozen on the spot, I think someone called out to me but I wasn't listening, I was concentrating on breathing. Whoever this beautiful being was I had to see her face because I was in danger of falling in love.

Then it happened, as I stepped further into the room, she turned around. Her deep chocolate brown eyes knocked me for six! And that smile, with those luscious plump rosy lips, my heart starting racing and I suddenly felt really hot. She held her hand out to me, my bag dropped to the floor from my shoulder but I didn't care. What was happening to me?

"Hi Edward! I'm Isabella Swan but call me Bella." I stood there staring at her hand; I couldn't form any words or make my hand move forward.

"Edward?" She was looking at me a little confused. I couldn't get over the fact that my name sounded so good coming out of her mouth. Her gentle voice caressed my name; I could listen to her calling me forever. Was that a blush creeping into her cheeks?

She's waiting for you to respond you fool! My conscience scolded me.

"Bella." I loved the way her name wrapped around my tongue as if I was born to call her.

"Are you okay Edward? You don't look too good."

"I'm okay; don't you think it's a bit hot in here?" Who is she? What is she doing in here? How does she know my name? Most people know your name dumbass.

"Bella!" I heard the chief shout over to us. "Edward, I see you've met Bella the new physio!"

WTF! "Our new physio?" I couldn't believe it.

"Yeah Edward, this is Bella she's taking over from Felix."

Then it registered...Swan.

"Bella Swan?" This couldn't be a coincidence could it? Then her accent registered in my clouded brain, how many Swan's were there in North London with an American accent?

Charlie laughed, "Bella is my daughter; she's moved to England to join me and Renee and will be working as the new physio."

Well there you go... I am royally fucked!

The new physio is not only making me twitch down below just by saying my name but she is Charlie's daughter.


I sat on the team bus as far away from Bella as possible, even hearing her voice while she spoke to the others did funny things to me. I ended up sitting next to Jasper; I was also sharing a room with him tonight. Some of the players double up. I didn't mind Jasper, he was cool.

"What's up Cullen? You're looking a little flustered." He looked at me questioningly.

"Nothing Jazz, I'm good. Thought I was going to be late and that." I trailed off I didn't know what to say.

"Your rosy cheeks have nothing to do with our new physio by any chance?" The bastard smirked at me. How the fuck did he know about my reaction to Bella?!

"Don't know what you're talking about Whitlock. Are you looking forward to the game?" I changed topic, talking about Bella was making me hot again and Jasper's looks weren't helping either.

"Yeah should be a challenge." I put my headphones in my ears and turned my iPod on; I was done making small talk. I needed to chill with some music and get my head together.

Just as I was relaxing Jasper nudged me. I opened my left eye and gave him a look that said 'what the hell do you want?' He had a cheeky smile plastered across his face, this didn't bode well.

"What do you want Jazz?"

"Did you hear about Bella's plan? I know you left the changing room pretty quick so you may have missed her team talk." What team talk? Shit I had missed it!

"What did I miss?"

"She wants to see all the players individually by the end of next week. She has our files from Felix but would like to get to know us for herself and see what each of our needs are." Coughed Jazz trying to cover his sniggering. "What kind of needs are you going to tell her about Edward?"

"I don't have any needs so that should be a pretty straightforward and brief chat." I smirked back at him. Deep down inside I was worried, very worried. I didn't need Bella giving me any checkups.

"Whatever you say Edward. I've never seen you react to a chick the way you did to Bella, it was priceless. You've got it bad and you've only known her thirty minutes."

"Fuck off Jazz." I would be fine. I suddenly wasn't looking forward to sharing a room with Jazz if he was going to pull this shit all night I may kill him.


Charlie decided to tell me in a pre match chat that my one to one with Bella was after the game. So now I was stressing about the game and Bella. I need to get my head in the game; I sat at my allocated peg in the changing room watching Emmett our captain clowning around with Seth our youngest first team player. I felt sick with nerves and it wasn't because of the game. I had the pre match adrenaline pumping through me which was raring to be used but then the dread of talking to Bella alone in a room with her hands examining me mixing with it.

Get your head in the game Cullen!

"Cullen you ready to do this?" Emmett shouted over at me. I paused to see how I felt.

"Fuck yeah I am! Let's go win us some points." I shouted back.

Jazz gave me a comforting pat on the back he knew of the turmoil that was going on inside me.

The first half of the game had left the whole team frustrated, whatever we did to break West Brom down they just counteracted with their defensive stance and held us back. I was determined to break through in the second half, I didn't care if I didn't score but as long as one of us did and we won that was all that mattered.

"Come on lads, why so glum? We've still got forty-five minutes, we'll sort it out. The three points are ours today." Emmett laughed while dancing around the room. We all looked at him and laughed some even joined him. This is why he was captain, no matter how miserable the mood was in the changing room he could always lift it and get our motivation back up.

Charlie gave us a few technical pointers to see if they would help break West Brom but apart from that we were good we just needed to keep our heads in the game and continue doing what we were doing. They were bound to tire out sooner or later and we would be ready to attack when they do.

Emmett led us back onto the field; the Arsenal fans were singing and cheering us on. I loved hearing the fans sing and chant, it made me proud to be an Arsenal player and drove me to be my best for the team and fans. From the corner of my eye I was a wave of long brown hair bounce up and down, I turned to get a proper look and fuck me it was Bella cheering up on and jumping up and down on the spot. Fuck she's beautiful. I think my jaw hit the floor and I was getting hard again!

I felt a slap on my arse and before I could see who it was I heard Jazz whispering in my ear. "Edward you can gawp at Bella later, right now you need to concentrate on that goal in front of you. You know to win the game."

I shook my head to unscramble my thoughts. "I'm okay Jazz, just taken by surprise to see her like that." I coughed. God I couldn't even get the words out my mouth properly. I realised that it was uncomfortable in my shorts; I didn't need this right now. Thousands of people were in the crowd including the press and possibly millions were watching the game on TV; the last thing they needed to see was Edward Cullen running around with a boner.

"Think of your gran." Jazz was still standing next to me.

"What the fuck?"

"Your gran will get rid of your uneasiness. Before you ask you can't see anything poking at your shorts but I know you well enough to know what you're going through." He smirked at me and walked off to take his position.

I decided to take his advice and thought of my gran, low and behold my dick shrivelled up and started behaving again. Thank fuck for that!

Emmett and I finally kicked off; apparently one of the fourth officials had got delayed. If those fuckers couldn't even get to the sidelines on time how the hell did people expect them to make the right decisions? Emmett and I played the ball wide, I passed it to Seth who made a fast run forward and slid the ball through to Jazz who crossed to Ben and he finally got past the West Brom keeper and scored for us. We all ran forward and jumped on top of Ben, even Mike ran the length of the pitch and joined in before running back to his goal. The away fans erupted into an ear splitting roar of cheers and screams, it was my favourite sound on the pitch.

The game ended 1-0 to us; we ran over to the fans and thanked them for coming to the game. I ran ahead into the changing room to shower as I was having my one to one with Bella here.

I couldn't wait to get under the shower I was drenched in sweat and feeling hot from running around. I grabbed a towel from my bag, kicked off my boots, socks and shin pads before peeling my top up my back and over my head. I pulled my shorts and boxers off together before wrapping the towel around my waist, grabbing my shower gel and shampoo before heading to the shower. Once I could no longer prolong my shower anymore I grabbed my towel wrapped it around my waist and headed back to my peg to get dressed, the lads had come in and were in various stages of getting ready to head back to London.


I opened the door to the medical room.

"Bella?" I couldn't see her in the room, maybe she had decided to postpone my one to one. The thought both cheered and disheartened me.

"Edward, I'm here. Take a seat on the bed and I'll be with you in a second." Her voice sounded close but I still couldn't see her.

"Okay, erm Bella do you need a hand with anything?"

"No, no Edward I'm good thanks."

I sat on the bed with my legs hanging off the side; Bella came out of what looked like a walk in cupboard of supplies.

"I'm sorry I took so long Edward." She smiled. "That cupboard was so messy I couldn't help but tidy up and they say physio teams don't need women around!" She laughed. Her cheeks pinked a little as she did.

"Jesus Bella you shouldn't be tidying up their cupboard if they wanna leave it in a mess it's up to them."

She looked at me sheepishly. "Well I couldn't find what I needed so the only option I had was to tidy up. Anyway I want you to life down on your back; I want to check over your muscles in your legs. Then I'm going to give you a post match massage."

Shit she was going to give me a massage...

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