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Hermione woke up before her alarm clock, too eager for her first day to really sleep. It wasn't everyday a girl got to work for someone as smart as Tony Stark. From what she had been told Tony Stark inherited his smarts from his late father Howard Stark. Howard Stark had begun a multimillion dollar company that Tony Stark had later turned into a multibillion dollar company before becoming the super hero Iron Man. Hermione had to admit that Mr. Stark had chosen the perfect colors for his suit, the red and gold reminded her of Gryffindor and the courage her house represented.

After getting ready Hermione sat in a very luxurious car that had been sent to her rented apartment, next to her Pepper was telling her what was expected of her as Tony's personal assistant. Basically she was do whatever he asked, that was off course within reason, but Pepper also expected her to help Tony remember important things like dinners and meetings he was expected to attend. Hermione knew Pepper meant to make sure that Tony didn't forget any dates he had with Pepper. Pepper also mentioned that she shouldn't be afraid to be firm with him sometimes since Tony liked to move to the beat of his own drum.

She quietly listened taking mental notes; it was beginning to sound like working with Tony Stark was going to be a lot like trying to get Harry and Ron to do their homework. Such found memories but any way she was sure she could handle it.

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Tony sat uncomfortably in the new outfit Pepper made him wear. He didn't understand why he had to wear the stiff clothes, if this new girl was going to be working for him on a day to day bases then she was going to have to get used to seeing him in jeans and a t-shirt, and covered in grease. But Pepper asked him nicely and he wanted to make her happy so he wore it, but he was already making plans on how he was going to get rid of it later, maybe an accident involving fire.

Soon JARVIS was announcing that Miss Potts had arrived with Miss Granger.

Tony stood and tried not to fidget as he waited for the two women to enter.

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Pepper led the way to the front door, inwardly holding her breath. First impressions were everything and she could only hope that Tony was going to make a good one. She had had enough trouble trying to find Hermione; if she left because she couldn't stand Tony then Pepper was going to get another headache trying to find a suitable replacement that wasn't just trying to get into his pants.

The door opened automatically and Pepper let her breath go. Tony was standing in the center of the room in the outfit she had picked, he looked irritated by the cloths but she smiled her thanks to him for wearing it any way.

"Hermione this is Tony Stark. Tony meet your new assistant Hermione Granger."

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I know it's not much, kind of a filler chapter. The next chapter is how they react to each other. Thought about putting it in one chapter but where is the fun in that?