Fifty Shades at Fault

Chapter 18

Not what it seems

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After a long, hard day toiling away at the office, succeeding at turning a sour deal into one of peaches and cream Christian is ecstatic to finally be on his way home to Escala. The meeting went way longer than expected. Even Ros was ready to tear someone's hair, fingernails and other precious parts of the male anatomy out due of the extended length. But after a few (maybe too many) drinks the merger was at last settled and everything is now copasetic.

Taylor watches with grave concern as his weary (and part tipsy) employer slides into the backseat of the black Audi SUV and starts unloosening his tie. "Uh, Boss, you look exhausted!"

His statement garners no argument from Christian.

Jason has an important matter on his mind and one he feels he must enforce even thou there's a chance it'll piss Christian off and ruin the evening plans. He waits until they've arrived home and headed up in the elevator before stressing his demands. "Sir, as your bodyguard and head security officer I must inform you that in all clear conscience I cannot allow you to fly the helicopter to California tonight."

"The hell you are! I have to get back to Ana and Teddy."

"That's all well and good but you're not doing it tonight. Number one, you're too tired and need sleep. Second you've been drinking automatically grounding you. If you choose to disregard these orders I have no use but to report you to air traffic control as a risk."

Christian reviews his options. There was only one: to reluctantly accept Jason's terms. Because deep down he knew his trusting friend was right. "Fine! But can I get some fucking coffee?"

"Coming right up Boss." Jason strolls into the kitchen to prepare them a pot (Yeah, he can do things like that without Gail's help!) while Christian flops down on the living room couch. He begins to mumble in a soft voice: "I'm sorry I'm not there for you Ana. Looks like I'm a fucking disappointment again."


Greg walks into his lush two-story mansion and is immediately welcomed with a phone message.

Beep. Gregsen, this is your father. Just checking to see if you're still coming to the family reunion dinner tonight. I hope so. It would make your mother and us all very happy. Let me know or just show up if you are. It's at six o'clock here at the house. Hope to see you here.

Holy crap! He forgot about it. He puts a call into Trudy and yes she and her husband will be attending too. That settles it. Looks like he stuck appearing at the long boring get-together or risk looking like a rotten son to all. His plan to return to the hospital tonight has been thwarted. By the time it's over so will visiting hours will be too. Looks like he won't be going back tonight.


Luke stands outside Ana's room and hears his cell-phone ring the theme from Star Wars. He pulls it from his pants pocket and answers, "Luke here. Oh, hello. Yes, yes. Sure no problem. I'll be happy to. What time? Five-thirty. Okay. I'll come get them then. No, don't worry it'll be a sleepover. You can get them in the morning. Yeah, reunions can be a bummer. But you and your husband try and have fun anyway. Bye, bye Trudy." Looks as if Luke won't be going back to the hospital either.

At the hospital - Ana

"Oh yeah baby." "Come for me, Ana." "You are so…" Oh, oh, oh, Ana!" "Such beautiful skin. So soft." "You're always ready." "You are so beautiful." "I've wanted you for a long time." You. Are. Mine."

Oh, my god! I've never had sex so good before! The way he sucks on my nipples; tickles my swollen clit with his tongue; the feel of his silky kisses upon my bare skin. The way he brings me to orgasm not once, twice, but over and over again. I crash and then crash again. His thrusts are slow and gentle at first then hard, fast, deep, never ending. He's a powerhouse. Oh yes! Take me! Take me! You're a god, a fucking god! My hands clench his shoulders; my fingernails rip into his back; I know I draw blood, blood mixed with sweat. I stiffen and shiver; I scream out; explode over what, twenty-five times so far. The longing. The desire. The rapture. He is wonderful! This dream is wonderful. I want him! Oh do I want him in me always. But who is this fantastic lover?

I open my eyes to find my mother's smiling face. I smile back…almost. Oh shit! Look what I've done! Oh my god, I haven't had one of these of ages. This has got to be the highest form of humiliation! Mom's looking at me very concerned and starts asking what's wrong. How can I tell her what I did? Just do it Ana! So I swallow my pride and what does she do? She tries not to laugh. Great. It's not funny Mom! And now she wants to know about my dream too! Uh uh! No way! That's way too personal. I'm not… Okay, okay! But I'm not going into details!

Stop salivating Mom will you? Your daughter feels like a phantasmagorical slut! And I know you mean well but quit acting like a psychiatrist. Will you stop being in denial Ana? What your mother says is true and you know it! Hey, I am not being stubborn! It's just I can't, I won't! I don't care! I'm not ready! Christian's a pig! A controlling, unreasonable, cheating, no good, adulterer who breaks wedding vows! And I doubt he's changed. You know how much he broke my heart… Mom! How could you say such a thing! I don't want… I may never… Ah shit, just admit it to yourself Ana. You still love the bastard!

Fine, okay, you win. I'll talk to him. But not right now. Not until me, and my baby girl are out of the hospital. But first get me out of this fucking wet bed and gown! I want to see my daughter just liked you promised.

What? You're kidding me! Daddy's here in the hospital? When did he get here? Oh crap! This means Christian's gonna get clobbered when daddy discovers the truth! But hey, I don't give a shit! Oh yes you do! You care about him with all your heart. He's more than just Teddy and Phoebe's father to you, he's

Yes, I know I do. And that's why I'm so scared.

At the hospital – Everyone else

Bright and early the next morning Grace strides into Ana's room surprised to come upon Ray sitting in a chair watching his daughter still asleep. She motions him over towards the door as not to disturb peaceful 'Sleeping Beauty'. "When did you get here?" she whispers.

"About an hour ago. Took a taxi from the airport. Grace, why is she in California and not Seattle?"

She stiffens, realizing, Oh, that's right! He hasn't been told the complete story yet. And fearing for her son's life after he does! "Believe me Ray, it's a long story. May I buy you a cup of coffee and a bite of breakfast so we can talk? Oh, and by the way, have you seen your new baby granddaughter yet? Carla's in with her right now."

"What? I have a granddaughter?"

Oh Lord he really is in the dark! "Yes, and she's just beautiful. Come with me. Let me take you to the NICU and I'll show you."

A short while after Ray and Grace leave, Carla ambles into the room to quietly check up on her daughter. She's just in time too to watch Ana begin to stir and wake up. She smiles as Ana opens her eyes. "Good morning sleepyhead!"

What a great way to start the morning. Not every day I wake up to see my mother's cheery face. Ana smiles back and begins to reply but scowls at the uncomfortable feeling between her legs instead. Oh shit no!

"Ana, what's wrong honey?"

"Mom," she winces in disgust, "I think I had a wet dream!"

Her mother tries to stifle a giggle. "Oh? Care to share?"

Flushed cheeks prove one hundred percent the embarrassment Ana feels. Her left hand covers her eyes, "It's too humiliating but here goes. I was lying in bed having sex. It was great sex too. Hot, super intense! I must've had over twenty orgasms! It's just, that I have no idea who the sex was with! I couldn't see his face. It was too dark! It could have been Christian, or…"

"Or Greg, or Luke or Jason or that cute Dr. Quincy or…"

" Mom, please stop, okay! I said I don't know! But I wish I did!"

"Oh Ana, Ana, Ana. It doesn't matter who it was. What matters is who you want it to be!"

Her breathing hitches; she feels completely gobsmacked. There was only one man that came to mind. But did she really want it to be him?

Carla puts her hand on top of Ana's, "Look darling, you can fool yourself and everyone else but you cannot fool your heart. You know exactly who that man is, don't you?"

Ana lowers her head and barely whispers, "Yes."

"Then why are you continuing to be so stubborn? Talk to the man! And the sooner the better! Get your issues out in the open, clear the air and start over if you must. That 'wet dream' of yours only proves it's been way too long and you crave nothing more than to feel his cock, and no one else's inside you again! Now, lets call a nurse and get you out of that wet bed and into a dry gown before it's time for your breakfast. Then, I'm going to take you to see your little girl. Got it?"

"Fine, I'll make the effort. But not until Phoebe and I are both out of here."

"Phoebe? Is that what you're naming your precious little gem? Ana, I think that's a very appropriate name. Did you know it's Greek for bright, shining one? Well, there's no denying she certainly is that!"

"Here we go Mrs. Grey." calls out the friendly Rhiana look-alike dressed in pastel green scrubs now entering the room. "Lets get you out of this wet bed so we can change those linens." Carla lets out a sigh of relief upon seeing the young, black Amazonian nurse come to help lift Ana, who naturally is in quite a bit of pain, up and onto the cold linoleum floor, a feat she knew she'd be unable to accomplish alone. With their arms securely wrapped around a wincing Ana, the three slowly shuffle toward the small bathroom. "There. I'll go get you a clean hospital gown while you Mrs. Grey, get washed up. Then I'll get to work changing that bed for you. Oh by the way, hi, my name is Avalon. "

By the time Ana, now clean and refreshed and wearing that unfashionable hospital gown, and Carla exited the bathroom the bed had new linen, breakfast was waiting and so was Avalon to once more assist the lovely new mother up in her bed which Ana and Carla were most grateful. "If there's anything else you need Mrs. Grey, just ask for me." the studious 'Angel of Mercy' requested.

Both Ana and Carla smiled and said thanks. One of them scowled and turned her nose up and her breakfast of hot tea, orange juice, oatmeal, fresh fruit and toast. It wasn't the one standing by the side of the finicky patient. Carla tried her best to coach Ana into taking a bite. "You have to eat sweetie. You have to keep up your strength. Here, a few spoonfuls of oatmeal, the fruit and drink the orange juice. Okay?"

Ana rolled her eyes and relented. The food wasn't so bad after all!

Grace and Ray soon return. He's none too happy about the situation and wants to castrate a certain someone. (Yikes!) Though very apparent he tries to hide his anger the best he can from his daughter.

"Daddy!" Ana's face beams like a ray of sunshine upon setting sight of him standing at the foot of the bed.

He walks to her side kisses her on the forehead before encapsulating Ana into a bearhug. "Oh Annie I'm so glad you're safe and alive." He lets go and almost smiles. "How are you feeling? Are you sleeping okay?"

Grace intercedes, "I came in to check on her last night before I went home and she was sleeping like a baby. Must have been having a heck of a dream from the grin she had on her face."

Ana blushes while Carla fights the urge to snicker.

Ray can't help himself; he's kept it in long enough. He leans over and whispers in Ana's ear, "I'm gonna kill the son of a bitch!"

Ana is not surprised and answers, "Get in line."

Just before Kate and Mia bursts into the room Dr. Allen made his entrance with some very good news. "Good morning Mrs. Grey. Looks like you're good enough, you can go home tomorrow."

"What about my baby? Can she come home too?"

"Sorry Mrs. Grey. Due to her size and condition she'll have to remain here a while longer for observation. Say three to four weeks maybe more. It depends on how she progresses."

Ana is crestfallen; tears well up in her eyes; nothing else matters. Not the people surrounding her or breakfast or the gifts in Kate's hand, or the flowers and balloons Mia is holding on to. There's only one thing on her mind… "I've got to see my little girl!"

Meanwhile in Seattle…

Christian sits at the kitchen counter downing his usual egg white omelet and cup of coffee anxious to get going and fly Charlie Tango back to California and Ana. Though casually dressed for a Monday, he must stop off to GEH first to sign a few important papers that are waiting on his desk. He's not happy about it either; scowls all the way over to the building, through the lobby, in the elevator up to the twentieth floor, pass his assistant Andrea and into to his cold office. He finds the papers and starts to sign but is first interrupted by a buzz from Andrea. "Mr. Grey, You have a visitor."

"I haven't time. Tell whoever it will have to wait."

"But she says it's very important."

Christian rolls his eyes, "Fine. Send her in."

The woman walks into his office and he cringes at the sound of her voice. "Hello Mr. Daddy to be. How are you?"

"What in the hell are you doing here Cassandra!" he says furiously.

"I just stopped by to show you how little Christian is coming along. That's right. We're having a son!" she replies, rubbing her starting-to-show belly.

"That is not my child!" bellows Christian.

"Oh yes it is. Remember? You wanted to have a baby with me, you told me to go off the pill. I showed up for our Friday session one day and you made love to me the whole weekend. Slow, passionate, love instead of hard vanilla sex. It was beautiful. We didn't go into the playroom once, not ever. I remember it well because it's the first time you yelled out my name instead of Ana's when you climaxed. And I've never had orgasms like that before. Christian you are one fantastic lover. And a hell of a Dom too!"

"You are so delusional. I would never tell any sub to do that."

"I know. But I wasn't your sub was I. I was your mistress. You were going to divorce your wife because you wanted to marry me and start a family. You hated her. Called her a fucking shrew. You said she was a mean, angry self- absorbed bitch who ignored you and withheld what you desperately needed: sex, control, love and BDSM. That's why you came to me. I gave you that and more. I kept your appetite fed. You even told me you loved me that day in the shower when you were washing my hair. Then you started sucking on my breasts, bringing me to orgasm with your long slender fingers then pounded the hell out of me from the back until I melted on the shower floor from an extreme orgasm. You followed and we lovers lay while the water fell on us like rain."

Christian is getting madder and madder. "What a crazy, fucking liar you are Cassie. I NEVER said those things and that shower NEVER happened. Only in your mind."

"Of course you're going to say that Christian," she laughs, "Because you're in denial. And once Ana finds out I'm pregnant there's not way to save you're marriage. She'll end up divorcing you so fast…"

"You are a damn lunatic Cassie. And I bet it was you who sent those pictures to Ana."

"They turned out great didn't they? My favorite is the one where you're feeding me your cock. I hope she liked it to."

"Get out of my office you deranged fanatic! I don't know what got into your head but I would never want a child with a nutcase like you!"

"Oh well, my word against yours. We'll find out for sure in January, won't we? Until then I'm off to buy more baby supplies for our little boy."

He's positively fuming. "Taylor! Show this bitch out!"

"That's okay. I know the way. Bye, bye Christian. Laters, Papa."

Cassie strolls out his office, down the elevator, and through the lobby humming a tune of self-satisfaction. Once outside the huge glass doors of GEH, Cassie pulls out her Blackberry and sends a text.

* You're right. He's scared shitless! *

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