Chapter 1-

Author's Note- Hello everyone! This is my 1st attempt at writing Fan Fiction for The Office (I'm currently writing 2 stories for Glee). So please be kind in your reviews. Alright so this is a childhood to high school AU, which means I'm going to be doing just sort of one shots of their important childhood moments up until high school where the real story begins. If you don't get what I'm saying just bear with me, it'll all make sense soon. Since this is my 1st fanfic for this show, reviews are very much needed. So please, please review! Okay I'm going to stop rambling now…

"Pammy, come on. We have to go sweetie," Mrs. Beesly said to her five-year-old daughter.

Pam walked over and grabbed her pink Converse sneakers. "Penny, I need help. Tie my shoes, please," the little girl asked. Pam's older sister Penny groaned but walked over and quickly tied Pam's shoes. Pam's father, Mark Beesly walked in, ready to go.

"Okay, I want everyone to be respectful. The Halperts were nice enough to invite us over for a barbecue. We're new in the neighborhood so let's make a good impression," Mr. Beesly said. The family of four walked out the back door and began heading towards the Halpert's house. Since they only lived five houses away, they were walking there.

"Daddy, do they have any kids?" Pam asked, curious.

"Yeah, they have three boys. I think one of them is your age," Mr. Beesly told her.

"Yes, their names are Tom, Pete, and Jim, I think. And I'm pretty sure Jim's the one that's your age," Mrs. Beesly added.

"Is there anybody my age?" Penny asked. She had just turned nine a month ago.

"I'm not sure. I think Betsy said that the other two were seven and ten. So you'll still have someone to talk to," Mrs. Beesly assured Penny. Penny nodded, and motioned to the house. "Well, looks like we're here," Mrs. Beesly continued.

They walked up to the door together, and Pam rang the doorbell. A man and a woman appeared, behind them were three boys. "Hi Mark, Helene…so these must be your two girls?" Mr. Halpert asked.

"Yeah, this is Penny and Pam. Pam's five and Penny's nine. How old are your boys?" Mr. Beesly replied.

"I'm Tom and I'm ten," the oldest boy said. He had dark brown curly hair that fell over his green eyes. "This is Pete, he's seven," Tom continued, motioning to the younger boy. This one had an overgrown buzz cut that was a dark brown also, and had a few of his bottom teeth missing. Pete waved to them. "Oh yeah. And he's Jim, he's only five," Tom finished. The youngest boy had caramel colored hair that was messily tousled, it seemed to stick up in wings behind his ears. Jim had blue-green eyes that resembled an ocean and a shy smile.

"Well, why don't you guys come on back? There's a swing set and a tree house in the back, if the kids want to play," Betsy Halpert said. The two families walked around the house to the backyard.

"Wow, nice backyard," Mr. Beesly commented.

"Thanks. So where did you guys come from again?" Gerald Halpert asked.

"We're from Michigan," Helene answered.

"That's cool, pretty cold up there though. Well you'll love Scranton," Mr. Halpert said. "Hey, boys. Why don't you guys show these two ladies around," he continued.

Pam and Penny walked over to the three boys. "Well, I'm going to go inside and play Xbox. Want to come?" Tom asked, walking with Pete back to the house. Penny glanced at Pam and then back at Tom.

"Sure," she said, and followed the two older boys inside.

"Hi, I'm Jim," the little boy said to Pam. He was wearing cargo khaki shorts and a blue t-shirt with a dinosaur on the front.

"Hi, I'm Pam. I like your t-shirt. Dinosaurs are really cool," Pam said. She had red hair that was up in two pigtails, and was wearing a purple t-shirt and brown shorts.

"Thanks, do you really like dinosaurs?" Jim asked, Pam nodded quickly. "Okay. Do you want to see some? They're in my tree house," Jim offered.

"Yeah, that would be cool. Do you live in your tree house?" Pam asked, as they approached the tree house. It was about ten feet above them and looked well built. There was a ladder attached to the tree trunk.

Jim looked at her and smiled. "No, I wish. My mom says I have to live in my room I share with Pete. So, in daytime I come out here a lot," he replied. Jim walked over to the ladder and put his small hands on the first rung. "Come on, Pam. I have a lot to show you," he told her, and began to climb.

Pam was a little nervous to climb but once she saw Jim's smiling face at the top, she decided to start climbing. Once she was one rung away from the platform, Jim reached a small hand out to her. Pam grabbed his hand and he helped her up.

"Thanks, so where are the dinosaurs?" Pam asked, looking around the inside of the tree house. There was a lime green carpet on the floor, three beanbags, and a few boxes filled with toys. Jim dug through the first toy box and pulled out six dinosaurs.

"Here they are. So do you want to play?" Jim asked, holding a green t-rex.

"Yeah, I have some dinosaurs at my house too," Pam said.

"So you can just pick whatever one you want," Jim told her, motioning to the dinosaurs. Pam picked up a blue one, and began moving it across the floor. Jim kept the green one and began moving it along with Pam's.

"Are you going to school this year?" Pam asked.

"Yeah, it's my first time. My mom says it's in two weeks," Jim said, while making two dinosaurs fight each other.

"How far away is two weeks?" Pam asked, while making her dinosaur join in on the fight.

"I don't know. Wow, your dinosaur is strong," Jim remarked, as Pam's dinosaur knocked over two of Jim's.

"Thanks," Pam said.

"You're welcome," Jim replied. He turned around and flipped over a few comic books that were strewn on the floor. "Do you want some candy?" Jim whispered.

Pam's eyes widened, there was a pretty big pile of candy underneath the comics. "Does your mommy know that's there?" she asked, curiously.

"No, it's Tom's candy. He shares with me and Pete, so it's a secret. I'm not 'pposed to tell anyone. So you promise you won't tell anyone?" Jim explained.

"Yeah," Pam replied, nodding.

"Okay, but you have to high five me, so I know you promised," Jim told her. He reached out his left hand and Pam put out her right and they high fived each other. "Okay, so pick out one piece of candy, so that Tom doesn't get mad," he continued.

Pam grabbed a Reese's and so did Jim. Jim placed the comic books back over the mound of candy and opened the chocolate. "Reese's is my favorite," Pam said.

"Mine too! So do you like your new house?" Jim asked, taking a bite.

"Yeah, I get my own room. It's so big," Pam said, motioning with her hands.

"Cool, my room's big too. But I have to share with Pete, Tom gets his own room cause he's the oldest," Jim said, finishing the candy. He had chocolate all around his mouth and chin.

"Oh, are Tom and Pete nice?" Pam asked, placing her wrapper on the ground besides Jim's.

"Sort of. Sometimes Tom is mean to me and Pete is too," Jim said.

"Jim! Pam! It's time for dinner!" Mrs. Halpert yelled up to them.

"Okay, mom. We're coming," Jim replied. He started to go down the ladder and Pam followed. When they got to the bottom Jim said, "Come on, they have hamburgers!"

Pam stood beside her new friend and felt a small, clammy hand slip into hers. She looked down, Jim's fingers were interlocked with hers. Pam pulled away for a second.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to hurt- Jim started to say, but Pam put her hand on top of his once more.

"My hand was sweaty," Pam explained, with a smile. Jim smiled back, and they walked back to the patio hand in hand.

The parents looked up and smiled at the sight of the kids bonding so well. There were two tables; one for the kids and one for the adults. Jim took a seat beside Pam, and waited for the parents to start. "Jim, honey, were you eating chocolate up there?" Mrs. Halpert asked.

Jim shook his head. "No," he replied, glancing at Pam nervously. He was oblivious to the fact that chocolate was covering the bottom portion of his face.

"Okay, then," his mom said, while the parents and older siblings laughed. Jim and Pam just looked at each other and smiled.

Mrs. Beesly handed Jim and Pam their plates and cups. They had hamburgers, watermelon slices, and potato chips. "So, is everybody getting along?" Mr. Halpert asked the kids.

Jim and Pam smiled and nodded, but Tom, Pete, and Penny all looked at each other in disgust. Everyone guessed things weren't going too well for the older three. The parents began talking amongst themselves and Tom and Pete did the same, leaving Penny just sitting there and staring straight ahead. "Hey Pam, want to see something cool?" Jim asked, grabbing two potato chips.

"Sure," Pam said.

Jim put the two potato chips in his mouth so that it looked like a duck bill. Pam started laughing, "You have to show me how to do that!" she said. Jim nodded, and swallowed the chips.

"You just put one chip up and the other down, then you put them on top of each other. Then you put them in your mouth but softly or else they'll crumble," Jim said, while they both followed the instructions together. They giggled, when they looked at each other's duck bills. By now, everyone was done eating.

"Why don't you kids go play?" the parents suggested. All the kids got up and left the table, heading back toward the grass.

"Want to go back to the tree house?" Pam asked.

"Yeah, I have 'nother thing to show you," Jim said. They ran towards the ladder and hurriedly climbed up. Pam sat down in one of the bean bags and Jim sat down in another. "Okay, so Tom showed me yesterday how to make an engraving," Jim said, stretching out the word engraving.

"What's an engraving?" Pam asked, curiously.

"You take this stick," Jim moved a sweatshirt and picked up a stick that was underneath it, one end was really sharp, "and you just write whatever you want on the wood," Jim explained.

"That's really cool. Did you guys do any yesterday?" Pam asked.

"Yeah," Jim replied. He pointed to the ceiling, Tom was written in neat handwriting, followed by Pete in slanted writing, then lastly Jim, in big, messy handwriting.

"That's so cool. I wish I had a tree house," Pam said. Jim leaned forward and grabbed the pencil-like stick, and twirled it in his small hands.

"I was thinking if you wanted to, maybe we could make an engraving," Jim suggested, hopefully.

"Yeah, where should we put it?" Pam asked, eagerly,

There was a sole picture on the wall, of the boys smiling faces. Jim gently removed the picture and set it on the ground. "How about behind the picture? Nobody could see it, so it would be extra special," Jim commented.

"That's a great spot," Pam agreed. Jim held the stick in his hand and slowly wrote his name in big, kindergarten-like letters. Then he handed the stick to Pam, she wrote her name. Her handwriting was smaller and a little neater.

Jim stared at it like it was the greatest thing on the planet. "Perfect," he said. Then he gingerly put the picture back on the wall.

"Thanks for letting me make an engraving. It was really nice of you," Pam said, wondering if she would ever have another friend better than the little boy with the caramel hair, standing before her.

"No problem. After all, you're probably like my best friend already," Jim confessed. He looked at her smiling, his ocean- colored eyes lighting up with the smile.

"You're my best friend too," Pam said.

"Really? Thanks, I've always wanted to have a best friend from Michigan," Jim said. Pam laughed at his joke.

"Kids, it's time to go," Mrs. Beesly called up the ladder.

"Okay, I'm coming," Pam yelled down. Jim and Pam slowly and carefully climbed down the ladder, smiling the whole time.

"Thanks for having us," Mr. Beesly said.

"No problem, we should get together again soon," Mrs. Halpert said, as the two families began to walk towards the front of the house.

"Do you want to play again tomorrow?" Jim asked Pam.

"Yeah, can you come to my house after breakfast?" Pam replied.

"Yeah, I'll try," Jim said.

"Promise?" Pam asked.

"Promise," Jim responded and high- fived her to seal the promise.

"Come on, Pam," her dad called. Jim waved good-bye and Pam ran up to her parents and began walking back to their house. Jim stood there watching them make the short trek back home, he swore he could've seen Pam look back at him and smile a few times. Little did he know, she was telling her parents all about her time with Jim, how they were best friends and hanging out with him tomorrow.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxX

Jim sat up in his bed, and rubbed his eyes. He walked down to the kitchen, his mom was in there. Jim's dad worked so he was already gone. "Hey, sleepyhead! How did you sleep?" his mom asked.

"Good. Can I go to Pam's after breakfast?" he asked, walking over to the table. Mrs. Halpert had already prepared a bagel for him, and Tom and Pete were playing basketball outside.

"Hon, you just woke up," Mrs. Halpert replied, smiling. Last night after the Beeslys had left, Jim told her all about his time with Pam. They had really hit it off, so she decided to make an exception.

"I know. But I promised her, we even high- fived. Please?" Jim pleaded. He looked up to her with his big blue- green eyes sparkling.

"Okay, I guess so. I'll walk you over there after breakfast but you have to get dressed first," Mrs. Halpert said.

"Yes! Thanks so much, mommy!" Jim said. His smile was so big, Besty Halpert could've swore it met his eyes.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxX

"Mommy, can Jim come over today?" Pam asked, as she ate her cereal. Penny, her mom and her were the only ones seated at the table, her dad worked and had already left.

"Sure, when's he coming?" Mrs. Beesly asked, smiling. There was something special about Jim, she sensed it last night.

"Soon, he promised he'd come after breakfast," Pam told her.

"Okay, well you better hurry. You don't want to be in pajamas when he comes," her mom said. Pam nodded, although she honestly couldn't care less what she was wearing, as long as she was with him. She got up and took her bowl to the sink.

"I'm going to go get dressed," Pam said. She walked into her room and rummaged through her clothing drawers. Pam grabbed a gray t-shirt with a multi-colored toucan on the front and jean shorts. She quickly pulled on the clothes and wandered into the playroom. Pam liked to play with dolls but she also really enjoyed playing with dinosaurs, truck, and superheroes too. She figured Jim would like the latter, so she made a pile of all the toys they could play with together. Ding- dong! The doorbell rang. Pam got up and bolted towards the door, her mom followed closely behind. Pam pulled open the door and there was Jim and his mom.

"Hi, guys. Pam was telling me that Jim wanted to play for a few hours. Would you like to come in for coffee?" Mrs. Beesly asked.

"Sure. He has been so eager to see Pam," Mrs. Halpert said, and the moms laughed. Jim and Pam just looked at each other and smiled.

"Hi, you kept your promise," Pam said, grinning.

"Of course I did. That's what best friends are for," Jim responded, wearing his signature goofy smile, which Pam returned. Pam knew Jim was going to be a friend she would never forget.

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