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She watched him as he stared into the flames. She couldn't make out if it was anger or concern that was on his face, but something was definetly there. After awhile she started to stare back at the flames and her eyes started to slowly close when she heard his voice.

"This doesn't make you any less of a woman."

"Yes it does. It means I am not pure enough, or fit enough to be anyones bride but his. But I couldn't imagine living with that.. that thing."

"Who has told you this?" He stared at her hard.

"It is what all ladies are told by mothers, grandmothers, and wives. It is what makes us a woman."

"What does your father think?" She stared at him with fear lacing her features.

"I wouldn't dare tell him, not ever."

"I didn't mean that Belle, I meant, what does he think of you?"

A small smile crept on her face, "He tells me that I remind him of my mother. She was smart, different, and always losing track of time and getting into trouble, always reading and learning new things." She couldn't help but let a small giggle out.

He smiled at her, shaking his head and letting a small chuckle out.

"I think that's the first time I've heard you laugh." She stared at him with a soft smile, his laugh was weird, but she enjoyed seeing him what she could assume was happy.

"Most people cower when I laugh."

"Most people don't look past looks." He looked up at her, he was truly amazed by this woman. She had fear but she would do anything to conquer it, she didn't hate people but she wouldn't tolerate them either. She was unique, and to him a woman's quilities is what makes her suitable for a bride, wife, and mother. He slowly got up, noticing her eyes were fluttering shut. For a moment he was going to leave, but something inside told him to be bold. Taking slow, queit steps forward he lifted her up, and she leaned right in without a seconds hesitation. This gave him some pride, and made him think. What if she really is the one? After so many years of being alone and people running, maybe she was the one. He gently placed her on the bed, covering her with the blankets making sure she would stay warm through the cold night. As gently as he could he moved a strand of hair away from her face, in doing so she moved closer to him. With one last look he got up, not expecting her to grab his arm. Looking down he saw her eyes were half open, but looking at him.

"Pl…please stay…" She grabbed his paw and drew it near her, as if it was her favourite teddy bear.

"Belle, I must go." Her eyes started to water, and the fear laced her features and her eyes started to water, he knew he couldn't leave her alone in a dark room, especially after what she told him. Sighing he knelt down beside the bed.

"Don't… don't sleep on the floor. Your..your not…an animal…" She yawned and tried to keep eye contact, but she was falling asleep again. He removed his paw from her grasp, and wasn't sure if he should leave or stay. Both had pro's and con's, but he didn't know which he would rather want. After another protest from Belle, he settled on staying. He made his way over to the other side of the bed and slowly got in, he was thankful that the beds were enourmus, but luck wasn't on his side tonight. Belle turned over and moved closer to him, close enough that she wasn't touching but she could feel the warmth. He was in shock, he has not lain with a woman in years, especially in this form. After a few moments she was finally asleep, and he stared at this beauty. As he stared he could feel himself getting tired and his eyes dropping. A last thought crossed his mind before he fell asleep.

I love her.

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