Sarah's POV
This past week seems so surreal! I had a fun Friday, at Ethan's, playing games with him and Benny. On Saturday I went on
a fantastic double date at the park, and I won Prom Queen! Now, it's Sunday. I'm going over to Ethan's after breakfast.
"Morning, Mom," I greeted, walking into the kitchen.
"Morning, Sarah," she said. "Are you going over Ethan's after breakfast?" she asked.
"Ya," I replied, taking a bite of pancake.
"What time do you think you'll be home?" she asked.
"No later than 11," I answered.
"Ok, take your key. Today, I work 3-12," she told me.
"Will do," I replied. Then, I finished breakfast. I got my keys, put on my jacket, and I flew to Ethan's. I landed and knocked on
the door.
"Hey, Sarah, come in," said. So, I walked in.
"Hi, . Is Ethan up yet?" I asked.
"I don't know. You can go up and see," she told me.
"Ok, thanks," I thanked, walking up the stairs. I cracked open the door, and I saw him alseep in his bed. I rolled his computer
chair over, and sat there and whatched him sleep. I sat there for a little bit, then he woke up. "Morning, Sleepy-Head," I said,
as soon as he woke up. He jumped up, scared to death.
"Dear, gosh, Sarah! You scared me. How long were you sitting there?" he said.
"Only a few minutes," I said.
"Ok, morning," he said, kissing my cheek.
"Morning," I replied.
"So, what do you want to do?" he asked.
"There's a carnival, and I was wondering if, we could go to it?" I asked.
"Sounds great. Go downstairs, I'll get dressed, and then we can go," he said.
"Ok, see you in a few," I said, going downstairs. I went and sat on the couch.
"So, what are you kids doing, today?" asked.
"We're going to the carnival," I answered.
"Aw, sounds fun," she said.
"Ya, you guys got any plans?" I asked, trying to make conversation.
"No, I'm staying home, with Jane, while goes to work. We might go to a few stores," she replied.
"Ready to go?" Ethan asked, coming down the stairs.
"Yep," I said. He took my hand, and we were walking towards the door.
"Have fun," Ethan's mom called.
"We will," he said, then we walked to his car. He dorve us to the carnival. When we arrived, we got out and started walking
around. "So, what do you want to do, first?" he asked.
"Can we go on the Go-Karts?" I asked, batting my eyelashed.
"Ya," he answered. So, we walked over, and got on. He drove, and I was in the passenger. It was really fun. When we got off,
we saw Bennica. We walked up to them.
"Hey, Bennica," I said.
"Hey, Etharah," Benny greeted.
"Benny, do you feel like using magic?" I asked. Ethan and Erica looked at me like I'm crazy, and Benny just smiled and
"Ya, why?" he asked.
"Do you have a spell that can make vampires show up on film or camera?" I asked.
"Ya," he replied.
"Will you charm the photo booth? I want to get some pictures with Ethan," I asked.
"Ok," he said. So, we walked over to the picture booth, and Benny said the spell. "Cranon Mavaco Flimpor Gydiv," he chanted.
"Go in, and see how it works," he urged. Ethan and I got in. I put my head on Ethan's shoulder.
I sat in Ethan's lap, and we hugged each other.
I made a funny face, while Ethan took a piece of my hair and used it as a moustach.
Ethan and I kissed.
We got out, and the pictures came out. I was in them!
Benny's POV
I can't believe this! Sarah showed up in the pictures! Ethan hugged Sarah, picked her up, and twired her around. "This is
amazing! Bennica, you guys should get pictures," Sarah said.
"Ok," Erica said, dragging me into the booth. Erica and I stuck our toungs out.
She went behind me, and put her chin on the top of my head, smiling.
Erica and I put a piece of her hair in our mouths.
Erica and I did and eskimo kiss.
We got out, and Erica showed in the pictures, too! "Oh my God! I showed up, and I am hot!" Erica yelled.
"I know," I said.
"Well, let's go have some fun!" Erica exclaimed.
"Ok," we all said. It was after dark, and Ethan, Sarah, Erica, and I were all on the ferris wheel. Ethan and Sarah were stuck
at the top, and we were behind them. They kissed, so we did the same. It was an impossibly perfect night at the carnival.