Ste was looking at absolute perfection. This man was the meaning of . And incredibly handsome. He looked at his moustache with awh there is no way in hell this lad is old enough to be in college!

"There so disgusting" Amy looked at them with such disgust she looked like she could vomit.

"You see that woman there" She pointed to the blonde tall one "That's Cheryl she is the meaning of a tom girl I heard she kicked the absolutely crap outta ten men in a pub in Liverpool and she didn't get a scratch"

"Wow impressive I said"

"STE! The men were sent to hospital! See the man in her arms" She was pointed at the man holding her close. "That's Malcolm he would be the smartest man in the whole school he always gets A's in every class Shelly once asked for tutorial's and he agreed but the first day she ran outta the house because he got really angry at her and she doesn't tell anyone what happened"

She nodded at the one wearing the hoop earrings " If you had to point at a tramp it would be her that's Mitzee rumour has it she had sex with 12 men in one night"

"Amy fuck off she looks like 18 she wouldn't"

"Well I don't like to gossip me" She winked at me and I sniggered.

"Ok fine what about him" I pointed at the brute.

"That is the most dangerous man in our school, that is Warren Fox and if I ever see you talk to him Ste I will grind you up and murder you!" She glared at me.

"Ok fine one more question" I really wanted to know this now.

"Who … that" I stared at this moustache god sitting chatting to his brother.

"Well that is Brendan Brady Ste and if I was you I would stay away from him too"


"Because he's a Brady and he's bad news they all are Ste thank god you aren't going to speak to them they just moved here last year and ever since they came here its been drama ever since"

The bell went and when everyone got up I stood up with Amy and wanted one look at the Brady's before I went to Maths.

Brendan was staring right at me.

Holy shit.

I began to blink and I was rooted to the spot it was like he trapped me where I was and I couldn't moved what the fuck had happened to my feet!

"Ste wake up" I was freed

"Whu..what sorry Amy lets go" I looked back over and the Brady's were gone.


Well that was a successful maths class I learned how to make a triangle out of an equation and now finally I had only one more class left.

I looked at my .

What I just had Biology at the start of the day how can I have it again?!

My feet trudged my way through the school and I was on time for Bio finally.

Oh no my seat….it was beside…him.

I walked over to my seat and just stared at the white board…

Don't look at him…don't look at him…don't look at him

I gave him the odd glance, He was staring right at me.

"Hello…my name it's"

"Your Brendan" I answered "I heard about you" I smirked

"Did you now? And what was said about me"

I stared at the floor "Well it wasn't about you it was about your brother's and sisters"

Brendan completely understood "Ah I see im sure you heard of all the stories did you hear about my sister Cheryl?" he sniggered

I smiled ha he was kinda funny I completely forgot about I was in Biology and Sir.

"Is it true" I asked absolutely intrigued I was staring at him now totally enthralled.

"What do you think?" he asked raising his eyebrows in curiosity.

"I believe it did happen well I wouldn't want to get in a fight with her" I looked guilty at the floor expecting me to be glared at.

Instead he laughed " Yeah you wouldn't sorry my apologise I never got your name?"

"Er its Ste" Brendan looked at him weird "That's your name"

"Well its short for Steven but I hate that name"

"Steven …..i like it"

"You can't actually call me that its embarrassing" I said wide eyed

"Well im sorry my dear Steven but that's your name"

Did he just call me dear

"May I asked you something?" I questioned "Yeah sure what" He looked

"Ok well….what's with the mustache?"

He began to laugh louder but I was shocked how the lecturer didn't say anything.

"Oh this ole thing" He pointed at his moustache "I always wanted one when I was a kid my dad had one"

"And what was he like" I began to get more interested

Brendan's eyes darkened he stared at his Bio copy and began to write the notes but the more he wrote the more his nib of the pen dugged into the paper. Ste's eyes began to widen as he stared at the notebook.

"We don't talk much"

He snapped his pen with one finger. Ink began to pour over his hand

"Oops" he said "You idiot you got it all over my copies!" I yelled at him

"MR HAY SILENCE IN MY CLASS!" The lecturer screamed

My temper was rising this stupid man destroyed my books and it cost me 60 pounds

"He destroyed me books!"

"He destroyed your books what?"

That's it


Everyone was staring at me like I was some animal.

The lecturer glared at me with eyes of death "Report to the detention room immediately and bring your stupid inky books with you"

I stood up and looked over at Brendan with absolute rage "Thanks a lot arsehole now I have to buy more books!"

Brendan just stared at the floor "I'm sor.."

I ignored him completely and stormed out of the class and slammed the door.

Fuck this and fuck college and fuck Hollyoaks I hate this place I want to go to London and back to the place where I would mitch school and they wouldn't care because they already had 10'000 people to worry about and I was already making money out of tourists.

I stormed out of the school and went home. I arrived at home and opened the door and walked right into my room and fell on my bed.

I want to go home.

Knock Knock. Ugh it was proberly the Tv Licence inspector Amy told me about them.

Knock Knock, damn this guy is persistent, fine, I got up and trudged over to the door and opened it.

"Look we don't have any.." I stopped in silence

It was Brendan

"Er can I help you?..."

"Yeah …er sorry but I felt really bad about your er books so here" He held up a bag.

Oh my god it was all copies and notebooks for school " You really didn't need to do this to be honest I don't really know you"

"Yeh I know that but er I just wanted to make sure that you were going to sit beside me in Bio to be honest I always had fun no one sat beside me"

I kinda pitied Brendan people were intimidated by him but he had to be the best looking in our school which confused me.

"Yeah I was sure it's my assigned seat" I took the bag

"Thanks Brendan"

"Oh and er it has Bio notes for this year"

I looked at him

"How the hell did you get these?"

He tapped his nose and smiled "Secrets Steven I have many secrets" he gleamed.

"Yeah I'm sure you have"

"So er ill see you tomorrow yeah" he asked hopeful.

"Yeah I will"

"Oh listen er I was wondering if er you wanted to I dunno…"

I looked at him with awe what was he doing "While were young please"

Bredan sniggered must be an inside joke.

"Do you want to go to dinner later I know this place I always wanted to go to but my brothers and sisters don't like italien"

"You want to go to dinner with me?" I stood in shock Brendan Brady just asked me out.

"Yeah I suppose I did"

"Why?" I asked curiously

"Well there's something about you I cant pinpoint I really don't know what its about but I cant ….look dyo wanna go or not!"

Poor man got flustered

"Yeah sure it would be fun I suppose I need to get used to this place anyway"

Ste could hear footsteps up the corridor

"Ste what the hell happened to you apparently people are saying you made a fool of yourself in Biology and Ste for god's sake it's the first day!"

She looked up and saw Brendan and dropped her bags in shock.

"Er hello Brendan wouldn't think you'd be here" She glared at Ste for a second but Brendan could still see.

"Yeah well" he turned to Ste "I'll talk to you tomorrow bye" her inhaled and exhaled and walked off

Amy was glaring at Ste