It was dark... Too dark. I can't remember. All I know now is of the screams, pain and loneliness I suffered with. I believed that is all there is to life. That was until the police showed up. He saved me. He looked me in the eye and was convince that I was not a monster. I no longer have to be afraid of what I'll become.

The only thing I saw when growing up where of the four walls around me. They where painted in blood. Some mine and some from others before me.

People say I was an experiment gone wrong. I was a half-breed or a chimera was a term more used. If you don't know what a chimera is let me elaborate. It means I am two different species that where combined together for science. So people could gain more knowledge and understanding of what is out there. There was a lot of us. But they all died. I was the only one left. I was the result of their experiments. I was also an experiment that people where not meant to know about. After all it was a forbidden to use humans. All the children who had died where orphans. In the scientists case. If they have no family no one will miss them. But for us the ones that spent so long in the containers we made each other our family. We suffered together and most of us died with each other.

Do you know what loneliness is? I bet you couldn't even imagine. The black hole the resides inside of you. Knowing no one is looking. No one has even realized that you are missing. All of this just slowly eats away until you are nothing but an empty shell.

I was only four when I was experimented on. You may think I was young but there where kids in there not even half the age I was at the time. I wasn't like most of them though. I had a family before. My mother was the one that sold me. Once my father died when I was 2. She said she didn't want me and that someone would pay good money to have a beauty like me in their grasp.

There was this one child, a little boy who was barely 3 months old for crying out loud. They did it all for the name of science. He didn't get to even live to the age of one before his body started to decompose. Everyday you could hear that young boy screaming. You could smell his rotting figure. One night the screams stopped completely and no one could move. All we knew is that he finally got to rest in peace.

I was eight when the experiment on me ended. I was the last and only survivor. That was what they wanted anyway. I was meant to be the perfect one. Over a hundred children and I was the only one left. Me... I was fused with the genes of a cat. If it helps it was not just any cat it was a royal white tiger. The scientists said I should be honoured to of lived and with such a rare animal being part of me now. Yeah sure... Honoured my ass. If I could of had the strength at the time I would of broke out of my cage and torn their heads off of their bodies. Yeah right. At that point I was in so much pain I only knew how to say two words... 'Kill me.' When I had said that the first time they all just looked at me like I was mad. I heard them mutter between themselves. I found out that apparently I shouldn't have the ability to talk. They said after all I had been though it should be logic that my speech was messed up. But no I was speaking English as clear as day. That was my first mistake after they transformed me into this monster.

I ended up being examined for years just so they could check on the progress that my body took. They made me into a pet. They trained me to be obedient. I was starving and my body hurt. I felt like I had be electrocuted with millions and millions of volts. I even forgot my name. I to them was called beauty and that's all I ever knew.

I never listened to what my master said and so I would get punished. They would do the most cruellest things to me. I don't really want to go into any information about that at this point. I found out that I should never run away. The one time I tried that... It was so painful. The way that man whipped my back until the only thing you could see was blood. Afterwards he hugged me and said he was sorry. He then blamed me and started to dig his fingers into my wounds. He said that if I ever try to leave again he will nail my hands and feet to the floor. The funny thing was that no matter how much I disobeyed and I got hurt he would never lay a hand on my face or tail. They where the only things on me that he would touch so gently. One day I asked why and the only reply I got was that if my face or tail got hurt it would ruin the reason he gave me my name in the first place. After all 'Beauty' should always look beautiful even when on the verge of death.

I was about 15 and a half when the police found me. They where investigating the disappearance of children. That was how they discovered this place. Their was a man in the police force. He looked at me right in the eye and I saw that he saw me as an equal. For the first time I felt like I was safe.

I now live with him. I still hide myself from the outside world. We kept what happened to me a secret from everyone. No one knows who I am and no one on the police force will tell. They've all got connections and they all used them to keep me safe. People not in the police force that knew where the people who helped me with finding my identity. They wanted me to live a normal life. I have the freedom to come and go as I please where I an living at now. I have this black hoodie that I can put on and it has clips inside so I can attach it to my hair so the hood won't fall off. It's uncomfortable but I feel human and no one stares.

Oh before I forget I found out my real name is Ryoma Echizen. Apparently I am the son of a famous tennis player. That was how I became interested in the sport. I wanted to be closer to the man that was my father even if I don't remember. Not long it became one of my favourite pass times. I also found out that I was a pretty decent player. I played on the street courts a lot and never have lost a match. In the six months that I have been out I feel stronger than I was and I feel I could fight the world. I felt like nothing could stop me. Well... That was until I got the news.

It was one morning when I was eating breakfast that he dropped a bombshell on me. He said that we are going to move to Japan and that I will attend a school there. I don't remember what happened after that but I think I fainted. I was so scared yet I was happy. He said that there was one of his friends there that he trusts no matter what. He said he was a doctor and could help me with my cat half. I have no idea how much of me is cat but I end up always doing something that would be in a cat like manner. I mean its not my fault if I find sleeping in my cupboard or under my bed better than actually sleeping on it.

The next day we left the place I called safe and travelled.

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