I decided to do this since there aren't that many Avengers and DP crossovers so hope you enjoy the first chapter. Oh and people stop pestering me about the Devil Titan! I'm happy that it's a popular story and all but I have a Major Writer's Block with it so I'm going to be doing this for a while.

Chapter 1: All Downhill

"Danny, come on!" Pleaded an African American Teen wearing a red beret and taped glasses as he held his hands together, "Please help me out."

A white teen rolled his blue eyes and shook his head after letting his raven black hair fall down, "For the last time Tucker, no." He gave him a glare, "If you want a girlfriend than you're going to have to ask them yourself." Tucker went to open his mouth, "And no I'm not overshadowing one of them."

Tucker pouted, "Buzzkill."

Danny shook his head, "Say what you want Tucker, now please stop begging."

Tucker relented and in a moment a Goth girl wearing combat boots walked towards them pissed off.

Danny held up his hands, "Sam whatever happened it wasn't my fault!"

Sam gave him a look, "I'm mad at the school for thi-this atrocity!"

"What did they do?" Asked Tucker in surprise and Sam held up a poster showing coats made from Animal Fur.

"They're skinning innocent animals!" She cried out while Danny and Tucker looked at each other in fear because Sam is drastic whenever she's mad.

Then Danny saw the logo on the Poster.


"What does Plasmius have to gain from this?" He asked causing Sam and Tucker to look at the logo, "You want me to try to hack his computer?" Tucker offered.

Danny shook his head, "Thanks Tuck but I'm going to head over myself and see what he's up to."

"I want to go give him a piece of my mind." Snarled Sam.

Danny put a hand on her shoulder, "Cool it Sam, don't worry I'll bring him back so you can do that all right?"

She smiled so he ran into the Bathroom and checked to see if anyone was in there.

"Okay… I'M GOING GHOST!" The two familiar rings of warmth appeared around his waist before going in opposite directions and his white shirt and blue pants were replaced by a black Hazmat suit with white gloves, boots, belt and a ghostly white DP on his chest. His raven black hair turned snowy white and his eyes turned neon green before he made a duplicate that turned back to his human half.

"You take my classes while I go and check with Vlad." He told it and the duplicate held up his hand to say roger before taking off.

Why don't I just do that instead of actually going to school? Thought Danny in amusement as he turned intangible and flew through the ceiling.

In a few moments he was flying towards Amity Hall where Vlad was doing his Mayor Duties when he heard a familiar engine coming up behind me, "You're not here to shoot me are you?" He asked as Red Huntress came down.

She smirked, "Nah I noticed that you're heading for Vlad's place and since he's a ghost I decided to help out."

Danny nodded, "Okay Plasmius is doing something about selling Animal coats or something but he never does something without a reason… It could be my paranoia or he could actually be up to something." He explained before he thought of something, "Wait a minute, aren't you supposed to be in school?"

"I'm home schooled now and I just finished up." She explained as she continued to fly.

Danny was honestly surprised that the truce between him and Valerie was actually holding when his Ghost Sense went off.

A ghost, that looked like a blue Vampire with red eyes and fangs with his black hair going up into a V and he wore a white suit and a white cape with red on the inside, flew up to meet them, "Hello my boy, are you forgetting that I have a Ghost Sense too?"

"What are you planning on doing Vlad?!" Danny asked as he prepared an Ecto Ball while Valerie got her Ecto Gun out, "I mean come on Animal Pelts seriously?"

Vlad smirked, "Actually my dear boy that was to get you to come here." He held up a remote and pressed it causing Valerie and Danny to hear a huge explosion and they spun around to see the spot where Casper High used to be in flames and Danny felt his duplicates memories come back to him.

"Y-y-you killed them." Danny said horrified, "Sam! Tucker! Jazz!"

Valerie gave Danny a look on how he knew them before Vlad laughed evilly, "Yes and your oafish Father went there for a parent-teacher meeting Daniel." Then Vlad looked sad, "But sadly so did your mother."

That was when Valerie put it together on who Phantom looked like before Danny had red eyes and his hair was in flames, "YOU BASTARD!" He flew at Vlad who surprisingly let Danny tackle him into the office, "WHY DID YOU DO THIS?!"

"So you can join me." Vlad said like it was nothing.

"You killed everyone that I loved to get me to join you?!" Danny snarled as he gripped his collar, "YOU FRUITLOOP!" He shouted, "WHY THE HELL WOULD I EVER JOIN YOU?!"

Vlad sighed, "Very well." He turned to his human half confusing Danny until the door was kicked open to show Agent O and K of the Guy's in White (GIW) and a couple of Reporters with Camera's, "Help! Phantom blew up the school and he's threatening to kill me!" Begged Vlad and now Danny understood what was going on.

He dropped Vlad and took off flying turning invisible and intangible knowing that he wouldn't be able to win against Vlad like this.

Valerie looked at him, "Danny, wait!"

Danny shook his head, "I can't Val. Vlad framed me for hi-his murders!" Danny wanted to beat that confident smirk off that Cheeseheads face once and for all.

"I'll prove your innocence okay, just keep running." Danny nodded and took off flying plotting ways to get back at Vlad for what he did.

To Be Continued…

Okay before anyone asks this isn't a Danny x Valerie story and he won't be paired up to a Goth girl either since there are too many stories like that.

I have the pairing in mind so no influencing my decision or begging for one character! Anyways you should know where he's heading right?