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Christian's Geisha

CH1: Arrival

Christian Grey arrives at Narita Monday morning; by just looking at him, one would not think that he is a weary traveler. He looks like a male model that just steeped off the runway. Akihiro, the driver, is already waiting with a black SUV.

"Welcome to Japan, Mr. Grey" the overly excited Akihiro says "I am here to help you in any way I can, just mention it and it is as good as achieved!"

"Good to know"

"Akihiro is the name, me discrete, and very good"

"I know. Hotel and stop the chit chat"

"Chit chat – is talk right?"

"Yes, no talk" says Grey with a pointed finger

"Very well"

Christian pulls out his phone and dials Ros, "I arrived"

"Good grief! Take a rest, negotiations will start at 3 pm your time. You have plenty of time to rest"

"I know"

"Christian, remember the Japanese are weary of youth and deep in tradition, so don't be an ass from the get go"

"I am not here to kiss theirs!"

"Of course not; I sent the updated forecast of their company. Now rest, you'll need it"

"Ross you are getting bossy and forgetting who you are talking to"

"If I don't, then who?"

"Good point, well made" and Christian ends the call, without a thank you or a goodbye. Next, he texts his mother: "Arrived. Will text you when I am back." Finally, he texts his friend Elena: "Arrive. Dinner and a drink on the 8th?"

The SUV comes to a full stop in front of the hotel; Akihiro opens the door and guides Christian to the lobby. He also carries the luggage up to the penthouse. Akihiro is bouncy on his feet, overly exited.

He must have had way too much coffee, will hate to see him on acid, good grief!

Christian thinks the room is suitable, but small. Akihiro guarantees that it is the largest in the hotel – real estate is hard to find in Japan, he reminds the westerner. Chrisitan's phone vibrates "Dinner will be lovely – updated my calendar for the 8th – will be there at our usual unless I hear otherwise"

"I need to be in the office at 3:00 pm"

"I'll pick you up at 2:15 that shall give us plenty of time even if there is bad traffic, sir"

"Very well"

The next two days are invested in business negotiations and exhausting meetings. The hotel dinner is passable at best or maybe it is his ghastly mood.

On the third night, the Japanese business men try to blow up some steam by taking Christian to a karaoke bar. He is amused, and as soon as it is politically correct, Christian leaves.

"No karaoke for Mr. Grey?" Akihiro remarks


"Mr. Grey needs to relax, he is too stressed."

"I am fine"

"What can Akihiro find for Mr. Grey?"

"How a bowl of good old mac and cheese?"

"Akihiro will find this mac and cheese for Mr. Grey!"


Once back to the penthouse, Christian showers and changes into flannel pants. When there is a knock at his door, he is surprised to find a very proud and happy Akihiro holding a brown bag.

"By all means come in…"

"Akihiro is proud; Akihiro brought mac and cheese for Mr. Grey as requested"

"Good" Christian says with a smirk that may melt any woman that is lucky enough to catch it

Akihiro sets and arranges the food, and bows. Then, he leaves with a satisfied smile on his face.

.. and he thinks I need to relax, he is wired up!

The next two nights, on the drive to the hotel, Akihiro presses Mr. Grey if he requires mac and cheese again; Christian just gives him orders for western food, just to shut him up; besides Christian is too tired to even attempt ordering anything from the hotel. He just wants to take a hot shower, have a hot meal, a wine and get ready for the next day's negotiations.

Friday night Akihiro starts again about what to get Mr. Grey for dinner. Christian's temper is barely controlled, the negotiations are moving at a snail's pace and there will be a break for the business men to spend their time with their families on Saturday – negotiations to restart on Sunday.

"Akihiro, just stop badgering me!"

"Mr. Grey is tense. Mr. Grey requires relax"

"I do not need to fucking relax!"

"Fucking? - Mr. Grey requires woman?"


"young girl?"


"a man? boy?"

"No! for fucks sake leave me alone!"

"Mr. Grey requires companionship!"

"Just go!"

"I take care of everything. Mr. Grey does not worry. Dinner too."

"I will physically remove you from this room if you do not leave now"

Akihiro bows and leaves.

Christian takes a hot shower, dresses and finally starts to find the exchange funny. He fires up his computer; even if a few hours have passed, he actually still has an amused smile when there is a knock at his door. Christian opens it expecting Akihiro with some sort of dinner, yet again. This time, however, Akihiro is accompanied by a Japanese woman, wearing a kimono, white make up, long black hair pulled into complicated up do. He notices that she is petite, young, and perhaps beautiful once she washes off all her make up, it is hard to tell, he cannot determine her body, she has too many damn clothes. Her eyes are expressive and her demeanor friendly and puts him at ease. She is carrying some sort of musical instrument and there is a cart with what appears to be an assortment of dishes and food.

"What is this?"


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