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Anyway, as some of you has requested, here is another POK song-fic one-shot from me! The song is ''Wouldn't Change a Thing'', from Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam! The singers are Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas, but in this fic, it's Brady Parker and Mikayla Makoola who sings this duet! However, the song itself won't appear until next chapter.

EXTRA SIDE NOTE 2: This is a heavy T rating for a reason! Reader discretion is advised!)

Her light brown eyes. Her long, wavy hair with the same colour her eyes had. How it always swayed in the windor whenever she even walked. Her lips, two passion fruits with tastes better than…

Ugh… Where did THAT come from?

Brady mentally shook the thoughts about the girl of his dreams away, keeping his eyes closed. Ever since they had talked about their feelings for one another, they had gotten together, and by then, she had started haunting his mind in a different, much better way.

She was on his mind constantly, and he always thought about her. Her beauty, her awesomeness, her… Amazingness. Anything that could describe how he felt for her was good enough for him.

He then opened his eyes, looking into a woody ceiling. A light snore from somewhere to his left caught his attention, and he turned his head in that particular direction. What he saw shocked him, but the memories of last night came to his mind.


-''Are you sure this is safe, Brady?'' Mikayla asked worriedly as he Brady kissed her once again. She couldn't help the moan that exited her mouth, while Brady answered her question during the continuous kissing.

-''Don't worry, Kayla. No one will find out. Not even Mason.''

Mikayla continued moaning as Brady's kisses started trailing down her neck, his tongue watering every spot of her skin it touched. This caused shivers of pleasure to run down her back, and her moaning got louder and louder as he went lower and lower…


Before anyone of them knew it, one thing had led to another, and they were both having the time of their lives, bringing an all new level to their relationship which Brady could only have dreamed about before.

Brady couldn't help but smile as he stared at Mikayla's sleeping form. Her beauty was truly captivating, and despite the multiple times he had awkwardly blurted out that she was hot, he had always seen her as gorgeous and , rather than… Sexy. And ever since he became more mature, followed by having some serious closure with the young guard girl, he never failed to tell her how much he loved her and how much he cared for her.

The young king carefully wrapped his arms around her waist, protectively pulling her closer. She responded to this by instinctively moaning quietly and settling in closer to him, feeling his body against her own.

Eventually, Mikayla turned around on the spot in her bed so that she faced the boy/king she so much loved, opening her eyes and smiling at him. He returned the favour and they lightly kissed each other on the lips. Brady propped himself up on the pillow with his elbow and simply looked at her, grinning from ear to ear.

-''I love you so much, Mikayla.'' He whispered, his arms still around the waist of the breathtaking beauty. Mikayla snuggled up against his chest and let out a very content sigh, feeling his warm breathing hit her neck.

If Mikayla could, she would make this moment last forever. Here, in the arms of her lover, a person that she loved so intensively, so fiercely that she wouldn't give him up for anything. And she felt so secure, so safe in his embrace that nothing could hurt, that not a single thing could cause her any kind of anguish.

After a short while that felt like more than several hours, Brady looked at the watch he was always carrying. It was close to nine in the morning, and Mason wouldn't be back from his trip to a neighbouring island until noon. That was what Brady had made sure to find out before he… Proceeded with his plan.

Inhaling happily, Brady once again made himself comfortable next to Mikayla, holding her close. Like she, if he could make this moment last forever, he would without a doubt. As a matter of fact, Brady would even consider giving up his entire kingdom just to be with her, and that wasn't simply a statement. It was a FACT.

-''No, Mason. I don't know where Brady is. Last night, he said that he had something very private to do, and that he wouldn't be back until later during the night, but he hasn't come back yet.'' Upon hearing the very familiar voice speak and what it said, both of them immediately shot up into a sitting position, hearts literally stopping. They looked at each other with panic in their eyes before the door opened.