Jane's POV
I can't beleive what happened last week! I found out I was a seer, I was kid-napped by a vampire, and my
brother got turned into a flegdling to save me. I can see why Sarah loves him. He'll give up anthing to help someone
else. I was walked down to the kitchen. "Hey, Ethan," I greeted, giving him a kiss on the cheek.
"Hey, Kiddo," Ethan greeted back, hugging me. Sarah was sitting at the table.
"Hey, Sare," I said to her, hugging her.
"Hey, Jane," Sarah said, returning the hug. "I'm taking you, and Ethan, and Benny to school. You'll be sitting in the
back with Benny. If he get's too annoying, slap him," she told me.
"Gotcha'," I replied.
"I'm gonna' go get ready. I'll be back in a few," Ethan said, leaving the kitchen.
Sarah's POV
"Hey, Sarah, can I ask you something?" Jane questioned.
"Ya, sure, anything," I answered, looking at her.
"Does Ethan blame me? For getting bitten by Jesse?" she asked me.
"No, of course not, never! Why?" I aked.
"I feel like it's my fault. I had the visions, and he took me. I feel like I should've been the one to get turned. Not him,"
she confessed. While Jane was saying that, Ethan reentered the kitchen. He got down on his knees, so he was eye level
with Jane.
"No Jane, don't blame yourself. There's no way you could've stopped him. Blame Jesse, if anything," Ethan said,
hugging his now crying little sister. Despite what Jane said, this looked like a Hallmark moment.
"Hey Eth- What's heppening here?" Benny asked, barging in the kitchen.
Ethan's POV
"Jane's blaming herself for Jesse turning me," I said, looking up at Benny.
"Take it easy on yourself, Kid," Benny said, bending down, looking at Jane. I've never seen Benny more serious in my
life. "It's that ba-" Benny was cut off by Ethan, giving him a glare that said:'Watch the words.' "Mean guy, Jesse's
fault," Benny finished.
"Jane, let's go upstairs and get you ready for school," I said picking up Jane, and flashing up to her room.
Ethan's POV
"Thanks, Benny," I said.
"For what?" he asked, looking confused.
"For helping me with Jane," I explained.
"No prob, E. Jane's like the little sister I never had," he told me. After he said that, Sarah and Jane appeared.
"You ready to go, Cuddle-Bear?" Sarah asked.
"Ya, I-" I was cut off by Benny.
"I'm not 'Cuddle-Bear', but I'm ready to go," Benny stated. Sarah shot Benny a death glare, then turned to me.
"I'm ready," I said taking her hand.
"Let's go then," Jane said, running to Sarah's car. We all got in, and in 10 minutes we dropped Jane off. Now Benny,
Sarah, and I were on the way to school.