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Tony looked at the brunet in front of him. He had to admit, at least to him self and probably later Rhodey, that she was prettier in person. She dressed well and carried herself with confidence. Shaking her hand her grip was firm and short. Now that he thought about it she had some similarities with Pepper, this might just work out better than he had originally thought.

Next to them he could see Pepper relaxing which made him frown on the inside and wonder what that was about. Did she think he was going to make her look bad or something? He knew he could be forgetful, a little rude, and a bit self centered but he was trying to do things right with her.

"Nice to meet you, mind if I call you Herm?"

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Hermione politely shook hands with him; he was good looking man who clearly knew how to live. His house was large and decorated nicely though she suspected that Pepper may have been the one to do the actual decorating. He also dressed nicely, wearing clothes that were clearly tailored to fit his muscular frame. She also noticed the slight glow in the middle of his chest.

Pepper had mentioned that Tony had been in an accident over seas and that the glow came from a small reactor that was keeping him alive. Pepper didn't seem to want to go into to much detail so she hadn't pushed for more information. She would probably learn more as she worked there.

Things were going well until he opened his mouth and asked to call her by one of the nick names that she hated with every fiber of her being.

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Pepper smiled glad that things were going good. That is until Tony spoke. Pepper could clearly see by Hermione's face that he had asked the wrong thing and if Tony's face was anything to go by, he knew it to. Hermione's eyes had narrowed, her jaw was clenched, her hair began to frizz out a little, and Pepper could swear that the temperature in room dropped.

"Actually Mr. Stark I do mind." Pepper shivered at Hermione's tone.

Tony quickly let go of her hand and held his slightly up in surrender. "Sorry, how about Brit then? You know since you're from Britain and all."

Pepper wanted to smack herself but more importantly she wanted to smack Tony. What was he doing?! He was supposed to be on his best behavior!

Hermione crossed her arms and glared at Tony. "No. If you insist on calling me by another name then you may call me Maya."

Tony tilted his head and thought about it. "Na, I think I'll call you Mione!"

Pepper was ready to tackle him but Hermione sighed. "I suppose I can live with that."

Tony clapped his hands and spun around. "Great now lets give you a tour of your new work place. JARVIS if you please!"

"Yes sir."

Pepper shook her head and followed. It didn't go as smoothly as she would have liked but it didn't end in disaster so maybe things would still work out.

~ PA ~

I seriously don't know and I'm too lazy to look it up. Is it Britain, England, or the United Kingdom? And Happy New Year!