Daisy's Diary :Chapter 3

"That was close," Luigi said dusting off his clothes. "Did you put the diary back under Daisy's bed?"

Again Waluigi ignores him with his back turned.

"What are you doing?," Luigi asked approaching Waluigi to realize Daisy's diary is still in Waluigi's filthy hands. "Dude! That's Daisy's diary. Do you know what she'll do to us if she finds out that we have it?!"

"Shut up will ya," Waluigi hushed going down back into the diary.

Curious, Luigi took a tiny peek into the diary laughing and snickering with Waluigi.


Daisy strolls into the castle's living room and noticed Peach sitting on the couch watching TV.

"Hi Peach, what's up I cleaned my room."

Peach ignored her.

"Hell-o are you deaf?"

Peach scoffed and continued her ignoring.

Confused and a little angry, Daisy exits outside of the castle and saw Yoshi and Toad playing some basketball.

"Ha Ha! Hey I wanna play lets go, you guys against me."

With bummed expressions, Toad and Yoshi just walked away leaving Daisy.

"What the heck is going on today?," Daisy cried.

Daisy sighed walking back to the castle noticing couple Koopas gazing at her in a strange, angry way. Daisy enters the castle

and still found Peach watching TV.

"Can you please answer me and tell me what's going on?!," Daisy yelled, but still didn't get a response.

Mario enters waving only to Peach and not Daisy.

"Mario didn't you see me right in front of you," Daisy cried.

He stared at Daisy, but said nothing then walking over to Peach.

This angered Daisy, so she marched out of the living room into the nearby hallway later unseen by Mario and Peach. After she left they began conversating with each other. Daisy stopped to think what was going on today but was somehow hearing the convo, so she sneakily hid somewhere in the hallway and listened to the whole discussion.

"I can't believe Daisy, calling me a dumb blonde that spitefully gets kidnapped by Bowser just to watch you work your butt off trying to save me," Peach said to Mario.

"Heh heh, well y'know that may be true," Mario said.

Peach glared at Mario.

Daisy ran up to her room, slammed her door, and tried to clearly understand what Peach said.

"How could Peach find out about me calling her those things? I-I mean she sounds exactly like my diary! Wait a minute…"

Daisy checked under her bed and found absolutely nothing, which angered her immediately.


She checked everywhere in her room, but couldn't find anything.

"Okay…okay… so who was the last person in here? Me then…"

Daisy eyes widened realizing who it was.