The Letter


The four main members of Red Tail; Nene Oumari, Chiaki Tanimura, Yuka Hanazawa and Ryoko Asuka turned their heads to the door as they sat in the empty classroom of the many at St. Ishiyama Academy.

"Neesan, are you alright?" asked the redhead politely, standing up from her chair. She then twisted her face when she caught a panicked look on Aoi Kunieda, former leader of the all-girl gang that she now leads. "Anything I can help with?"

Aoi looks around the room in paranoid.

"Ne, you look like you just saw a ghost." Yuka comments, widening her eyes. Aoi turns to her.

"Have any of you seen a folded letter on my desk from earlier?" asked Aoi, walking towards her desk, looking under it.
"You mean the one that says 'To Oga~' at the right corner? Kanzaki took it and gave it to Oga." Yuka grins,, recalling Kanzaki's face when he realised it was Aoi's writing. With almost the whole class knowing of Aoi's feelings towards Oga, he immediately handed it to the 'Baby-on-Board Brawler' without even bothering to think. None of the delinquents would have thought about it, if it was one of the others instead.
It wasn't a flaw. It was just them.


A little earthquake occurred in the room, causing Yuka to fall onto her back.

"Apocalypse." Chiaki says straight.

"Why did you write that letter then?" asked Ryoko, with her medical mask on, as always. Aoi blushed madly as she hung her head in complete embarrassment.
"Sadohara-sensei wasn't around today, so I began fooling around and I couldn't help writing what my thoughts of Oga were." Said Aoi, fidgeting with her fingers. She didn't notice the fact that she had actually just admitted that she thinks of Oga. In other words, concerns of him.
On other occasions, she would just deny it and make an Einstein excuse. Of course, Oga wouldn't have realised it easily, due to the fact that she was dressed as a different person when she first met him and fell in love with him.
"You shouldn't have left it on your desk, though." Said Yuka, holding onto a desk for support as she attempts to stand up. "Any of the guys here could have found it and tried to read it."

Nene wasn't sure if tried was the right word. Everyone from Ishiyama High, including them, are delinquents at some point. Baby Beel could actually count in that category.

"You do notice that Oga could be reading that letter right now." Nene pointed out, sitting back down on her chair, crossing her arms over her chest.
Aoi cringed and put her hands on both sides of her head, pulling her hair in madness and stomped out the room, beginning to run once past the doorway.

"I wonder how Neesan will handle this." Nene said in wonder, furrowing her eyebrows.
Once Aoi was gone, Himekawa, Natsume and the Sanada twins came in through the door.

"What's up with Kunieda?" asked Himekawa curiously.

None of the Red Tails couldn't bother to think of a decent answer that will make sense so they all just shrugged.

"Good night, Murasaki-dono."

Murasaki Kimura (last, first) turned her head to the laid back delinquent. She was just one of the students from Ishiyama High, and was formerly part of Red Tail. She had a slender and lean figure, high cheekbones, heart-shaped face, natural blush, firm eyebrows, bright green eyes…her most noticeable feature was her dyed cyber pink hair, black roots still visible from her natural hair.
This feature was something some delinquents found intimidating. Others found it normal, especially for their own kind.

"Get lost." Said Kimura, shaking her head, walking away from Good Night Shimokawa, running into Tojo Hidetora at the stairs, in the process.
Once Tojo saw her, he knew from her face what had just happened. It happened a lot of times. Shimokawa made a lot of attempts to flirt with Kimura, but she always rejects him the second he shows up, only because she thought of him as "a bit of a creepy narcissist", as she had said to Himekawa once. She wouldn't admit it to anyone, but she preferred Tojo out of all the males of the Tohoshinki. He was more…mature…and less creepy.

"Well, if it isn't Cyber Goth Kimura?" Tojo smirked.
"Just because my hair is pink doesn't make me a cyber-goth, let alone a Goth." Kimura replied, shaking her head for the second time that day. Tojo chuckled in amusement. He was practically one of the only delinquents Kimura ever liked. Close to a best friend.
She would have wanted to go out with him, but she enjoyed teasing Tojo about Shizuka Nanami of the Six Holy Knights, also known as Rokkesei, being his old friend. "So…have you asked Nanami-senpai out yet?"
"Shut up, Kimura!" Tojo didn't blush like most people do whenever they are asked about a certain person given a certain feeling, especially a crush. "We're just old friends. Nothing more, nothing less."

Kimura raised her eyebrows in suspicion.

Before another one of them could say anything, Aoi climbed down the stairs from the third floor and bumped into them both, having to stop for a moment.


The dark-haired girl caught her breath and saw the pair.

"Kimura, have you seen Oga?" she panted, clutching her knees.
"I think I saw him climb up the stairs with Creepichi and Baby Beel. Why?"
"Emergency?" Tojo questioned, taking a step forward. Aoi shook her head and climbed back up the stairs, towards the rooftop.

"I wonder what that was about." Kimura mumbled, loud enough for only Tojo to hear.
"No idea."


Oga looked down at the green-haired baby, who was beaming, also pointing out with his little finger. The delinquent looked past his shoulder and saw the leader of Red Tails.


She didn't reply but marched over to the brown-haired boy, with messed up anger and embarrassment, grabbed his shirt and held his face close to hers. Close enough for a kiss.
Furuichi would have made a debate about the distance between the two, but held back after seeing the unreadable look on Aoi's face.

"Did Kanzaki give you any letter!?" she said in a tone close to a scream. She didn't know what reaction to expect from him, so she waited.
In the end he only gave her a very bewildered look.

"What are you on about?" he said, sweatdropping.

Aoi, astonished, slowly let go of Oga, her expression getting softer. So what exactly happened with the letter? Did Kanzaki keep it? What if he read it!?


Aoi dropped her arms at her sides, she looked down and saw Baby Beel clutching onto her ankle, with an adorable smile.
She bent down to pick him up and hold him. She had already held him affectionately a few times so he probably comfortably accustomed to her by now. He buried his face into her chest as she did, causing her to smile.

"What letter were you talking about again?" asked Oga, sticking his hands in his pockets and leaning by the rail. "Furuichi, you don't have a role in this scene so get out."

The silver-haired cringed. He hesitated for a moment but then left, knowing Oga could be serious.
Aoi wouldn't admit it to anyone, but she was actually glad that Furuichi left her and Oga alone. She never told anyone about her…fantasies of Oga, and now, one of them has come true.

Aoi's smile never left her face. She shook her head at Oga's question.

"Forget I ever said anything about a letter. Can I just…maybe have this one moment alone…with you?" Aoi asked in a very soft whisper, taking a step to her left towards Oga for him to hear the last bit, leaning her head on Baby Beel's lightly.

Oga caught it, and he accepts Aoi so he smiled a smile that Aoi never saw on him before; a warm, kind one. One that gives no hint or clue that he was a brutal delinquent of Ishiyama High.
Aoi sensed it and looked past her shoulder to see it, not wanting to afford to miss it.

Aoi boldly walked with firm steps and a high chin towards her classroom the next day. The first bell had rang so she thought this was the perfect time to confront Kanzaki.

When she slammed the door open, everyone's attention snapped to her, including Oga's and Baby Beel's.
She marched towards the pierced blonde at the centre of the room.

"What did you do with the letter?" she asked sternly, crossing her arms straight. Kanzaki easily absorbed the situation and smirked.

"Don't worry." He said. "I didn't do anything with it. For you, I sealed it."

Aoi didn't believe him, so she continued. "Show it to me."

Kanzaki reached into his pocket, and takes out the same letter from nineteen hours ago, thought it was now in a cream coloured envelope with an accurately copied "To Oga~" on the top right corner.
Aoi was aware of Oga's presence in the room so she immediately snatched it and stuffed it into the pocket of her blazer.
Kanzaki was amused with the current events.

"So what're you gonna do now?" he asks.

Just when Himekawa ruined the mood.

"Doesn't anyone realise that Tojo and Murasaki are missing?"

The lame ones cared enough.

"Himekawa actually has a point made." Ryuji of the Sanada twins said.

"Where's Kimura?" his twin Ryuichi mindlessly added.

Aoi rolled her eyes and went to her seat. The now-petrified Sadohara-sensei walked in with his books and files.

"G-good morning." He says between trembling. This bored the class already, and some began to lean on their desks and dozed off. He then mentally slapped himself and stood up straight, stretching his arms and taking a seat behind his desk.
At that moment, Kimura and Tojo walked in without an excuse or argument and took their seats.

"Uhm…Murasaki-san, Hidetora-san, would you mind telling me why you are late?" Sadohara asked, trying to make another attempt to take control of the class properly. His attempt failed though.

"We're not late." Said Kimora. "For anything."

He cringed, and shifted his glasses.

"Fine. This is your only warning from now." He said, in a now more serious tone, which didn't give any effect on neither Kimura or Tojo, and the girl was the softer one.

"You know, this thing is starting to get boring! Why don't we just go on unsupervised study?" Nene asked out loud. Chiaki nodded.

"You actually just made a point." The school counsellor Kido said as he pokes his head through the door into the classroom, keeping his dark background. "Because you have a test! In a week!"

The whole class groaned, since they considered studying "worse than hell".
Kido left chuckling and Sadohara stood up from hiding under the desk from Nene's loud complaint and Kido's effect on the atmosphere.

"Very well. For half the day until lunch, you will all be on unsupervised study." He said, and rushed out of the classroom.

I knew taking the time to come here would have been pointless, Kimura thought to herself, standing up and walked over towards Oga.

"Hi, Baby Beel!" she squealed when she saw the baby sitting on Oga's shoulders.
"Da!" he reaches out his arms to grab hold onto Kimura as he reaches for him.
"He really seems to like you." Says Oga, stretching his stiff shoulders from carrying Baby Beel all morning.
"I get where you come from." Kimura grinned, holding Baby Beel close to her. "What happened yesterday with Kunieda? She asked me and Tojo where you were."
"Wasn't a big deal." Oga replied bluntly, standing up from his chair to take a walk. Of course, he still had to stay less than 15 metres away from Baby Beel so he also has to stay close to Kimura, seeing as the baby seemed like he was getting comfortable with her.
The pair left the classroom together.
Aoi saw them but Kimura knew of her feelings towards him and as a friend, reassured her once.

"There are no sparks between us, so you can relax."

"Oh, come on, Oga. It had to be a big deal since she looked so desperate." Kimura refused to let the subject go.
"It was nothing!" Oga yelled. "I didn't even understood what she meant by when she said 'letter' anyway."
"But have you noticed any sparks?"
"Sparks?" Oga blinked. "What are you talking about, woman?"

Once again, Kimura shook her head with an exhausted sigh. Men are from Mars, after all. And men would think women are from Venus.

To be continued...