*****I thought i would make this chapter in Derek's point of view tell me if its okay or crackheaded. It starts off from where Derek leaves the room after telling Alicia about being fostered.*****8

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Chapter 13.

Derek's P.O.V

I knew it was wrong of me to leave the room with Alicia feeling guilty she brought it up but I couldn't stay in the room, there was to much tension to deal with.

"Yo Derek what's up why you do that? You made her feeel like it's her fault." Logan came up behind me.

"I never said it was her fault it's just I hate when people look at me differently when I tell them about mom and Jenny." I never thought Alicia would be one to look at me differently.

"That's not what she did she looked at you feeling back she brought it up so casually like that."

"Stop trying to make it more differnt then what happened."

"Fine don't believe me then read her mind she's probably still thinking about it." He shrugged and leaned against the wall eyebrows raised as if waiting for me to go ahead so I seach the house for Alicia's thoughts and one hit me.

"Should I go apologize to Derek, Hey I didn't know he was a foster kid. I wish I had though, I feel bad now for bringing it up." I shot my head up and was now pissed off at myself for being mad at her.

"Shit!" I punched the doorway and it sorta bent but not by much, I sighed then looked up at Logan whose hands were in his pocket and had a upset face on.

"Belive me now?"

"Shut up Lo let it go I know I'm wrong but there's nothing I can do about." I sat on the bed and realized we were in Trey's room and snickered, "We're in Trey's room."

"Yeah what's so funny?" Logan came over and laughed next to me.

"Remember whenn we used to make fun of gay kids and look at us nowhanging with a gay guy?" I laughed and Logan started choking from his laughter.

"Yeah but hey don't blame me it's your girlfriend that got you hanging with him. Derek what's so special about this girl anyway I know she's all special but that's what you said about like eight other girls." He stopped laughing and my breathe caught in my throat as the question stunned me because I really never asked myself that before.

"Yah know Logan I never really thought about it she just...there's something about her, besides her blood it's like I have this pull to her."

When he didn't say anything I went on, "There's more to her then the others when I hold her I feel something something I have never felt before. When i'm away from her i just wanna be with her again, it's just like I have a connect so strong I never knew about. Someone or something even makes her shed one tear I wanna terminate it."

"Derek i think you've found her." i flahed my eyes up to Logan's.


"You've found your verdita." I looked Logan in the eyes as he said the word, it was the word my father had used when he would read old vampire stories to me. The verdita is the soulmate of the vampire since a vampire doesn't have a soul it needed something else. It was once said that a vampire can go decades, centeries, or millenium roaming the world in search of something never realizing they need love. They can have fame, money, sex, or anything really without happiness, then they find what they're looking for which is their vendita.

"You really think that!?" I almost screamed at him in shock.

"Think about all the books me and you took from your dad's study and read all the things you just said about Alicia is exactly what they all said about what we are to feel aboutt our venditas'." His voice was steady with glee and determinate.

"I-I..." Then something that shocked my ears came into my head, A whimper? Wait Alicia!? I jumped up and ran to the door and turned back to Logan with his facefull of shock.

"Something is in her room and it's not human!" I growled lowly and pulled the door open to see Jessica on the couch in a crouch looking toward Alicia's room door, "You knew and you didn't come and get me!" I almost screamed louder than a whisper.

"I didn't know i eard you scream and just shot up when you burst the door open. If I knew I would have burst in there the first secound." I ignored her statement and rushed for her door, I kicked it open and saw a man jump down her fire escape and Alicia was in the middle of the room.

I growled, "Jess come on you and me are going after him Logan keep her safe," i began to run for the window with Jess and screamed "I trust you!" Me and Jess dropped down to the ground people didn't notice so we looked for the guy and I saw the same Red hoodie he was wearing and ran to catch up to him. We kept running up and down streets and allies when he began to stop, me and Jess slowed down and hid behind an alley. We watched as he climbed in a car for a whole hour and i realized i had to get Jenny for the week while my mom was away so I told Jess to go get her so I was alone. I sat and waited but nothing happened, I guess I fell asleep because when I opened my eyes the guy was gone and so was the car.

"Shit!" I growled lowly in mychest mad as ever but got up, I looked at the sky it was a little before dark I had to get going before Alicia started worrying. i started walking back to her house when caught a scent, Sweet, strong, familiar. Alicia!? What the hell was she doing out of the house, Logan was watching her and the other should be back by now. I began to race back to the apartment but realized I was going away from the smell of her not closer, I turned back around and caught the scent again and raced for it knowing if she's out of our sigt she's gonna be in trouble.