Benny's POV
It was the Monday after mine and Erica's double date, with Ethan and Sarah. Ethan and I walked over to Sarah and Erica,
who were hanging at Sarah's locker. "Hey, ladies," I greeted, flirtatiously.
"Hi, Benny. Hey, Cuddle-Bear," Sarah said, hugging Ethan.
"Hey, Benny, Ethan," Erica said.
"Hi, Erica. Hey, Babydoll," Ethan said, returning Sarah's hug and pecking her on the lips.
"Well, I can't beleive prom is Friday!" Sarah shreiked.
"I can't beleive I get to go to prom with the most beautiful girl ever," Ethan said, facing Sarah.
"Aw," she replied, pecking Ethan on the cheek. He blushed. They're so cute, they almost make me sick.
"I can't beleive no one asked me, yet," Erica said.
"Maybe, I can change that," I said. "Erica Maire Jones, would you do me the honor of going to prom with me?" I asked,
getting down on one knee.
"Well, sure. First come, first serve, right?" she replied.
"YES!" I yelled.
"Nice, we knew it'd happen one day," Sarah said. The bell rang for class. Luckily Sarah, Ethan, Erica, and I all had this period
together. We walked to our class, Ethan and Sarah hand-in-hand, the same as me and Erica.
***45 minutes later***
The bell rang for lunch. Erica and I were walking, we caught up with Ethan and Sarah. "Hey, Bennica," Sarah said.
"Bennica?" Erica and I asked, in unision.
"Bennica. It's Benny and Erica together. Sarah and I spent all last period coming up with it," Ethan explained.
"Oh," Erica and I said, in unision, again. Then, I turned to Erica. "We sould come up with one for Ethan and Sarah," I said.
"Ya, we should," she said.
"I have an idea or 2," I said.
"Spill 'em," she demanded.
"Sethan and E-Sare," I said.
"Cute, but I have a better one," she said.
"What is it?" I asked.
"Etharah," she said.
"Oh, I like it!" Sarah said.
"So do I," Ethan said.
"Nice," I said.
"Ok, so it's official. We'll call you Etharah?" Erica asked.
"Yep, and we'll call you Bennica?" Sarah asked.
"Ya," I said.
"Sarah, are you busy tonight?" Ethan asked.
"No," she replied.
"My mom wanted to know, if you'd watch Jane tonight?" he asked.
"Ya. Then after she goes to sleep we could have Bennica over and find something to do," she said.
"Ok, you guys up to it?" E asked.
"I am if she is," I said.
"We'll see you guys at 9?" Erica asked.
"Sounds good," E and Sare said, in unision.
"Great," I said. Then the bell rang for class and we were off.