Fifty Shades at Fault

Chapter 1

A/N: This is just a story I was thinking of writing in the future. I know there are a lot of Christian cheating stories so I don't know if I should add to them. Please let me know.

After another busy day at work Christian's happy to be coming home. He can't wait to taste Mrs. Jones beef stroganoff, or a least that's what he hopes she'll be cooking, to play with his little boy Teddy and hold his adoring wife Ana in his arms. He told Taylor this morning that he felt like driving himself to work today so when parking his black Audi R8 back into the garage he noticed all the other cars present, even the SUV. Good. Everyone is home.

The elevator pings; he gets out, walks into the foyer and calls out "Ana, Teddy, I'm home."

But there is nothing but silence, deadly silence. And there is no delicious smell coming from the kitchen. "Ana? Teddy?' he calls again.

He begins to panic; his heart beats wildly with fear. The first thing that comes to mind is they've been kidnapped. He searches like a madman throughout the house calling "Ana! Teddy!" But, still no answer.

He looks into Teddy's bedroom thinking they fell asleep and didn't hear him but to his surprise, it is empty except for the furniture. His toys, books, photos and clothes, are all gone. What?

Christian then hurrys into his and Ana's bedroom and finds a shocking discovery. Everything of Ana's clothes, shoes, jewelry is gone too… except those things he had bought her. He feels heaviness in his chest. What is going on? He pulls out his Blackberry and calls Taylor. But Taylor doesn't answer. He then calls security. "Where the fuck is Taylor?" he yells at the person on the other end.

"He quit sir." Says the man meekly.

Huh? Why would Taylor suddenly quit?

Christian runs to check Taylor's quarters and sure enough, all of his possessions are gone too. And so are Mrs. Jones'. He becomes twice as puzzled now. Why is his family and two of his loyal, trusting staff missing?

In a daze Christian, in a fast pace walks to the kitchen counter and finds a manila envelope addressed to him. Inside are three forms all two weeks notices dated two week ago one for Jason Taylor, one for Gail Jones and one for Luke Sawyer. Ana's engagement and wedding rings come tumbling out of the envelope too.

Tears well in his eyes; he feels it hard to breath. This is his worst nightmare come true. They've all left him… but why?

Some rather damaging photos are in the envelope as well. Plus a note in Ana's handwriting: Well, I hope she was worth this, Christian!