Daisy's Diary


It was a regular day in the Mushroom Kingdom and there was something in Peach's castle that needed to clean, Daisy's room.

"I think I need some extra help cleaning up this mess," Daisy cried resting the broom near a window.

Suddenly, Daisy heard some voices from outside of her window. She opened the window and realized that those voices were Mario and Luigi. It looks as though they were busy having a conversation and taking a walk near the castle. Peach wouldn't help Daisy so she wondered if Luigi can help her. She peeped her head out of the window to get their attention.

"Hey Luigi can you help me with some room cleaning please?"

"Oh sure Daisy," Luigi quickly answered leaving Mario alone to walk by himself.

Luigi came into Daisy's room slipping on something unimportant.

"Get up Luigi this is no time for playing around I wanna finish this and get it over with," Daisy said placing her hands on her hips.

"Sorry," Luigi apologized after getting up from the floor. "Soooooo how come Peach doesn't want to help you with your room?"

"She said she's busy," Daisy sighed rolling her eyes.

Luigi took a broom and they began cleaning for 2 hours.

"Done!," Daisy said in relief, "I'm gonna go take a shower."

She dropped the broom and went to the bathroom. Luigi was about to leave, but happened to notice a bizarre object sticking out from under Daisy's bed.

"What the heck is that?"

He came under the bed and slowly pulled out the object and noticed that it was a diary, Daisy's diary. Luigi gasped in shock opening the book, but was interrupted when he heard someone enter through Daisy's window, It was Waluigi.