Hello there my amazing readers! I know, I know, I've got so many stories to work on, and now I add another one! I'm sorry! I couldn't help it! I was watching one of my all time favorite movies, John Tucker must die, and then BOOM! This baby was born! I promise that I'm not abandoning any of my other stories! Anyway lol here's my new story and I hope you like it!

I was in seventh grade when I realized I was invisible,Well, not that kind of invisible where you can't see me, No, it was more like I was just,you know, kind of anonymous. It's not that I didn't try, I mean, people just saw me as a real loser. Of course, when it came to love...Yeah, That sucked, S-U-C-K-E-D, Sucked. There was another thing working against me.

"Hi." I smile at a boy who just walked into my new 'home' Right now I'm standing in the middle of yet another new house trying to unpack

"Hey, I'm Justin, I live just next door and, uh, my mom sent me over with these brownies or something." I nod as he hands me the plate of brownies

"Oh, hi, I'm Rachel, W-We just moved here, I mean, duh- the boxes and everything."

"Holy jama lama," Justin says cutting me off in the middle of my rant

That other thing is... my mom,

"Hi, I'm Shelby." The boy quickly pulls the plate out of my hands and hands it to my mom

"Um... I made these for you, Be careful; you're hot, I mean they're hot, So hot."

She's never had any trouble landing men, She's just had trouble keeping them, I used to keep track, but I found it exhausting, So, I just call 'em all... Skip,

"Hi, Rachel, I'm going... to be... your new... father." Each word was spoken by a different man my mother brought home

"Maybe we shouldn't get ahead of ourselves now, Skip." I say to my mother's current 'boyfriend'

"It's, uh, it's Steve, kiddo, Why do you keep calling me Skip?"

Because, eventually that's what they all do. It's happened so many times that my mom's developed a very mature reaction, A quick therapy session... or two... or three... and then we pack up the car and flee to another town. Okay, maybe being invisible does have its advantages, Because, moving all the time I never had to deal with the whole 'awkward good-bye' thing.

But enough about me, This story isn't even about me, It's about her, Santana Lopez. Let's face it, Captain of the basketball team, her family's loaded and she looks somewhere between a model and a Greek godess

"Lopez!" Some guy cheers from the bleachers as Santana leads the team towards another victory

"Let's go, San! Kill the Bobcats! Not real bobcats, I mean, they're endangered." A tall blonde sitting next to me says. Why did I even come to this game? I look around the gym and spot an asian girl in front of a video camera

"This is Tina Cohen-Chang, It's no question who's taking the Titans to State this year," She starts before Santana comes and grabs the microphone

"Santana Lopez here, also known as Tana, Snixx,"

"Snixx!" A boy with a Mohawk shouts giving Santana a high five before she continues

"Some people call me Satan, but I'm best known as El Capitan." Santana smirks before running towards the rest of her team

"Ho-ho, Quinn!" a boy calls out from the back row of the bleachers, causing everyone to focus on the cheerios routine

"Shake it, baby!" another boy calls out

"Short skirts equals talent," Tina says rolling her eyes, still standing in front of the camera

"Quinn's hot!" Yet another boy shouts

"Go Titans!" Quinn yells

"Go Titans!" the Cheerios yell out together

Right now I'm at Breadstix where I just started working as a waitress. It's really the only place in this small town where I could actually get a job

"Hey, Table six." Harmony, another waitress here, says as she walks past me

I remember the first time I spoke to Santana Lopez, It's not like she blew me away or anything, I mean, I was totally in control,

"Hi." She smiles at me

"Yes, I mean... no, I-I mean, y..." I stutter out like an idiot

"I'm... not quite ready to order." Santana says, still smiling

"Thanks," I reply before curtsying and walking away

Please tell me I did not just curtsy

I look at Santana's table and see a girl sit next to her and kiss her lips. What was I thinking? Of course a girl like that already has a girlfriend

That's Tina Cohen-Chang, she's editor of the Muckraker, in the Brainiacs, Runs Mckinley High's TV station, and editor of the Thunderclap, Future Filmmakers of America, Big Sisters, Adopt-A-Shut-In, and... I think that's it,

"I've decided to write a children's book."

Oh, and she's writing a children's book

Tina starts reading the menu out loud, which happens to be in Italian

"You are so sexy when you speak Italian," Santana says as I walk over to take their order. I stand in front of the table as they start to kiss

"Mm...Uh, do you guys...want a minute?" I ask before going back into the kitchen. The next day, I'm walking out of the kitchen with two pitchers of water when I see a different girl sitting down at the table

Whoa, scratch that, She's got two girlfriends. That one's Quinn Fabray, head cheerleader,.Sort of self-explanatory,

"And Molly's all, Why don't we 'Stomp, Fight, Roar?''' Quinn says

''Stomp, Fight, Roar?'' Santana scoffs

"I know! I mean, at halftime? What a dud." I walk up to them about to ask what they'd like to order, when Santana raises a finger at me

"Two green salads, dressing on the side, Salmon for her, Lobster for me." She says without ever looking away from Quinn

"I love when you do that," Quinn says leaning towards Santana

"I love doing that," Santana replies, moving closer to the blonde

"I love that you love that I love you doing that," Quinn says while kissing Santana's neck

"And, no need to rush between courses," Santana says before kissing Quinn

"That top looks so hot on you. I bet it's even hotter off of you," I roll my eyes at that line while I head for the kitchen. The next day she's back only this time with another girl

"Never been here before, babe, so I hope they have good vegetarian," She says as she sits down at her usual table

Okay, stop it already, Three girlfriends?

"Oh, no! Veal?" Santana shouts jumping out of her seat "I'm sorry, Let's just go, You know, if I wanted to torture animals I'd go to a medical lab!"

"Hey," The girl says softly, while Santana sits back down

"Which, I would never do, 'cause they torture animals."

Okay, I'm not passing judgment but, for whatever reason being a vegan teen activist is usually code for 'easy,' That's Brittany S Peirce. She has this reputation of hooking up with everyone in school

"You know, for you, I don't have to give up all meat." She smiles at Santana

See? I'm not making this stuff up

"I don't get it, I mean, these girls all seem so confident and cool, How do they not know that Santana's cheating on all of them?" I ask Harmony as we stand outside of the kitchen

"She's a total operator, She goes out with girls from different cliques, so that they never actually talk to each other, And then she tells them that her father won't let her date during basketball season, so they'll have to keep it a secret." She explains to me

"How'd you learn all this stuff?" I ask

"I don't know, Just a guess." She sobs before running off. Something tells me it wasn't just a guess

The next day at school I see Santana walking through the halls like she owns the place. I mean, I guess she kind of does, but that's besides the point. It looks like everybody at Mckinley truly does love her. She manages to send one of her charming smiles to each of her girlfriends and none of them even notice each other. I don't know, Santana was confident in her system for juggling girls, but even she couldn't anticipate the events of Black Tuesday

"Coach Beiste is on her honeymoon, so we're combining all first period gym classes," Coach Sylvester shouts, causing everyone to graon "Yeah, yeah, I know, We all hate each other,"

"No, we hate you!" Some girl shouts from the bleachers

"Okay, Jennifer, Alison, Molly, Sarah, Denise and Kimmi, this side!" Coach shouts pointing to the left side of the volley ball net that's set up in the gym

"My name is Lucretia!" Kimmi shouts

"On this side, I want Brittany, Quinn, Tina and what's-your-face." She shouts pointing at me

"I'm Rachel, Rachel Berry."

"All right, ladies... let's play ball!" Coach blows the whistle as we take our positions

"You're Quinn, right? I'm Rachel." I introduce myself to the blonde cheerleader

"So?" She asks rolling her eyes, before grabbing the volley ball. I guess I should of expected that kind of reaction

"You weren't at the party last night, Where were you?" I hear some girl ask Tina

"Well, this is totally on the DL, I mean, not fit to print, I'm dating, Santana Lopez." Even though she whispers I heard her, and by the look on Quinn's face, she heard her too. The blonde takes the ball that's in her hand and throws it at the back of Tina's head

"Hey!" She shouts, turning around to glare at Quinn

"Sorry, It slipped." The blonde shrugs

"Okay, All right, I'm fine, Okay, everybody, Let's play." She says before the ball smacks her in the face this time "You know what?" She walks towards Quinn "That was no accident!"

"She's mine! Stay away from her!" Quinn shouts in Tina's face, before pushing her

"Oh, you little brat!" Tina shouts as she pushes back. The two girls continue shoving each other until Brittany jumps between then

"Oh! Girls! Peace and love! Come on! No girl is worth fighting over! Stop!" She shouts as she tries to pull them apart

"There's nothing to fight about! Santana Lopez is mine!"

"Oh!" Brittany exclaims before she grabs a ball and throws it at the shorter blonde

"What the hell is your problem?" She shouts towards Brittany

"I'm dating Santana Lopez." Quinn glares at the taller girl before throwing a ball towards her, but Brittany ducks and it smacks me in the face

"Enough!" Coach Sylvester shouts as she tries to separate the girls "I said enough! Let's get back to the game!" But they didn't listen

Quinn ran over to the cart filled with balls and just starts throwing them at Tina, while Tina is just catching them and throwing them at Brittany, and Brittany is screaming while trying to throw the balls at Quinn. I'm not even sure how, but at one point, Quinn just grabbed a bag full of balls and started swinging them, hitting me in the process, causing me to fall to the floor. She also managed to take down Brittany, but Tina tripped over some balls before Quinn could make it to her. It was at that point that the blonde decided to jump on Tina's back. I roll my eyes at how ridiculous they're being as I grab the whistle that's around Coach Sylvester's neck and blow it, causing everyone to stop whatever it was that I was doing

"This girl is cheating on all of you, and instead of taking it out on her you're, please excuse my language, beating the shit out of each other?!"

"Language!" Coach Sylvester shouts before grabbing her whistle out of my hand

"Detention, You, you, you and you!" She shouts pointing at Quinn, Brittany, Tina, and then me

"Who is that?" I hear Tina asks as I walk towards the door

"I don't know, Pam... something." Quinn says, causing me to roll my eyes. Did I not just tell her my name before all this madness occurred? Now I have detention and I wasn't even involved! I guess you don't really have to date Santana Lopez to be effected by her