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Just a quickie, A-bazooka-Fire asked: 'But I still don't understand why they didn't know that Kurt is gay when they kidnap him outside a GAY BAR!

Well, the kidnappers aren't from Lima, so they don't know it's a Gay bar. They saw Kurt, and just took their chance in taking him. Kurt was the only one in the parking lot, and watching the episode, the bar doesn't look like a gay bar, so they wouldn't have known. Hope that clears it up for you.

Now, before I begin, there's something I need to say. In a few chapters time, 'something' is going to happen, and a lot of you aren't going to like it.

I have spoken about it to a few of my readers, in particular the ones that review religiously, (for which I thank you all so much,) some of them love it, some of them think it's risky but say it will work with the plot.

I had planned for this particular 'something' to happen since the beginning, but I know a lot of you will not like it, and sadly I know I will get some hate for it. But you have to understand, the characters are FICTIONAL, the story is not REAL, yes it does happen, and that's the reason I'm doing this.

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Blaine knocks gently on the front door of the Hummel-Hudson house. As soon as he received the phone call from Finn asking him to come round, Blaine stopped everything he was doing and ran to his car. Luckily, the journey only lasted a little over half an hour as there was no traffic, so when Burt opened the door, he looked surprised to see Blaine standing outside.

"Burt? Finn called, he said-"

"Come on in Blaine," Burt said, stepping to the side to let Blaine enter before shutting the door. They walked together to the bottom of the staircase before Burt stopped at the banister. "The New Directions planned a surprise party for him. Neither I nor Kurt knew about it until it was too late and Kurt went into full panic mode." Burt explained.

Blaine groaned and placed his fingers on the bridge of his nose, squeezing his eyes shut.

"Where is he?" Blaine asked softly.

"I carried him to his room, the attack really took it out of him so he should be sleeping. You can go on up, I'll bring up something to eat for the both of you, and call if you need anything." Burt said, he placed his hand on Blaine's back and smiled, before departing towards the kitchen.

Blaine smiled back, and traipsed up the stairs. He had an idea of whose idea it was to hold the surprise party in the first place, but it wasn't in Blaine's place to say anything. The creaking of the wood while walking up the stairs, and the familiar journey to Kurt's room brought back memories for Blaine. During Kurt's captivity, Blaine hardly left Kurt's room, let alone the Hummel-Hudson house. This time though, Kurt was home, and safe, and he would get better.

Blaine gently and slowly opened Kurt's bedroom door, and saw the small bundle in the bed. As he walked closer into the room, he could see the little tuft of Kurt's hair poking out from the top of the covers, everything else was covered with his duvet. Blaine sat down on the bed slowly, as to not wake his exhausted boyfriend, and pulled the duvet down from Kurt's face. Tear stain tracks were visible on his porcelain cheeks, not to mention the still dark circles under his eyes.

He watched as Kurt's chest moved up and down slowly, he saw as Kurt's face slowly started to change from peace to confusion. It didn't take long for Kurt's eyes to fire open, his heavy breathing causing his chest to bop up and down fiercely. Kurt looked up at the other body in his bed, and visibly started to relax when he saw the face of his boyfriend, smiling down lovingly at him.

"Hey." Blaine whispered.

"Hi," was Kurt's croaky response.

"How you doing?"

"Fine. I'm fine." Kurt swallowed, averting his eyes from Blaine's to his duvet.

Blaine lifted Kurt easily into his lap and wrapped his arms around Kurt's torso. Kurt rested his head on Blaine's chest, hearing the steady thumping of his heartbeat which was surprisingly calming him down. Blaine planted small kisses into Kurt's forehead and his cheek, while Kurt played with the fabric of Blaine's grandpa jumper.

Kurt sighed deeply in content, he felt safe and warm in his boyfriends hold. It reminded him that he was alive, and everything he went through was all worth it in the end. He fought and fought to escape and be back in these loving arms, and it had all paid off.

"Dad mentioned something about getting me a therapist." Kurt said after a few minutes of silence.

Blaine hummed in response, rubbing his nose into Kurt's scalp.

"That's a good idea sweetheart. We want you to get better."

"But, I don't see how talking to a complete stranger about how messed up my head and life is will help me. I can't even look at a stranger in the eye anymore without freaking out. What if it's too late, what if I'm broken beyond repair?" Kurt said hopelessly.

"Kurt Hummel you listen to me. You are not broken, you are the strongest man I will ever know. The doctors thought you were going to die when you were brought in because you were so ill, but you defied their orders, and here you are. Okay, so you're a little messed up, but that's completely understandable after everything you've been through. You may not think you need therapy, but you do, Kurt. And maybe talking to a stranger would be beneficial for you in you're recovery, the doctor's gave you're dad a list of successful therapists in Lima." Blaine said, trying to reason with Kurt. "At least try out one session, okay?"

Kurt remained silence for a few moments, but before Blaine could persuade him further, a small but firm nod came from Kurt, and Blaine smiled in success. They both looked towards the door when they heard the sound of footsteps coming from down the hall, the padding of the feet came closer, revealing Finn. He peeked his head in the door, refusing to look at Kurt, before turning away quickly and walking down the hall. Blaine heard Kurt sniff, he repositioned Kurt so he was sitting further up in his lap, and Blaine could get a closer look at him. Kurt's eyes began to water again, and Blaine felt his heart skip a beat.

"What's wrong?" Blaine asked.

"F-Finn's ignoring me. I-I freaked o-out when h-he surprised me with e-everyone from Glee coming over. N-now they all hate me, and Finn hates me, and-"

"Woah Kurt, you've got it all wrong. I'm sure Finn feels a lot more guilty than you do. I think now he realises what he did was wrong, and he doesn't know how to act in front of you. It's not you're fault in the slightest, he'll come around eventually." Blaine said gently.

Kurt's body started to feel heavy on top of him, and when the soft snores left Kurt's throat, Blaine decided it was time to leave. He kissed his boyfriend on the forehead, wiped the hair from Kurt's forehead out of the way, and left the room. He bid farewell to Burt, promising to visit again tomorrow.

Finn inwardly groaned as he watched an old episode of Cheaters in the living room. Burt and his mom were in bed, so he was alone downstairs, most likely left to reflect on what he had done earlier today.

When his mom came back from her book club meeting, Burt told her what happened, and she pretty much went ape shit at Finn, who sat there stunned as his mom made him feel twice as guilty as he did already. Before they retreated to bed, he heard them both discussing the best therapist for Kurt, finally coming to an agreement on the final three, for which Kurt will decide which one he wanted, this was about him anyway.

He kept thinking of ways he could get Kurt to forgive him. When he walked past Kurt's room and saw him and Blaine lying on the bed, Finn was about to apologise. But seeing the broken look on Kurt's face when they made eye contact, Finn couldn't seem to get his words to come out, instead just retreating into the safety of the living room. He knew Kurt wouldn't be the same, but Finn was desperate to try and get some familiarity back in their lives. Starting now.

Finn reached for the remote control and switched the TV off. He marched into the kitchen towards the refrigerator and reached for the pint of milk. He poured some into a saucepan and put it on top of the hob, switching the heater on. Finn watched the milk in the saucepan carefully as to not burn it, when the bubbles started to appear in the pan he quickly switched the hob off. Finn hears small movement coming from upstairs, so he quickly pours the milk into two glasses and carefully steps upstairs. He should have left the milk to cool down a little more, as he was cursing himself now when the glasses started to burn his hands.

Luckily, Kurt's door was somewhat open, so Finn gently kicked it open and stepped in. Kurt was still asleep, but from the way Kurt was wriggling around in his bed, gasping for air, it didn't look good.

"Fuck." Finn mutters as he rushes over to the bedside table to dispose of the glasses of milk, and jumps onto the bed with Kurt. He turns Kurt over so he was facing Finn, he could see Kurt's eyes were scrunched shut, he was breathing heavily, and silent cries were coming from his mouth.

Finn tries to remember what you have to do to wake up someone who is having a nightmare. Are you even supposed to wake them up? No, that's for sleepwalkers. Should I pinch him? No, that would hurt him even more.

So Finn just settles on shaking Kurt's shoulders gently and muttering his name numerous of times. Finally, Kurt's eyes fire open, and he's sitting up in his bed, trying to get his breathing back under control. Finn sits there stunned for a few seconds, before placing his hand of the small of Kurt's back and starts to rub small circles into his back. Kurt flinches at the movement, but calms down when he sees that it's only Finn.

"Hey bro, you alright?"

Kurt nods, rubbing his eyes to get the tiredness out of them.

"I-I had another nightmare." Kurt said simply, gripping his blanket tightly. "Only this time, I was being strangled in the basement. I was paralysed, I couldn't move, I couldn't cry out. I just felt the rough hands around my throat, squeezing tighter and tighter-"

"Kurt, you're not in that basement anymore, you're back home. You never have to see that basement again," Finn said simply.

"Just because I'm not there, doesn't mean I still can't see it Finn. It won't leave my head, my head is so screwed up." Kurt said as he rubbed his forehead, willing the headache to disappear. "What are you doing here Finn?" Kurt asked tiredly.

Finn reached over for the glass of milk and handed it to Kurt, who scrutinized the glass for a few moments, before taking it and taking a careful sip. As soon as the hot liquid touched his skin, Kurt pulled away and licked the burnt skin.

"Jeez Finn, are you trying to burn me?" Kurt said, placing the piping hot glass on the other table on the opposite side of the bed. Kurt instantly regretted what he said when he saw the sad look Finn gave him, he was only trying to do something nice for Kurt. Kurt reached out for Finn's hand and squeezed it, "I'm joking. Thank you Finn."

Finn's face lit up at the compliment, and a small smile tugged at Kurt's lips.

"Dude, I'm so sorry about earlier today. It's just, those guys haven't seen you in forever, and they really wanted to see you, and-"

"Finn, it's fine. It's not you're fault really, I shouldn't have freaked out."

"Well, shouting surprise was a pretty dumb idea. You can thank Quinn for that." Finn mumbled, taking a hesitant sip from his glass of milk. It tasted surprisingly good.

"Well, you meant well, and I do appreciate what you did. But it was just the wrong timing, I need to get used to being around a lot of people again. That's all." Kurt said.

There was comfortable silence for a few minutes before Finn decided to break it.

"You will get better, won't you?" Finn asked pleadingly.

Kurt sighed softly, and took a mouthful from his milk.

"I'm trying, Finn. Hopefully the therapist will help, but I'm going to need time to heal. I'm not going to go to one therapy session and be cured, it's going to take a lot of time. Then yes, I do like to think I will get better." Kurt said, smiling reassuringly at Finn.

"What about school? Will you come back?" He asked hopefully.

Kurt chuckled humouredly. "The last thing on my mind is school Finn. I guess I'll have to retake my senior year next year, at least I'll be with Blaine, and we get to graduate together."

"What about New York?"

Kurt's heart stopped at those words. He hadn't even thought about New York at all while he was held captive. Going to New York meant leaving again, and he wasn't sure if his or his dad's heart could take it. His dad had made it very clear that Kurt wasn't going anywhere, anytime soon. He realised that he had left Finn's question hanging for a long time, judging by the strange look Finn was giving him.

"We'll see."

They talked for hours after that, about TV shows Finn would get Kurt caught up on, Finn volunteering to help Kurt redecorate his room, and Kurt and Blaine's one year anniversary, which was soon approaching.

Eventually, sleep took over, and the next morning when Burt and Carole went to check on Kurt, they found Kurt lying on Finn's chest, while Finn had his large, yet protective arms wrapped around Kurt's small frame, his chin resting on top of Kurt's head. Burt shushed a giggling Carole, as he snapped a few pictures on his phone of the sleeping brothers, before they both walked downstairs and prepared breakfast, waiting for the two teens to join them.

Things would get back to normal eventually.