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"Open the door Belle! NOW!"


It was the only thought to go through my mind, and I listened. I grabbed my cloak, and ran for the back door, not bothering to grab any food, or supplies. As I burst through the door I heard the front door coming from its hinges, Gaston.

Run, fast...

I was off. Into the dark forest with only the light from the man chasing me. I cursed myself for not grabbing Phillipe, my lovely horse. Something stung my arm, but I knew if I looked, I would stop running.

The sun had just went down, and left the forest scarier than ever, most villagers did not go into the forest as it was told there was something that lived among it. But all I knew was that the only monster was chasing me.


The yell pierced my ears, but I ignored it. My feet were sore, but I pushed on, telling myself I couldn't stop, not now. I could tell it had been a few hours and it was reaching midnight as the moon hung directly above me, but I still pressed forward. The tree's were ripping at my dress and cloak, scrapping my face and arms, but I still didn't care. Within a blink of an eye, there were tall rusted metal gates, I had hoped they were unlocked and they were.


I was running across what seemed like a bridge, when I fell. Gathering all my strength, I pushed myself up. Turning around I saw him running straight for me, with anger and frustration written all over his face. I turned and continued to run, it was only then that I realized I was running towards what looked like a castle. My mind didn't care, I pushed the doors open and ran, looking frantically around I saw a curtain, knowing it wasn't the best hiding place but better than nothing.

Just as I hid behind the curtain, Gaston came barreling through. Anger written all over him.

"Belle... Sweet Belle, why don't you come out? Everyone knows no one says no to me. I'll find you eventually.." Bitter and dishonesty were in his voice and I knew he didn't mean a word of it.

When I heard nothing, curiosity got the best of me and I peeked around the curtain. There he was, grabbing me close with the most devilish smile on his face.

"I told you I would find you. Your coming with me." He started yanking me towards the big doors they both came through, trying hard to free myself, my anger, frustration, being scared, and upset made me snap.

"I would rather rot than go with you." I spat, knowing nothing good was going to come of this.

"Oh Belle, I'll shall have to tame you like the others, you'll see it's not so bad living in a Brothel, you will be the best costomer and my wife, but I'll make sure your well trained." And his hand came down, leaving tears in my eyes and the worst stinging to my cheeks. I looked at him with true fear in my eyes, trying so hard to get away from this monster.

Just as we were about to leave, even with the struggle I was giving him, a loud, un-human voice rang out through the walls, stopping both Gaston and I, still as stone.

"Leave her, and you may live." The voice carried out, it frightened them both, he could tell, but he could tell one of them felt relief, probably from the girl.

"She is mine, whoever you are, so I suggest you stay out of this." Gaston voice was stern making it clear that to who ever was in the room knew Belle was his property no one else's.

A loud chuckle escaped the shadows, "You come into my home, loud, and rude telling this young woman, who is frightened beyond belief and whose made it quite clear she does not want anything to do with you, and tell me, the master of this home, to stay out of it?"

With out hesitation I answered, "Please, let go Gaston," tears now stung my eyes as my cheek began to sting even worse, I realized I was shaking uncontrollably. Gaston looked down at me, I never thought more anger could be in is eyes, but there was.

"You. Are. Mine." He grabbed my arm and started to walk again, that's when I realized his knives were unattended on his belt, reaching for one, I swung at his arm, as much as he was a monster I didn't have it in me to actually stab him.

Yelling in pain Gaston released me, turning to see me walking slowly backwards with one of HIS knives in my hand, I was a deer, scared and lonely.

"Belle, you shouldn't have done that.." Shaking his head, he drew a slightly smaller knife.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." The loud voice was now behind me. I dropped the knife and stopped dead in my tracks, I wanted to turn, but I didn't want Gaston to leave my eye sight. I could tell Gaston was scared because for the first time, he looked helpless, only leaving me to wonder what exactly was behind me.

Alright so that was the first bit of this odd story, and she did meet Beast in a different way, and Gaston is more... cruel... I will try and remember to explain in later chapters about why Belle is so terrified of Gaston.

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