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A Price for Peace

Chapter 34 A Tense Moment

Night had fallen over the small village in the southernmost reaches of the empire, a large bon fire lit the centre of the village where many of the townsfolk were huddled to socialise, an even large crowd was shuffling into the largest building in the village, loud music gave the venue a party feeling.

At that time Naruto was busy getting ready with Karin. "Wo could just stay in, I'll make something nice for dinner and we can relax," the kunoichi suggested from the small en suite bathroom at the back of the blonds bedroom.

"No it's alright, I told Tenji I would go, and who am I to deny him and Cho a chance at getting me drunk again," Naruto chuckled knowing that it was highly unlikely that they would succeed.

"They always pass out before then and you have to help them both get home," Karin scoffed.

"They don't always pass out. Like six seven times tops. Maybe eight but I don't think that last time was because of the alcohol. Because almost everyone was sick that night," the blond mused with a small smile.

"We have been here about thirteen weeks and that's almost half," Karin replied with a deadpan.

Naruto shrugged, as long as they didn't hurt anyone who was he to deny his friends a night to unwind once a week. "They like to relax, that's not exactly my fault."

"Yes, it is. Because on at least four of those times, they tried to keep drinking as much as you... The jinchuuriki that cannot get drunk, at least not with the stuff they serve here," Karin reasoned.

"Are you still angry at Tenji for what happened this afternoon?" Naruto asked his cheeks lightly flushed.

"N-no!" she lied, not very convincingly.

Naruto sighed and gave the red head a quick kiss that was far too short for anything to develop. "Look it's only for a few hours, then we can come home. Besides that squad from the military are going to be there and I would rather be close incase someone let's something slip that they shouldn't while drunk. Ero-sennin was able to get a lot of information out of people just by getting them drunk, I swear he had an immunity to the stuff just like I do."

"Alright fine, now you better get out so I can get changed," the kunoichi sighed.

Naruto nodded, he decided that he too would be better off if he grabbed another top as well. He settled on a long black shirt over the top of some baggy blue jeans, looking incredibly civilian if he did say so himself.

Karin took a few extra minutes to get ready, the blond heard her cursing a few times at the stubbornness of her hair. "Don't worry about it Karin-chan, you will look amazing regardless," Naruto called back honestly.

"You're just saying that to make me feel better," Karin replied, as she stood in front of the bathroom mirror brushing the unruly side of her hair, no matter how many times she was smooth it out to match the other it would instantly spring back into it's previous position.

"That's not true at all. I love everything about your beautiful red hair, even the messy half. It's just another part of what makes you, you," Naruto called back trying to assure her of how he truly felt.

"Careful, keep talking like that and we really wont be going out tonight," Karin replied, glowing from the compliment as she exited the bathroom. She wore a sleeveless black top that had shining silver buttons and a V shaped cut out of the bottom that showed her midriff from her navel down to the hem of a dark red mini skirt in the same shade as her hair that she had reluctantly left to it's own devices, simply pulling it back with a black hairband, on her feet she wore flat sandals and thigh high stockings. She had never been a fan of high heels, but then again not many kunoichi were. "Well what do you think?"

"Stunning as always, no wait that's me." Naruto replied with a bright smile as he pulled on a pair of black boots to complete his own outfit.

Karin's cheeks flushed a light pink as she playfully hit the blonds shoulder. "Smart ass," She said with a smile of her own at the blonds teasing. "Come on Baka, I bet Tenji is already there with Cho, and we wouldn't want to make them wait."

Just as Karin had predicted when the young couple entered the makeshift bar, Tenji and Cho were already there, a large drink in their hands. They were not alone however. Tetsu had decided that he would join them at their usual table and was animatedly chatting away as they took their seats. "Ugh I guess this means we're late huh?" the blond asked, rubbing the back of his neck in mild embarrassment.

"Damn straight you are late," Tetsu joked, slapping the young blond on the shoulder and passing him a large flagon.

"Well then, what did I miss?" Naruto asked fully ready to indulge his two friends.

"Well Tetsu here was just telling us about some of the weird things he's seen while working for the empire," Cho said calmly. The afro haired man was not as calm as his best friend, the presence of members of the military in his town was not a reason for him to celebrate.

"Weird how?" Karin asked, her curiosity piqued.

"Well that's a hard question," Tetsu replied. "I have seen so many things, it's kind of hard to explain. To most people in the empire, even the powers that are wielded by the members of the military are weird. While for others they're mysteries, things that can't be explained."

"So which do you prefer?" Karin asked.

Tetsu laughed taking a large drink from his flagon. "The mysteries of course. I already know how the military techniques work, so I hardly find them interesting anymore. But you find something that has no easy solution and to me that is weird, I believe there is some logic behind everything so finding something that I don't understand is a real 'weird' occurrence."

"What could possibly be weird to someone like Tetsu the Iron Blood?" Tenji joked in a light hearted manner.

"Well there was a mission I was given when I was first selected into a black ops squad. We were investigating a murder in the main capital. The house was locked up tight from the inside, not a single way in or out but somehow the culprit had been able to get in, kill the whole family of a well respected military officer and the man himself, then escape without breaking anything." Tetsu replied.

'Easy, the culprit was a clone who was let in, he killed his targets then locked the house up before dispelling, making it look like they had killed themselves.' Naruto thought. It was not worth the trouble to voice his opinion though.

"It was a murder suicide, the killer was one of the victims," Cho reasoned.

Tetsu nodded at his reasoning. "Yes, that is what my superior declared it as in the end. But I always thought it was a little suspicious, the weapon thought responsible for the crime didn't seem worn enough to me." 'After all Gouhara-hime doesn't need a blade to kill her victims, her control over the wind is more than enough. It was no coincidence that she was given his position after he had died,' he added as an after thought.

They discussed possible ways for a murderer to get into and out of a house without leaving a trace of how they entered for awhile, each idea proposed by one of the members of the table quickly shot down by the officer. "Ahhh I give up." Tenji whined after almost an hour.

"As I said it was weird," Tetsu chuckled at the scarred man's reaction. They continued along the same lines, each different case or mission containing something that you could only be able to explain if you had any detailed knowledge of how to use chakra. Each time Naruto made sure to keep quiet and it seemed that they others of their small group were of similar mind.

Tenji huffed, a few hours later, making a show of finishing his drink before crossing his arms defiantly. "Okay, what else you got? I want to get one of these damn it."

Tetsu hummed as he discretely glanced over at Naruto in his peripheral vision. 'I shouldn't waste any more time, if I let this go on too long I may not be able to get the information I need, hell if I keep drinking like this I may forget that I even want it.' "Well there is one that I got a little over three months ago, it was in the southern capital actually," he said checking the blond for a reaction only to be disappointed.

Naruto used all his determination not to react, he knew where this was going and refused to give the man anything that he might be able to use to point to him as the killer. It seemed that everyone at the table had the same idea, nobody showing any signs that they might know what Tetsu was talking about. "A mystery so close to us here, I do hope it is nothing too serious?" Cho said, his cool calm response causing everyone to relax that little bit more.

"Well it was a murder, so I guess you would call it serious. Two members of a local gang were working in a store run by their organisation, mostly as a front to shake down anyone stupid enough to enter without being a member of their gang." Tetsu replied once more trying to bait the blond.

"Sounds like they had it coming then. Probably some rival gang retaliating for some reason, bunch of thugs the lot of them, hell to be honest I hope they all kill each other." Tenji scoffed, his face a perfect mask.

"Well I dare say that they did deserve what they got. But that wasn't the whole story," Tetsu spoke honestly. "The real weird part came about with how they were killed. Two very powerful attacks that shouldn't have been capable from anyone other than an officer in the army. Yet there were only two teams in the village at the time and I know for a fact the leader of the other squad would not kill someone in such a way."

"And even if he did, why would he bother hide it? Officers in the military are free to kill anyone they deem deserves it in the outer reaches of the empire," Cho replied, his voice was calm but still held the hint of an accusatory tone.

Tetsu frowned at the statement but if he was being honest Cho was right. "It's not that black and white, we have our own protocol, but in this case you're right. There is no reason for anyone in the military to justify killing members of a known gang. Besides I know the other officer and this was not his style... there was nowhere near enough blood for that." 'Not even close.'

"So maybe there was an officer in the village you didn't know about. It is possible that it was a black ops operation you didn't know about," Tenji guessed.

Tetsu shook his head. "That was my initial thought, but I asked for confirmation from my superiors and was told that there were no missions in the south, and there have been no members of the military go awol in years, the last ones that tried... did not last long."

"So basically you are looking for someone that can't possibly exist, that is a mystery." Naruto chuckled. He was pleased with how everyone had been able to keep their cool, so much so that he failed to suppress a small smile from forming on his lips.

"Yes it's like whoever was responsible just vanished into thin air," Tetsu sighed. 'I know it was you Naruto, I just know it, everything about you screams that fact. Still not a bad poker face though. I would put him at a middle ranked officer, but I still can't get a full read on the extent of his abilities.'

The conversation soon turned to a more upbeat topic. The hours passed with everyone laughing and drinking. The three shinobi were by far faring the best with the amount that they had been drinking, but as midnight was fast approaching even Tetsu and Karin were now quite buzzed.

"Ah maan, it looksh like Naarutoo schtill ishn't drunk," Tenji wailed in a slur.

If Naruto was being honest he was a little light headed but he wouldn't consider himself drunk, certainly not enough to be anywhere near slurring his speech. "Yeah, well at least one of us has to be up to do all the work as you're both clearly going to be sick tomorrow," Naruto said , his lip curling up into a smirk.

"You don-t know thaat. *hic," Cho replied.

"No hesh riight, we-re gonna be useshless in the morning," Tenji laughed his head drooping slightly as his consciousness was slowly beginning to fade.

"I think it's time I called it a night as well," Tetsu said, as he stood up it took him a few moments to find his balance. 'This night really backfired on me, I had hoped that with everything they had drunk, he would have lost some measure of control, I have never seen anyone drink so much and not even be remotely effected,' he thought slowly stumbling towards the door. "Goodnight, I'll see you all tomorrow I'm sure."

Naruto watched as the officer stumbled out of the now nearly empty bar that now only held their table and a few remaining stragglers. "You ready to head home?" he asked Karin.

"Yeah, I don't think I am fairing all that much better than they are at the moment," Karin huffed weakly. Naruto stood from his seat and waited for the kunoichi who almost fell as she attempted to follow him, grabbing onto Naruto's back for support. "Cary me."

Naruto sighed and knelt down in front of the red head. "alright hop on."

"No, carry me like a princess," She protested with a pout.

Naruto laughed but found her cute pout adorable. Without warning he swooped down and picked her up. "Happy now?" he asked while the kunoichi wrapped her arms around his neck.

Karin nodded, her movement was excessively large due to her inebriation and she almost lost her glasses. "Good, now take me to bed," she giggled.

"Sure thing Hime, any other orders for me?" he asked with a small smirk.

"Not right now, but give it a minute and we'll see," Karin replied biting her bottom lip seductively.

"I would love to indulge you, but we have a house guest and I don't know if that would be a good idea," Naruto asked as he carried her out bar and down the road towards their home, he knew that Cho and Tenji would be fine getting home by themselves.

"My room is at the opposite side of the house, besides he's had just as much to drink as I have. No way he's going to hear anything," Karin replied. She slowly twirled a tuft of Naruto's soft golden hair in her fingers while she leaned up and began planting soft kisses on his neck.

Naruto groaned his resolve beginning to falter. 'Damn I need to be stronger than this, I need discipline. Come on Naruto relax, remove yourself from your thoughts and feel the world around you,' he told himself. He was desperately trying to ignore the almost euphoric and odd mixture of pleasure and pain as the kunoichi lightly bit down on the tender flesh of the nape of his neck. 'This isn't working at all, what would Fukusaku-sama say... actually he wouldn't say anything, he would just hit me with that damn walking stick of his.'

With a small pop Karin let the blonds flesh go, admiring the red mark she left behind. "Mine," she said possessively, tracing a thumb around her bite mark. Naruto remained calm despite being so close to losing his cool, he unceremoniously yet playfully dumped the kunoichi on his bed laughing as she sent him a lighthearted glare.

"I'm gonna go get changed, see you soon." Naruto replied heading into the bathroom. He exited in only a pair of light blue boxers to find Karin already in bed. 'Looks like she's asleep, it's probably for the best, she did have a lot to drink tonight,' he thought. He relaxed a little when he jumped into bed to join her, wrapping his arms around her slender waist. The kunoichi pushed herself flush against the blond, her back pressing against his chest. Both revelled in the feeling of the direct skin contact, silently longing for even more. "Goodnight Karin-chan," he whispered, kissing the back of her head.

Her only response was her to lightly moan the blonds name in a sleepy haze. She had fallen asleep almost instantly, the blond felt completely safe in Naruto's arms that she was completely relaxed, this was where she belonged.

When she woke the next morning Naruto was already gone, the sun was already high in the sky, brightly lighting the room. She sighed in the realisation, that it was at the earliest, late in the morning. She closed her eyes for a moment scanning for Naruto's chakra. She found him out in the field with Tetsu. 'Looks like his chores are taking him longer than normally, then again he can't use his clones today,' she thought with a smile, she contemplated going out and helping him, but found the allure of a large breakfast and a good book to be too great to pass up. "If he wanted my help then he would have woken me this morning."

(With Naruto)

Naruto was busy watering the vegetables he had planted to help sustain the village, he had been taking it slowly because of the man who had decided to follow him around while he worked. 'Well I don't really like some of the policies of the empire. But I guess Tetsu is alright,' he mused.

'Once again you are for to trusting than you should be. While I do not sense any direct negative emotions from him, we it's far too difficult to tell from this seal without you tapping into my chakra,' Kurama replied firmly.

'Maybe you're right, but I would prefer to believe that Tetsu is a decent person, I mean look at the Elemental Nations, Bee-Ojisan and I would have been enemies. Hell we may have even had to fight each other, if it wasn't for the Akatsuki.'

'Not every one that is friendly is a good person though Naruto. Don't make the mistake of being overly trusting, it will just end up worse for you when you make the mistake of trusting the wrong person, and they betray you.' the fox lectured.

'I still chose to give people the benefit of the doubt,' Naruto replied. He had just finished work on the vegetable garden.

"So what's next, you seem to have quite a few jobs around the village?" the rust haired officer asked, he knew that Naruto was hiding a lot from him most notably the fact that he could use chakra, but he could also see just how good he had been for the village. All the other villages in this area were falling apart, and on the brink of collapse because of the gangs, but Naruto had made this village self sustainable. He was silently upset that he had to give Naruto over to the princess, he was becoming quite fond of the young man.

"I need to go check the traps I set out in the forest, then I am done for the day," Naruto answered.

"You hunt the food, repair the homes, and do the farming. That is a lot of work for one person Naruto, I'm impressed." Tetsu said as he followed Naruto towards the gate.

"Well it's only a small village, so it's no big deal to do a lot. Lots of people in the village need to leave in order to work and make money for the village to pay it's taxes, so I help out this way," Naruto explained.

"Still though, surely you could pass some of these tasks onto others?" Tetsu suggested.

"Well I have been showing others how to look after the vegetables, and Tenji usually goes out and checks the traps for me, when he isn't hunting himself that is," Naruto mused.

They made it to the gate when Tetsu realised that he hadn't met up with his squad since he had found them a place to stay the day before. "You know what, I actually should go check on my team, if I don't give them proper orders then they're probably just sitting around doing nothing."

Naruto couldn't help but fondly thing back to his genin days, and then more prominantly at the time he spent waiting for their chronically late sensei to show up and train them, or head out on missions... 'My Kami, we really did do nothing but sit around when Kakashi-sensei wasn't there,' he realised. "You're probably right, they are at an age where they would rather be doing nothing."

"Sadly you are right, I have one student that would rather be hitting on girls. A kunoichi who seems to think that as long as she reads enough she will be able to survive any difficulties she might have to face and then my own brother, well for a kid he's tough but if I am being honest he's a bit of an idiot," Tetsu chuckled.

"Hey it could be worse," Naruto replied, still thinking of his own team.

"That's true, at least I don't have any of the members of the royal family in my team," Tetsu admitted.

"Is that really a bad thing? wouldn't being able to claim that you trained one be something you could brag about?" Naruto asked curiously.

"Well that's true, but no matter how high my rank is, I would be seen as second in my own team. The truth is, most of them are a bunch of arrogant little shits that think the world revolves around them just because of who they are. I'm just glad that there are not that many of them," Tetsu said dryly.

"So why work for them at all then?" Naruto couldn't help but ask.

"Well for one, my family is one that the first emperor decided was worth keeping around, we had a unique ability that he decided was useful, so long as we served him. That passed down through the generations and now every member of my family that has the ability to joins the military," Tetsu explained.

'He must have a Kekkei Genkai,' Kurama realised.

'Yeah your right, I wonder what it is,' the blond replied. "So what happens if a member of your family refuses to join?"

Tetsu sighed, "There hasn't been a case of that happening in a really long time. but if they are not seen as gifted or they lack the families unique skill, then they are shamed but free to live a different life,. However if someone has the ability to use chakra, then they are killed to preserve the balance of power," he said darkly.

"Killed just because they don't want to fight? That's horrible," Naruto said a little disgusted at just how far the empire was willing to go.

The rust haired man could only nod his agreement the lack of fairness in the empire was not lost on the officer. "Yeah it is, but that's the world we live in. Nobody can compete with the power of the military. We do our duty, or we die, it's as simple as that."

'This must have been what that old snow leopard sage was talking about, I could stop this... I could save these people,' Naruto thought, his anger at the empire reaching a new height.

'Don't be a fool Naruto!' Kurama roared. 'I know you are strong, and together we may even be the strongest being alive. But you are still just one man, you cannot fight a war all by yourself. You need to be far more careful when dealing with the empire, you don't even know what they are capable of yet.'

Naruto nodded calming himself down. He knew it wouldn't do him any good to fly off the handle here, he had no idea where he would go anyway. 'You're right, I'm sorry Kurama.'

'Don't be sorry, just be smarter.'

"Well you really make it sound like most of the people in the military are there against their will. Isn't the royal family afraid they might, you know rise up against them?" The blond asked.

"Not at all, you have the wrong idea, the empire treats the ruling class, and by that extent military incredibly well, so much so that most people don't even care about the process that it takes to be recognised as a fully fledged member of the imperial army," Tetsu explained.

"Huh I don't follow you, what do they have to go through? I thought your team just graduated from the academy didn't they?" Naruto asked.

"Yes they did, and then they spend a year in the field ding missions, but that doesn't make them officially part of the army," the officer replied. "That doesn't happen until after the placement exams in a few months."

"Really, what's so different about them?" Naruto pressed wanting more information.

"Ah well, for that you are going to have to wait and see," Tetsu replied this time with a mall smirk. "I want you and Karin to come see them for yourselves." He removed two thin sheets of metal from his pocket, the metal was so thin that it would fold like paper, yet it was strong enough to not break or fall apart if they became wet. "These are two invitations to the placement exams being hosted by the governess of the southern kingdom, Gouhara-hime. I would really like you both to come."

Naruto stared at the thin metal invitations for a few moments but eventually stuck his hand out and accepted them. "Sure, sounds like it might be some fun."

"I'm glad, I really hope to see you there, my team is competing so I do hope you will cheer them on," Tetsu said with a smile. "Now I really must go, find my cute little recruits."

Once Naruto was out of eye sight Tetsu's smile faltered, he had just handed the young man a ticket to his own execution. 'I did my duty, I'm sorry Naruto, I'm sure if things were different we could have been friends.'

The week passed slowly, following the same pattern. Tetsu would help Naruto with his jobs in the morning then train his team in the afternoon. They didn't go far from the village to train, often encouraging an audience to come watch under the guise of, 'empire civilian relations'. The officer did however warn his students that they were in no uncertain terms to stay away from Naruto and to a lesser extent Karin.

For Naruto it had been a struggle to not only keep his chakra suppressed, but also to cope without being able to train. The first few nights that he had shared with Karin were difficult as well, his hormones kicking into overdrive while his mind fought back not wanting to force anything onto Karin even if he had more than a sneaking suspicion by now that she wanted him just as much he wanted her. But after the third night he was able to gain some measure of control of his emotions and was able to enjoy just being in bed with the young woman.

When it was finally time for the team to leave, the villagers were once more gathered in the centre of town. "I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to you all for welcoming my team and I into your village. But sadly today we will be leaving, for those of you who have received invitations to the squad placement exams... I look forward to seeing you again soon," Tetsu said loudly. It was only a short speech, but then again they were not in the village for a long time.

The villagers all remained silent as they watched the small four man cell leave, it was almost like they had been holding in their breath since the moment they arrived because once they were well and truly out of ear shot the villagers seemed to come alive again, there was an almost party like atmosphere in the village.

"So sensei where too next?" Koha asked. "That village was odd, they were friendly enough I guess but they just seemed really guarded, more so than anywhere else we have been I mean."

"You're just imagining things Koha, they were just a little concerned that we would punish them for building a wall around their village to keep bandits out that's all," Tetsu replied in a half truth, he was sure their attitude had more to do with the enigmatic blond. He had tried quite a few times to get a read on the blonds real strength but he was quite skilled at keeping his chakra hidden, to the point where if he didn't know that the people he had been looking for could hide their chakra then he wouldn't have believed that Naruto could use any at all.

"I guess that is a reasonable worry, I mean their village was far better off than really anyone in this district, even in the southern capital they are in more poverty, shame there were no pretty women our age. Although if I was just a few years older... there was that red head that Sensei was staying with, I have never seen hair like that before... and the blond Rea but she was so cold she could freeze Ice," The well groomed student, Muki said matter of factly.

"Maybe she just didn't like you," Kara the only kunoichi in the group suggested earning a laugh from most of the group.

"Anyway you didn't answer my question," Koha said bitterly.

"Oh and that was?" Tetsu asked playing dumb.

"What village are we going to now!?" the younger brother yelled in frustration.

"Oh... actually I think we're done," The officer said calmly. 'There is no point in going to the remaining few villages now, I found the one responsible,' he added in thought.

"Really we get to leave this place and stay somewhere that the hot water will last long enough to have a proper shower!?" Kara asked, hope in her eyes.

Tetsu nodded with a smile at the eagerness of his pupils to leave. 'They have to live like this all the time and these kids cant stand it for the two months they have been out here on this mission,' he thought feeling a little bit of sympathy for the way these people lived. "Yeah, I was thinking we could finish our training at the southern palace seeing as that is where the placement exams will be held."

"Alright, finally we can focus on training instead of playing nice with peasants," Koha cheered eagerly.

The older brother frowned slightly at his brothers assessment of what they had been doing but put it down to him simply being excited that they would soon be focusing all their attention on training. "Don't be too happy, I'm not going to go easy on you, you will have to be strong if you want to survive the exam."

"Um sensei?" the young kunoichi spoke a little tentatively almost afraid of the answer.

"Yes Kara?" Tetsu replied in a lighthearted manner.

"I was just wondering why you warned us not to go near the blond man you were staying with? he seemed like a nice enough person," the kunoichi pressed.

"He is a nice guy isn't he, but Gouhara-sama has taken an... interest in him and she set this mission up for the sole purpose of meeting Naruto," the rusty haired officer replied, he was a little melancholic about giving the blond the invitation, he had considered returning to the princess and telling her that the one responsible would be in the group without giving specifics. But he had a job to do, he never failed to complete a mission.

"Wait are you saying that he was the one responsible for the murders in the southern capital!?" Koha asked. He was already turning back towards the small village to capture their target. "We should go capture him, we will be guaranteed a good squad if we capture him."

Tetsu grabbed his brothers shoulder, squeezing firmly to stop his advance. "We will do no such thing, this is exactly why I told you to stay away from Naruto, we have to be desecrate, lure him into a trap and then take him out. Down here, this far away from the main empire, if we were to lose track of Naruto then it would be almost impossible to locate him again. But by inviting him to come watch the placement exams, he will be surrounded by officers and even a few members of the royal family, it will be impossible for him to get away."

"Heh, that is pretty smart, Ni- Sensei," Koha agreed.

Tetsu smiled and nodded, glad he had diffuesed the situation. 'I would rather not go into the fact that they might not survive a confrontation with Naruto, if i wasn't so sure it was him that I was looking for, then his little act would have fooled even me.'

End Chapter!

I probably could have gone into more detail about a few things in this chapter, but I decided against it to move the story along a little faster. There was more that I could have added but it would have drawn this out over at least another chapter and I didn't want to drag things out too much.

I tried to show a little more depth in Tetsu's character, to show that he really didn't agree with most of what the empire does, but also that regardless of how he feels about a job, he does his duty.

I had thought of having Naruto interact with the... well let's call the Genin for continuities sake, but other than using them to give Naruto away I really couldn't think of a natural way to bring that up. I wanted Naruto to at least think that he was in the clear for now, give it another chapter or at most two and I'll get to the exams.

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