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A Price for Peace

Chapter 37 Volatile Situation

Naruto could feel the sweat slowly roll down his forehead as his skin lost all colour. To him it felt like time had slowed to a crawl, his eyes fixed on the angry woman standing only a few yards away. "H-hey Baa-chan, long time no see," he said nervously silently hoping that the beating wouldn't be too bad.

"Is that all you have to say to me Naruto?" Tsunade asked her voice as cold as ice. Tsunade herself was in two minds, for one she wanted to make Naruto pay for faking his own death and very nearly getting away with it, but then she was so glad to have finally found her surrogate grandson alive, and from the looks of it, doing well for himself. 'He's looking more and more like his father every day, although his hair is getting a little long, and the way he has it pulled back is more like Jiraiya's,' she thought fondly.

Naruto chuckled weakly casually glancing around as if hoping to find something that might distract the former Kage. "You uh, look good," He said as if at a loss for words.

"Good huh," Tsunade seemed to contemplate the blonds words for a few minuted before crossing the gap in an instant and throwing a powerful punch at the blond who only just managed to block the attack with both hands, tossing the blond backwards. "I almost died chasing after you, gaki!"

"Naruto-kun!" Karin yelled in fear. She turned to un after him but found the rather imposing frame of the Godaime Hokage blocking her path.

"Stay where you are, he's fine," Tsunade ordered effectively freezing Karin on the spot.

Naruto slowly picked himself up rubbing his sore arms, thinking that they might even be broken. "Dammit, how did Ero-Sennin take beatings like this on an almost daily basis," he said just loudly enough for Tsunade and Karin to hear him.

"I'm not done with you yet gaki, but I want some answers first so I can't knock you into next week just yet," Tsunade said with a smirk.

"I don't suppose saying sorry will help at all?" Naruto asked sheepishly.

"Well it's a start, do you have any idea what you put me through!?" Tsunade replied with a sigh, her rage still bubbling under the surface.

Naruto hung his head well aware that Tsunade would have probably been hit harder than anyone else from the blonds apparent death. "I wanted to bring balance to the elemental nations, while I was around there wouldn't have been any equality between the villages, and eventually old wounds would reopen and the circle of hatred would start over again. But I guess my plan kind of backfired on me."

"Well I wouldn't say that, the only people that know you are alive are myself and Kakashi. But it was still a damn stupid plan gaki, we could have figured some way to maintain the balance with the other shinobi villages, hell in your situation they probably would have accepted multiple arranged marriages for you," Tsunade replied, the final comment earned a grunt of annoyed disapproval from Karin, who had so far been mostly ignored by the older kunoichi. "What you have something to say?" Tsunade asked stiffly.

Karin seemed to shrink under the former Hokage's steely gaze. "N-n-no, not exactly."

"Why is she here anyway? It's not exactly smart of you to travel with an Akatsuki shinobi," Tsunade queried, turning her attention back to the blond.

"It's kind of a long story, but I trust Karin-chan with my life, you don't have to worry about her," Naruto replied. He wanted to make it clear that Karin was off limits, and he would protect her if he needed too, such was his commitment to her.

"Well that figures," Tsunade replied with a smirk. "Only you would end up in a relationship with someone that had been trying to kill them. I hope I am not going to be a grandmother too soon though," she added unable to help herself with the perfect chance to tease the pair.

Tsunade was not disappointed as both teens went scarlet. "Baa-chan, we haven't gone that far yet," Naruto whined.

"So I was right, you two are in a relationship then," The busty blond surmised her attention turning back to the red head. 'So it looks like he has similar tastes to his father, she's probably an Uzumaki as well, now that's interesting.'

Meanwhile Kurama howled with laugher inside Naruto's seal. 'No matter how much things change, one thing will always stay the same... you really are an idiot. She played you like a fool, then again you are one, so I guess it's no real surprise.'

'Geez thanks Kurama, she just caught me by surprise, bringing up our relationship so soon that's all,' Naruto pouted in response.

'So I suppose every test you have ever taken just "caught you by surprise" as well then?' Kurama chuckled.

'Ah man, uncool Kurama,' the blond pouted.

"Um, Tsunade-sama... How... how did you find us? As far as I know, we didn't leave any clues to where we were going," Karin asked still not sure if the slug princess would attack them again or not.

"It wasn't easy that's for sure, but you did make one mistake, in the Land of Earth, before you took the path up towards the mountains," Tsunade replied.

"I used Kurama's chakra," Naruto said flatly.

"Exactly, not the smartest thing you could have done, but Iwa was in turmoil at the time and they put down the sudden explosion of chakra felt to an old missing Ninja who they found in the village in a bad condition. He convinced the Iwa shinobi they sent that it was his chakra but I knew better. I knew it was you, and judging by where it was I guessed you were heading north out of the Elemental Nations. Not a bad Idea seeing as you couldn't possibly hide your chakra for the rest of your life," Tsunade said with a smirk.

"Right I guess that explains why you thought we were going over the mountains, but that doesn't explain how you were able to find us once you got on the other side," Karin replied hoping she didn't sound aggressive towards the rather deadly Sannin, she had spent enough time around Orochimaru to know how outclassed she was if things went badly.

"Well for that I owe most of the credit to the Snow Leopard summoning clan that protect the mountain, it's odd for a human to be able to reach one of the domains of summoning creatures but once I proved myself against them they gave me shelter and told me about another two shinobi that had come through a little under a year ago, needless to say I was surprised to find out that you were not traveling alone gaki. They told me where I would find you both and now here I am. Still I almost died on that mountain," Tsunade replied with a little scowl, she didn't like to contemplate her own mortality.

Naruto nodded accepting the former Hokage's explanation. "Well that answers the how, but what I really want to know is why you came after me? Konoha needs you Baa-chan, there was still so much that needed to be done. What about the hospital, you're the best medic in the world they are going to need you."

"You think I was going to let you just wander off like Jiraiya on one of his adventures without telling me? Konoha doesn't need another wandering Toad Sage," Tsunade spat.

"You're one to talk, you ran away after the third shinobi war," Naruto replied firmly.

"Why you... That was completely different!" Tsunade yelled.

"Whatever, keep telling yourself that you old hag," Naruto scoffed offhandedly.

A tic mark appeared on the older blonds forehead and narrowed her eyes dangerously at the young man. "What did you just call me gaki?"

Karin by this time had the common sense to back away from Naruto to the edge of the clearing they had made to spar in. But it seemed that Naruto was on a completely different wavelength. "You heard me Baa-chan, I'm not doing anything that you didn't do first so there," he said sticking out his tongue at the end to emphasise his point.

That seemed to be the last straw for Tsunade who crossed the gap in what seemed like a blur to Karin, she only caught the force of the wind that picked up when she threw her punch. What neither kunoichi was expecting however was for Naruto to stick his hand out and casually grab her fist. "What the..." Tsunade stammered as she looked in disbelief.

Naruto's cool, calm, and collected facade shattered a moment later as he released Tsunade's fist and began jumping around shaking his hand in pain. "Oh sweet Kami it hurts, why the hell did I try and do that!" he bellowed with anime tears running down his cheek, blowing on his palm to try and cool the stinging sensation.

Tsunade was still stunned at what he had done. 'I thought he would have gotten out of the way, but he was able to block it, hell he wasn't even using Sage Mode. He's gotten stronger... a lot stronger,' she thought with a small amount of pride, long gone was the little runt she could easily defeat with a single finger.

Naruto had finally started to regain some composure but he was still gingerly shaking his hand. "What the hell Baa-chan, I expected you to hold back a little," he whined.

"And I expected you to get out of the way of one of my punches Baka," Tsunade lectured. "So here's the deal Gaki, I'm going to kick your ass and drag you back to Konoha where you belong, she can come with us if you want," she added casually pointing to Karin.

Naruto rubbed the back of his neck nervously. "Sorry Baa-chan, but I can't go home. As much as I want to see Konoha and all my friends again, the Elemental Nations needs to stabilise and that can't happen if I am around. Konoha would be seen as a threat and the circle of hatred would begin again."

Tsunade sighed knowing it would not be an easy task to change the jinchuuriki's mind. "Naruto I know how you feel but, even if you do bring peace for now, it will end. They thought when the ninja villages formed that the fighting would end and it did, for awhile at least, until other villages sprung up in fear of the others."

"I know that could happen again, but if I am there then they will not even have a chance at achieving peace," Naruto replied, sliding into a taijutsu stance that Tsunade recognised well as the Toad style.

"What no Bijuu or Sage Mode?" Tsunade asked arching an eyebrow, falling into a stance of her own.

"No, Ero-sennin didn't need either of them to kick ass, and neither do I," Naruto replied silently hoping he hadn't just bitten off a bit more than he could chew.

"Fine have it your way," Tsunade replied with a shrug and rocketed toward the younger blond who rolled out of the way as Tsunade's fist hit the ground where he had been standing.

'You've gotta be kidding me! They're going to end up killing each other,' Karin thought in amazement as she saw the ground explode and crack open into a large crevasse in the middle of the forest taking several trees with it.

If Naruto had been hoping to test himself then he got his wish, it was near impossible to land a hit on the busty blond and it was only due to his enhanced reflexes from his training to use Kurama's chakra that allowed him to avoid Tsunade's counter attacks. "You're fast for an old lady," Naruto teased as Tsunade ducked under his kick.

"And you're surprisingly quick witted for a dumb ass," Tsunade replied angrily as Naruto instinctively spun out of the way of another chakra enhanced punch. The fight went on like this for almost an hour, each time they would come together for a small interchange they would yell insults at the each other.

'What the hell is going on!?' Karin wondered as the two shinobi soon were just standing forehead to forehead yelling insults at the other.

"Old Hag!" Naruto yelled for what must have been the hundredth time.

"Disrespectful little shit!" Tsunade glared back. And just like that the two came together in a hugging embrace. "It's good to see you Naruto, if you really think you need to stay that's fine," she whispered with a motherly smile gracing her lips.

"Thanks Baa-chan. I've really missed you, and everyone else as well. But what are you going to do now?" Naruto asked.

"What trying to get rid of me already?" the slug sannin asked with a smirk.

"Well no, you can stay with us as long as you want, but don't you have a mission to bring me home?" The blond Uzumaki asked, still being held tightly in Tsunade's embrace.

"Well there was no set time limit on my mission and I was actually sent to look for her," Tsunade replied nodding to where Karin looked like she had seen some sort of mythical creature and was in stunned awe.

Naruto saw the expression on the red heads face and quirked an eyebrow. "Hey Karin-chan what's up?"

Karin didn't know where to start, she had absolutely no idea what was going on, did they love or hate each other. One minute they are going all at it trying to kill the other and the next they are embracing like they're family.

"I think we broke her gaki," Tsunade smirked approaching the stunned kunoichi. She leaned in to inspect the red head, the first thing she noticed other than her hair was the startlingly unique eyes, of crimson red. "Not bad gaki, she's a looker."

This woke Karin from her stupor and even shocked Naruto, not expecting Tsunade to ever say something so, so Jiraiya like. "Um... Thank you," Karin replied still nervous in the former Hokages presence.

Tsunade saw how the two young adults were still a little uncomfortable with each other and smirked, leaning into Karin's ear. "You know his mother wanted lot's of grand babies, and I wouldn't mind a few myself," she whispered knowing this would get a reaction. She was not disappointed as Karin blushed a shade or red that would make her hair jealous. "I knew it, a pervert," Tsunade snickered.

"Karin-chan!" Naruto yelled in worry. "Baa-chan, what did you do?" he added in genuine concern.

Tsunade smirked in response. "Oh nothing, I just told her something your mother wanted. She will be fine in a minute."

"Really what's that?" Naruto asked curiously.

Tsunade shrugged and leaning down whispering the same thing in Naruto's ear. Much to Tsunade's shock there was no real reaction. "I'm surprised you didn't react like she did."

Naruto shrugged as if it was no big deal. "Well when I met Kaa-san she told me that anyway."

Tsunade seemed surprised he was being so mature about the whole thing, she had expected some over the top reaction. 'Looks like you've finally grown up Naruto,' She thought. "So what about her, is she the future Mrs Uzumaki?" She asked sending Karin spluttering in response.

Naruto paused for a moment smiling lovingly at the red head. "I... I hope so," he admitted under his breath so quietly that only Tsunade could hear.

"Well I'm guessing you have quite a story to tell me about what you have been doing, and it will be dark in a few hours. I take it you have somewhere a little more comfortable where we can have that conversation?" The busty blond questioned.

"Yeah we're living in a village a village not far from here, you can stay with us as long as you want," Naruto replied.

"Well then, lead the way," Tsunade replied firmly. She was lightly smirking, because even as they walked back towards the village Karin still hadn't completely gotten over the insinuations that she had made about the red head's and Naruto's relationship. Karin normally wouldn't care so much, she was not ashamed to say that she loved the nine tails jinchuuriki. But she was already rattled by the events of the last hour or so, and then being teased by a kunoichi as legendary as Tsunade had not been what she was expecting.

They approached from the road as to not scare the villagers at the sight of a new person that could use chakra. They found Cho and Tenji both sitting at the gate on guard duty, and to say they were surprised to see a third person return with Naruto and Karin would be an understatement. "Yo Naruto what's going on, who's this? I hope you're not going to start brining home strays, we're a small village man." Tenji asked genuinely curious. He wasn't really worried, he assumed if Naruto trusted the woman then she couldn't be all that bad, and it didn't hurt that she was rather beautiful, even if it was just a disguise.

"Yo man I'm glad it's you two on duty and not anyone else, otherwise this would be hard to explain," Naruto chuckled lightly coming to a stop at the gates as he greeted the pair with a friendly wave.

"Well we're all ears," Cho said still eyeing the slug sannin with some mild scepticism, she had an air of authority about her, that just screamed that she was someone you did not want to get on the wrong side of.

Naruto nodded happily. "Right. Cho, Tenji, this is Tsunade-Baachan."

"Baa-chan? She's your grandmother? She barely looks old enough to be your mother," Tenji replied in shock.

"Well yeah she looks young and beautiful but it's really just a disguise to hide the fact she's an old ha-" Naruto didn't get to finish his sentence as he was hit hard by Tsunade sending him crashing into the ground.

"How many times have I told you not to call me that gaki!" Tsunade yelled in anger.

"Probably the same amount of times I've told you I'm not a gaki!" Naruto yelled back, hopping to his feet as if nothing had ever happened.

If Tenji and Cho had a hard time believing the blond before they did now. 'Well there isn't really that much of a resemblance between them, but they both have a short fuse and they certainly act like a family, well at least a dysfunctional one,' Cho mused.

"So you're Naruto's grandmother huh? Wait that would mean you can use chakra like he can?" Tenji spoke eventually.

Tsunade smirked. "The gaki wishes he could use chakra like I can, he's nothing but an amateur. And no I'm not really his grandmother, he just calls me that because he's a disrespectful little shit."

Needless to say Naruto didn't take the statement well. "What ever, you're just jealous that I was able to defeat Madara and the Juubi while you were caught in a genjutsu,"

"Well someone that strong must have had a pretty high rank, what were you again... oh that's right a Genin," Tsunade replied effectively shutting the younger blond up.

Tenji seemed bewildered by what was going on but Cho seemed to be in deep thought, something that was said seemed to strike a chord with the afro haired man, he was soon able to shake this off however. "I guess this means that you have come over the mountains as well?" Cho asked already confident he knew the answer, only wanting the confirmation.

"Yes I did, I came looking for my insubordinate Genin that thought he could run off and do what he liked," Tsunade replied calmly.

Tenji was confused he had heard that word used several times now. "What's a Genin?" he queried hoping it would become a little more clear.

"It's a rank, the rank I held as a ninja of Konoha, the town that I came from." Naruto said quickly.

"Yeah the lowest rank there is," Tsunade added the thinly veiled insult. She knew better than anyone that Naruto was far beyond the rank of a Genin, he had been kept back because of his status as a jinchuuriki, with the Akatsuki on the hunt for Bijuu the elders had convinced her that it would be easier to keep Naruto safe if he stayed as a Genin, that way he couldn't be specifically requested to be placed on missions any higher than C rank and each mission would require at least one Jounin to be present. Still Tsunade was having fun at the young man she loved like a brothers expense, and in her book there was nothing wrong with that.

"Wow and here I thought he was pretty tough, he wasn't intimidated at all by the members of the Imperial army," Tenji replied with a small snicker directed towards his friend.

Tsunade cast the two other shinobi a questioning glance at this remark. "I'll tell you later," Naruto replied quietly before turning back to his two friends. "Anyway guys, Tsunade-Baachan is going to be staying here with me, if thats alright."

"Well we don't really have a choice, she has nowhere else to go and if she's like you if we just let her wander around then we would have a imperial black ops eradication squad down here faster than you can finish a bowl of noodles," Tenji chuckled.

Tsunade frowned slightly, not liking the insinuation that she was in anyway as irresponsible as Naruto, but she had to agree, being in a strange land she had no idea what the laws, currency, or even the language was. Although now after meeting Cho and Tenji, she was confident that she could at least communicate. She was however curious as to how this new land operated, and it seemed like it was run like a monarchy, like many of the clans before the formation of the Ninja villages, many of the more prominent clans still worked in such a way like the Hyuuga and until their destruction Uchiha.

"Right well I guess we should let you in then. Welcome to the village Tsunade, I hope you enjoy your stay," Cho said with a small respectful bow.

"Thank you, I am sure that I will," Tsunade replied and followed Naruto and Kain into the village and straight to their home where they could get the slug sannin settled into what used to be Karin's bedroom, which had been left unused since Tetsu had departed. They had spent the rest of the afternoon and well into the night telling Tsunade about everything that had happened since Naruto had faked his death.

It was well after midnight when Naruto had finally finished his story, Karin had gone to bed a few hours earlier so it was just Naruto and Tsunade sitting around a table, Tsunade having a rather large bottle of sake that was almost empty. Naruto had no idea where she had got it from but just guessed that Tsunade must have a storage seal sewn into her clothes somewhere. "Well that's about everything that's happened so far," Naruto sighed.

"Sounds like you've been through a lot Naruto, I'm proud of you," the former Hokage replied.

"Really even though I faked my death?" the blond asked.

"Of course, you managed to fool almost every shinobi in the entire Elemental Nations, only I was able to figure out it wasn't you, I bet Jiraiya is having a good laugh at everyone's expense as we speak. You know you remind me more of that pervert than anyone else," Tsunade replied.

"I'm not a pervert like him," Naruto scoffed.

"That's not what I meant, but that still remains to be seen, Kakashi told me you tried to use that disgraceful sexy jutsu of yours, in your fight at the end of the war," Tsunade replied stiffly. "No, what I meant was how you act. You find your path and stick to it, never wavering and even wandering off on your own, Jiraiya did the same thing after Orochimaru left."

"Really?" Naruto asked, he didn't mind being like Ero-sennin, well maybe not the frequenting of brothels and peeking on women, but as a shinobi Naruto still idolised his old master.

"Yeah, he just wandered off without even telling sensei. Of course by then I had already left Konoha. From what I heard he only returned to the village once between then, and when he returned to take you on as an apprentice," Tsunade answered.

"Really why did he come back only once. And he didn't come back for me, I found him at the hot springs peeking on women in the middle of the day," Naruto replied.

Tsunade smirked. "You really are an idiot kid. Don't you think it's kind of odd that you just happened to stumble upon someone who is probably one of the best stealth and infiltration experts that ever lived just sitting and openly peeking on women? He planned it all, he just didn't want you to know that he was there for you. The only other time he came back to the village was to buy an apartment when you were very young, can you guess which one."

"Wait you're telling me that the apartment Jiji let me stay in when I was a kid was Ero-sennin's?" The blond stammered in disbelief.

"No it was yours, call it an apology for not being there for you when you were younger, and that's not the only thing he gave you. Who else would buy a frog wallet and sleeping cap," Tsunade added as if it should have been obvious, and it should have been.

Naruto had to admit he did receive a small frog themed birthday present each year but he thought the mysterious packages that appeared on his doorstep had come from the Sandaime, who would take him out for lunch at Ichiraku's later in the day. "Man why didn't he tell me?" Naruto said sadly a small tear forming when he realised that would never get the chance to thank Jiraiya properly for everything that he had done.

"I think he was scared that you would blame him for how your life had been, it was easier to pretend that you met by chance and he just took a liking to you. He always wanted to tell you though, but the longer he waited the harder it became," The busty blond sighed downing another saucer of sake.

Naruto blinked back a few tears and grinned happy to finally know the truth. "I'm going to kick his ass when I see him in the next life, I might have to write it down somewhere so I don't forget," he chucked weakly.

"Well I'll be sure to give him a beating first for going and dying on me," Tsunade smirked. "Now tell me are you going to go to these, exams?"

"Well yeah, they sound like fun, I mean the Chunin exams would have been fun to watch if the only one I saw didn't get attacked by Orochimaru," Naruto scowled, he didn't really want to bring up any bitter memories at the moment, but that was a major event in his life.

"Alright, well I am not going to tell you not to go, but stay on guard. From what I have heard you tell me about this empire they are not to be trusted, so if things go south and you're in trouble don't hold back, keep yourself safe. That goes for Karin too, if she is as precious to you as you say, then make sure nothing happens to her. I know what it feels like to lose someone like that and I don't want that to happen to you," Tsunade warned.

"Don't worry Baa-chan, I was able to get a pretty good read off the officer they sent, he was strong, probably up there with Yamato-taichou, but I can handle myself now no problem," Naruto said happily.

"I saw that today, you really have improved, to be able to keep up with me without needing Sage Mode, I was impressed," she admitted.

Naruto rubbed the back of his neck in mild embarrassment, "Well a lot of the credit goes to Kurama, he told me to make sure I was strong enough to go toe to toe with someone like Kakashi-sensei without needing any of my enhancements, because the more I improve my base strength the more powerful my augmentations will become. Then Fukusaku-sensei has been training me half to death every day for months."

"Well it's showing, you look good kid. If I was a few years younger I would probably try and steal you away from your little Uzumaki princess," Tsunade replied with a smirk.

"Ew gross Baa-chan, don't talk like that. I mean I love you and all... but not like that," Naruto replied, shaking his head in an attempt to make him forget everything Tsunade had just said.

The former Hokage couldn't help but laugh at the younger blonds child like response. "Relax Naruto I was just teasing you. Now it's been a long day and I haven't slept in a bed in months so I'm going to bed."

Naruto nodded and decided it was time he called it a night as well, still grumbling about a perverted grandma on his way to his bedroom and into the en suite bathroom so he could have a shower. He saw the light rise and fall of Karin's chest as he entered his room, he stopped for a moment to brush some of her long red hair away from her face before leaning down to lightly kiss her forehead. "Sleep well Karin-chan, I love you," he whispered before continuing to the shower.

He reappeared from the bathroom a good fifteen minutes later, clad only in a pair of loose fitting boxers. The first thing he noticed was that Karin was no longer in the bed, instead she was standing a foot from the door, her eyes filled with lust. "I heard you ya know," she said, lightly biting her bottom lip.

"When I came in? Sorry I didn't mean yo wake you," Naruto replied a little nervously from the look he was going given.

"No I mean this afternoon," she crooned, stalking up to the blond with a noticeable sway of her hips. "You said you wanted me to be your wife," she added, wrapping her arms around his neck.

"Ah well..." Naruto nervously rubbed the back of his head with one hand while pulling the kunoichi closer to him with his other arm.

He took this moment to take in just how amazing she looked. She was only wearing a dark red bra and panties set, that had black lace at the borders, that left little to the imagination. In the last year the kunoichi's body had matured. Her training had caused her to become lean yet well toned, her legs seemed to go on for an age, right up to her tight peach shaped rear. He was thrilled to see the bite marks that had once blemished her porcelain skin had now faded leaving it almost completely blemish free. Finally her breasts had grown slightly to a decent C cup, just a little to large to fully fit in his hands.

"Don't worry Naruto-kun," she chuckled kissing his cheek on across one of his whisker marks, that she knew were extra sensitive. "I know it wasn't a real proposal, but the answer would have been yes, and it always will be," she whispered.

The confession and rush of emotions during the day seemed to culminate in this moment for Naruto. He was sick of waiting, he had been sure Karin would be the one for him for awhile now. He growled possessively and picked the red head up using both hands to cup her firm rear as he bent in to claim her lips with his own.


Karin lightly sucked on Naruto's bottom lip, wrapping her legs around his waist as she giggled happily at the blonds change in attitude, she could feel his excitement growing with only two thin sheets of fabric separating their sexes, they both moaned in unison as she ground her hips against his.

Naruto carried her to the bed as their kiss deepened, their tongues dancing, caressing each other, neither seemed to care about who was dominant, taking it in turns to explore the others mouth. They eventually separated, a thin line of saliva still connecting their lower lips. "I don't want to wait anymore Naruto-kun, I want you now," Karin purred once they separated.

Naruto placed the young woman on the bed, leaning down with her as she had effectively locked her legs around his waist. "So do I," the blond growled with a hungry look in his eyes that sent shivers down Karin's spine adding to the wetness she was feeling between her legs.

Karin responded by bringing their lips together once more in a brief but passionate kiss, that allowed them both to express their desire and the lust they were feeling at that moment. Karin broke their kiss but wrapped her arms tighter around Naruto's neck so he could not retreat just yet. She leaned into his ear, "Then fuck me," she demanded in a low possessive whisper. She then leant down and bit his neck making sure she left a mark.

Naruto groaned and leaned into her bite, he enjoyed the light hint of pain mixed with great pleasure. When Karin finally pulled back she wasn't left with any time to enjoy her handy work as Naruto began planting a trail of kisses along her jaw line while his hands began to explore her body, one hand cupping her breast, his thumb tracing her nipple through her bra. His kisses traveled down her neck while his free hand moved to free the clasp of the kunoichi's red and black lace bra.

They reluctantly parted for a moment so Karin could remove the lace undergarment, tossing haphazardly across the room before they turned their attention back onto each other. Naruto took the initiative, he leant down and kissed her collarbone with each ministration he moved a little closer to her breast until he paused, tracing circles around her stiffened nipple. She purred, learning into his touch as if hoping to intensify the pleasure she was feeling.

Naruto grinned as he felt the kunoichi writhe in pleasure at his touch. For the first time in his life he was thankful that Jiraiya had made him proof read the book he had written on their travels, as he was far less than experienced in this particular art. He grin grew as he heard Karin moan his name, her hand traveling down into her panties, a motion that was not lost on the blond.

"Getting impatient are we?" he asked grabbing her hand before she could reach her destination.

Karin pouted under the blonds intense gaze. "Please," she begged in a whisper.

Naruto smirked and shook his head, he was enjoying teasing the beautiful red head. "Not just yet Karin-chan." He chuckled lightly as her pout intensified, leaning back down to kiss her belly button, tracing her naval with his tongue before slowly moving south until he reached the hem of her last remaining piece of clothing. He could almost taste the intoxicating sweet smell of her arousal, slowly sliding her panties down her leg.

Karin began to feel a little insecure as Naruto just stood there staring down at her looking somewhat dumbstruck. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing at all," Naruto said shaking his head, "I was just admiring the fact that you are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen."

She growled in frustration as it became apparent that his teasing hadn't finished there. Naruto moved back between her legs, lightly brushing his lips against the inside of her thigh waiting until the kunoichi whimpered in frustration. The whimper turned to a gasp of immense pleasure as she felt the blond lick along the full length of her opening, flicking against her clit. "Oh fuck Naruto-kun, more," she gasped loudly, and Naruto was more than willing to agree to her demands.

Her back arched uncontrollably and she gripped the sheets with both hands above her head as she felt his tongue enter her and begin tracing her hot moist walls. Naruto couldn't describe the feeling of pleasure he got each time she moaned his name.

Karin's hands ran through Naruto's golden locks trying to encourage him deeper, 'Oh kami I have never felt anything like this before, amazing,' she thought, bucking her hips to emphasise her point. She could feel the a building tension in the pit of her stomach getting stronger with each passing second. "I think I'm close Naruto-kun, keep going," she panted, heavily biting down on her bottom lip as Naruto began to pick up the pace. She was driven over the edge when he latched onto her sensitive nub. "Oh kami yes, Narutoooo!" she wailed grabbing his hair roughly pushing him deeper.

Naruto lapped up her juices, while the kunoichi rode her high. "Satisfied now?" he asked with a smirk.

Karin smiled in bliss but shook her head, "No," she said weakly through panted breath.

"Oh man, was I really that bad?" Naruto asked starting to feel disheartened.

Karin saw his disappointment and decided to reassure him, "No, you were amazing," she replied pulling him into a kiss. She was able to taste herself on his lips which sparked her arousal again. "But I'm not satisfied yet, not until you're mine. Besides, it doesn't look like you're satisfied yet," She added gazing down at the tent in his boxers.

"Well if that's what you really want, then who am I to deny you," Naruto replied casually. Karin sat up and removed the last offending piece of clothing, she gazed hungrily at his fully erect seven inch member. Naruto pushed her back and positioned himself between her legs his shaft sliding along her entrance taking covering himself lightly in her fluids. "Kami I wan't you so much Karin-chan, you ready?"

"Of course Naruto-kun, take me now," she ordered him. The truth was she was nervous, she was no more experienced than the blond, but she knew she wanted him. She tensed as his head of his member entered her stopping when he felt her barrier.

Naruto tenderly claimed her lips, before pushing through the final barrier. Karin hissed in pain, her nails lightly digging into his back. "Are you alright?" he asked, his eyes showing his concern for her.

"I'm fine, I am a kunoichi you know, a little pain is nothing," Karin replied, while she was sore, there was no way she wanted to stop after they had come so far. "Just give me a minute."

"Okay. But I don't know how long I can wait, you're so tight it feels amazing," Naruto teased kissing her forehead lovingly. "Whenever you're ready."

Karin smiled tenderly. 'He's so caring,' she thought, pulling him in for another heated kiss. Almost a minute passed, the two shinobi still caught in a tight lip lock, their hands exploring every inch of their new lovers bodies, wanting their fingers to find every curve, even any flaw, they were all things that made their partner unique and their own. The pain had numbed by now and she wiggled her hips to let the Naruto know she was ready.

Naruto nodded and slowly began to pull back before gliding back into her soft folds starting a very slow rhythm adding a little more depth with each new thrust not wanting to cause the red head anymore pain. They both moaned loudly as he had fully filled her, his tip kissing the entrance to her womb.

For Karin the pain had almost completely faded by now, being overridden by the pleasure she was now feeling. She started to become a little more adventurous herself, bucking her hips in unison with his thrusts, adding to his penetration. "Faster," she demanded through panted breath, wrapping her arms around his neck pecking at his nose and lips. Naruto was more than willing to give her what she wanted, being frustrated himself with the slow movement.

Their pace quickened, both moaning in pleasure with their eyes locked on each other. She could feel the same tightness begin to well up in the pit of her stomach. "I'm close Naruto-kun," she panted.

"Me too, just a little longer Karin-chan," Naruto moaned in response.

Karin nodded, biting her bottom lip as their pace picked up another notch. "Together," she moaned.

"Together," Naruto confirmed slamming hard into her, she felt the tightness begin to grow.

Karin almost instinctively, wrapped her legs around Naruto's waist deepening their contact she squealed in pleasure pulling him closer her chin resting on his shoulder desperate to feel more of him.

"Wait Karin-chan, don't lock your legs like that, I won't be able to pull out," Naruto said barely able to focus.

"It's fine, I want you to finish inside me," Karin replied, her nails digging into his shoulder as she felt her orgasm rapidly approach and was angry that Naruto had stalled her from arriving at that high.

"But what if you get pregnant? I mean I love you but I don't know if I'm ready for a family just yet," Naruto replied.

"It's alright, I have anti pregnancy seals, that only I can disable, it's safe. But even if it wasn't I wouldn't care," she admitted bucking her hips harder to remind him of what he should be doing.

Naruto may have been stunned by the kunoichi's admission, but that just made him want her even more and returned the kunoichi's thrust with vigour, slamming his full length into her dripping honey pot.

"Oh Kami... just like that, give me more," Karin gasped, before biting down hard on the blonds shoulder in a vain attempt to last a few seconds more, it was all for Naught however as she felt her release, loudly screaming out his name.

Naruto felt her soft velvety walls clamping down and her juices flowing over his head and shaft, the added pleasure pushing him over the edge as well. "Oh fuck Karin-chan, I'm cumming," he moaned, giving one last deeply penetrating thrust before his seed shot out covering her insides sending Karin once more over the edge, her nails raking down his back.

They gazed lovingly into each others eyes tenderly kissing, Naruto resting his forehead on hers as they both tried to catch her breath. Karin cupped his cheek, stroking his whisker marks tenderly. "I could get used to that, it was..."

"Amazing," Naruto finished for her, leaning into her hand as he slowly rolled them both around so she was now lying on his chest. "Did I tell you that I love you, Karin-chan?" he asked with a smirk kissing her nose.

"I think I recall hearing you say that once or twice. I love you too Naruto-kun," she replied, glowing from her euphoric high. She felt him stiffen again, his arousal making her eyes widen slightly.

Naruto looked a little embarrassed at his returning stiffness and rubbed the back of his neck. "Oh sorry, we can stop here for tonight," he said propping himself up on his arms only for the Kunoichi to firmly push him back down.

"Oh no, we're not done, I want to experience just how legendary your stamina really is."

End Chapter!

Okay not the best Lemon I know that, it wasn't supposed to be for their first time. Neither really knew what they were doing and that makes it a little difficult to write something engaging and also pass across the nervousness and awkwardness they both felt.

I hope I dealt with Tsunade's arrival well, I plan on having her interact more with the other villagers later. I had thought of covering her trip over the mountains and how she eventually found Naruto in more depth, but I could see that dragging on for a few chapters and I would rather just move on story line. Next chapter I will have them leave for the exams, maybe even throw in a first task.

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No cannon this week but I did see the cover for volume 70 of the manga, showing what Naruto's chakra sage form looks like. He doesn't glow like he does in his Bijuu mode, Which might indicate that he might not need Bijuu chakra to reach that level. If the mixture of Asura and Indra chakra causes the Rinnegan in Indra's reincarnation, then it stands to reason that the cloak would be the result of the two chakra's mixing in Asura's reincarnation even without all the Bijuu, otherwise he really should have the Rinnegan as well as the Chakra Sage Mode when the Sage of Six Paths mixed Naruto's and Sasuke's powers. Just personal opinion though, as we still haven't been given a decent explanation on how it really works.