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The Dino Rangers and Hayley were still at the Dino Lab, and Tommy hadn't demorphed yet. "Dr O, I know the suit looks cool and all, but quit kidding around." Kira told their teacher.

"I wish I could, Kira." Tommy shook his head slightly. "When Trent froze me in that amber, somehow my Dino Gem and morpher remolecularized."

"Meaning...?" Dawn trailed off.

"He's stuck." Hayley simplified, before seeing the Dino Stegazord attacking the city on the monitors. "Speaking of Trent, looks like he's up to no good again."

Conner just groaned in frustration. "I'm so over that poser!"

"Go." Tommy instructed. "I'll see what we can figure out here."

Conner nodded before he and his teammates raised their bracelets, which transformed into their morphers. "Ready?"

"Ready!" The others nodded, before all of them pressed down on the jaws.

"Dino Thunder, Power Up, Ha!"

"Dino Power, Hiya!"

The four Dino Rangers arrived on their Raptor Riders, and fired lasers at the Dino Stegazord. "Come on, guys!" Conner called, as they all looked up at the White Ranger's megazord.

"Hey, down here!" Dawn called upwards.

"Get outta there!" Ethan demanded.

"Stop!" Kira exclaimed.

"That's enough!" Conner insisted, before turning to his teammates. "It's Zord Time!"

Once the Dino Zords were summoned, the rangers jumped into their before forming the Thundersaurus Megazord. "Now what's he up to?" Ethan wondered.

"No clue." Kira responded.

"Whatever it is, we have to stop him!" Dawn insisted.

"I'd hate to do this to you, nothing personal." The White Ranger said, as he drew some chains in the air.

The chains shot towards the the Thundersaurus, and restrained it. "We need Dino Zord help!" Conner stated.

Luckily, the Cephalo Zord started bouncing over while the Dimetro Zord roared and stomped into battle. "Perfect." The White Ranger smirked underneath his helmet before drawing some spheres with his Drago Sword. "Containment Spheres."

The spheres flew towards the Cephalo and Dimetro Zords, and trapped them in large barrels with their heads sticking out. "What?!" Conner's eyes widened a bit, as the Dimetro Zord roared, and the Cephalo Zord squeaked. "Let go of them!"

"Sorry, not gonna happen." The White Ranger refused.

"Trent, you've got to stop this!" Dawn insisted.

Kira nodded in agreement. "Yeah, you're out of control!" She stated.

"Looks more like I'm in control." The White Ranger grinned.

Ethan turned to his teammates. "What's he gonna do with them?" He wondered.

The Stegazord shot a laser at the Thundersaurus, making the rangers scream. When they looked back, the White Ranger and the Stegazord were gone, along with the Cephalo and Dimetro Zords.

"What's the situation, Hayley?" Tommy asked once the rangers got back, and they had their helmets off.

Hayley looked at the computer screen, which showed the Cephalo and Dimetro Zords still trapped. "He's got them in a force field." She informed the others.

"It's not Trent's fault." Kira insisted.

"She's right." Dawn agreed. "The gem is making him act like this."

"I don't care whose fault it is!" Conner said, as he looked down at the two female rangers. "We find a way to deal with him, or things are gonna get ugly."

"Slow down." Tommy interrupted. "I was in his shoes once, and I wouldn't be here today if my friends had given up on me."

Dawn nodded a bit. "Dr O is right. If we want any chance of getting Trent back and ending this for good, we can't give up on him."

"Okay, so we don't give up yet." Ethan started. "But what do we do?"

"Go back to school, keep a low profile." Tommy advised. "Hayley and I will let you know of anything changes."

The next day, Conner and Dawn were walking around Reefside after playing a one-on-one game of soccer. "Someone seems to be losing their game." Conner told Dawn, since he won earlier.

"I'm just a little out of practice." Dawn insisted. "You try balancing homework, a love life, hanging out in Reefside, hanging out in Blue Bay, and being a ranger."

"Okay, that seems pretty tough." Conner assumed.

"Trust me, it is." Dawn stated.

Their conversation was interrupted when Trent materialized in front of them. "You know, you shouldn't walk to school alone." He started, as Conner and Dawn got into fighting stances just in case. "You never know who you might run into."

"How did you do that?" Conner asked Trent.

"Each Dino Gem gives its user a power, remember?" Dawn reminded Conner, before glancing at Trent. "But, I thought Dr O already had invisibility."

"Actually, it's just camouflage." Trent corrected. "But it works the same way."

Conner and Dawn got out of their fighting stances. "We're not looking for a fight." Conner insisted.

"Well, that makes one of us."

Dawn just shook her head. "The gem has taken over your civilian self too." She realized.

"Yeah, you think?" Trent said, as his bracelet transformed into his morpher. Trent raised it to his mouth and pressed the button.

"White Ranger, Dino Power."

Trent was engulfed by a white light, and the White Ranger stood in his place when the light faded. "Bring it on."

Conner threw aside his soccer ball and glared at Trent. "If that's how it has to be." He decided, before glancing at Dawn. "You ready?"

"It's not as if I have a choice." Dawn pointed out.

The two of them raised their bracelets, which transformed into the morphers, and pressed on the jaws.

"Dino Thunder, Power Up, Ha!"

"Tyranno Power!"

"Iguano Power!"

"Show us what you've got." Conner told Trent.

"No problem." Trent said, before the fight started.

Trent blocked a kick from Conner, and placed Dawn in an arm lock. "It doesn't have to be this way!" Dawn insisted as she looked at Trent. "Why won't you just let us help you?"

"I don't need anyone's help." Trent stated. "Yours least of all."

"Fine, if that's how you want it." Dawn said with a glare before getting out of the arm lock and punching Trent, who punched her back, and both of them landed on the ground.

Conner regrouped with Dawn before both of them grabbed their Thundermax Sabers, while Trent summoned his Drago Sword and charged forwards. As the fight continued, Conner and Dawn dropped to the ground by a blast from Trent, who eventually fell to the ground too since he was hit by Conner and Dawn.

Suddenly, Zeltrax and a new monster, Insectolite, appeared through an invisiportal. "Perfect timing!" Insectolite grinned on the inside. "Should I infect them both?"

"No. Do as we've been instructed." Zeltrax stopped the monster, as Conner and Dawn sat up. "Just the white one."

"Yes, Master!" Insectolite nodded, as he fired a beam at Trent, who groaned and demorphed.

"What have you done?" Conner asked, but Insectolite and Zeltrax had already disappeared.

Conner and Dawn demorphed before running over to Trent's side. "Trent, are you okay?" Dawn asked, as Trent groaned and sat up.

"Better than okay." Trent nodded. "I'm me."

Once Conner and Dawn arrived at school, they found Ethan and Kira by the front, and signaled them to come over. "Guys, it's Trent." Conner said, as all of them walked to the bleachers.

"Okay, now I know you're crazy." Ethan stated.

"Just look." Dawn pointed over at Trent. "He's reformed."

The rangers walked down to the first set of rows in the bleachers, where Trent was sitting down. "Trent?" Kira asked. "Are you in there?"

"Hey." Trent greeted, as he stood up. "It's really me."

"One of Mesogog's monster attacks backfired." Dawn explained.

"I think it released the gem's hold." Trent assumed.

Ethan just seemed confused about their story. "That doesn't make a whole lot of sense." He stated, as he furrowed his eyebrows.

"Guys, look, I'm really sorry for everything I've done to you." Trent apologized. "You've gotta believe it wasn't me. If there's anything I can do to make it up to you..."

"How about returning our zords, for starters." Ethan suggested.

Trent smiled slightly and nodded. "Meet me in the warehouse this afternoon." He instructed. "I'll give you back your zords...and I might have a little peace offering as well."

Later after school, the rangers morphed and rode on their Raptor Cycles to the warehouse with Tommy, who was on the back of Conner's bike. Once they arrived, they saw Trent sitting on some crates.

"Hey, over here." Trent called, as he got off the crates and walked over to the rangers.

"Hope you don't mind." Tommy said, as the rangers got off their bikes. "I tagged along just in case."

"Dr Oliver, you're okay." Trent said with a little relief, as he shook Tommy's hand.

Tommy nodded at Trent. "More than or less."

"I hate to get right to the point," Ethan started, as he glanced around the room. "But I don't see any zords around here."

"I thought we'd start with the peace offering I promised first." Trent decided, as he walked over to a large object and pulled a white sheet off of it to reveal a black ATV with gold accents. "I figured it would help in the fight against Mesogog. Who wants to try it?"

Ethan grinned underneath his helmet and looked at the ATV. "Make way!"

As Ethan started to walk over, Tommy stopped him. "Sorry, Ethan, I think it's better if I try it first." He decided, making Ethan frown. "Nice." Tommy commented, as he sat down on the seat of the ATV.

"Hey, you used a 12 stroke engine for this thing, right?" Dawn asked Trent.

"Yep, sure did." Trent nodded.

Dawn narrowed her eyes at Trent, and crossed her arms. "Trent, there's no such thing as a 12 stroke engine."

Trent smirked as he looked up at Dawn. "And Mesogog doesn't make monsters that turn people nice either."

"No!" Conner, Ethan, and Kira cried.

Trent kicked the back part of the ATV, which started up and went out of control. "It's a trap!" Tommy realized, as he tried to control the ATV, which drove out of the warehouse.

"Dr O!" Dawn called, before glaring at Trent. "You'll pay for that!"

"Hey, it's not my fault you believe there's good in everyone, and all that crap." Trent told Dawn, before he whistled, and a white ATV with black accents rolled out. "Later, suckers." He said, before he morphed and flipped onto the seat of his ATV and drove away.

"Not so fast!" Insectolite stopped the rangers, as he appeared with a group of Tyrannodrones. "You'e not going anywhere!"

"Try and stop us!" Conner exclaimed. "Come on, guys!"

The rangers got on their Raptor Cycles and revved them up before racing around the warehouse, shooting lasers at the Tyrannodrones. Unfortunately, Insectolite fired at beam in Ethan, Kira, and Dawn's direction, making Ethan crash into an old car, Kira crash into some boxes, and Dawn lose her balance and fall off. Insectolite shot another beam at Conner, who was blown off his bike, which crashed too.

Ethan, Kira, and Dawn regrouped with Conner, and all of them were sort of injured. "Is that all you got?" Insectolite taunted the rangers, as they stood up.

"Super Dino Mode!" The rangers cried, as spikes grew on their suits, Kira gained her wings, and Dawn gained her spike claws.

The rangers began battling the Tyrannodrones, and succeeded in defeating them, before their Super Dino Modes wore off, and they faced Insectolite. "We're through here, bye!" Insectolite told the rangers, and waved.

Before Insectolite could leave, Tommy drove back into the warehouse and fired lasers at Insectolite, knocking him down. "Go, Dr O!" Conner cheered.

Tommy pulled over in front of his students, and climbed off his ATV. "Talk about a wild ride."

"Glad you're okay." Kira told their teacher.

"Later!" Insectolite exclaimed, before he disappeared through an invisiportal, just as Trent showed up.

"Since my friends have been keeping you busy," Trent started, as he got off his ATV. "Someone's been careless with their toys." He stated, looking at the rangers' wrecked Raptor Cycles.

Dawn stepped forward, and looked at Trent. "You're making a mistake." She insisted. "Don't trust Mesogog!"

"Who says I do?" Trent asked, as he turned around. "I got what I want. Goodbye, rangers."

"What about our zords?" Ethan asked.

Trent glanced back at the rangers over his shoulder. "Say goodbye to them too." He laughed, before he climbed back on his ATV, and drove off.

The Dino Rangers arrived back at the Dino Lab, and Conner, Kira, Ethan, and Dawn removed their helmets. "Can we go go over this again?" Conner asked. "Trent made a deal with Mesogog, pretending to let Insectolite turn him back to himself, as a way of tricking us into taking the rigged ATV?"

"I can't believe he made a deal with Mesogog." Kira frowned. "That is a new low."

"Well I can't believe I trust Trent, then he deceived us!" Dawn growled. "This is the Marah incident all over again."

Ethan glanced over at the two girls. "Let's not forget that Trent was supposed to beat us." He added. "Mesogog is not gonna be happy."

"Lighting the candle at both ends, Trent's bound to get burned." Tommy stated.

Hayley turned to the rangers. "And I think I know how to get the fire going. The ray used by Insectolite that destroyed your energy shields." She suggested. "I bet that if you can get that creep to aim the energy buster at the zords..."

"We can break through Trent's shield around them." Kira finished.

"And that's not all." Hayley added. "I just finished the adjustments needed for a new back-up megazord that Dawn will pilot."

A smile crossed Dawn's face. "You fixed the Samurai Star Chopper?"

"Actually, it's just the Star Chopper." Hayley corrected. "Besides the color scheme that's changed, the design is pretty much the same, but I took out the Samurai in the name since you aren't a samurai ranger anymore. I've also adjusted it to work under your control instead of just your Dino Powers, just in case something happens to you temporarily lose them or anything."

"Yes!" Dawn cheered.

"One little problem involving Insectolite's ray." Ethan interrupted. "How's Trent gonna feel about all this?"

Hayley smirked slightly. "Every trap needs its bait."

"Trent?" Kira called, as she looked up.

Conner, Ethan, Kira, and Dawn had their helmets back on, and they were with Tommy outside a warehouse looking for Trent. "Where are you?" Dawn asked.

"We gotta talk, dude." Conner insisted.

"Trent!" Ethan exclaimed.

"You made a deal with Mesogog," Tommy started. "Now its time you made one with us."

Trent came out from behind a wall, before the rangers turned around and noticed him. Without saying anything, Trent sped towards the rangers and attacked them with his sword, before he started fighting Conner individually. "You wanted to see me?"

"We wanted to make a little deal of our own." Conner informed Trent.

"I don't make deals with posers."

Conner glared at Trent, and started to get mad. "Take that back!"

Before Conner could hit him, Trent jumped on top of a wall. "You just won't learn, will you?" He asked. "The White Ranger always wins!" Trent stated, before he disappeared in a flash of light.

Tommy's morpher beeped, before Hayley's voice was heard. "It's working!" Hayley informed the rangers. "The monster's back on the other side of the warehouse."

"Got it." Tommy nodded, before all of them ran.

Once they all arrived on the other side of the warehouse, the rangers found Insectolite. "There he is!" Conner pointed, as Insectolite turned to face them.

"Out of my way!" Insectolite demanded. "I've been sent to get the white one!"

The rangers got into fighting stances before they charged at Insectolite, who avoided most of their hits. The Dino Rangers summoned their sabers before Insectolite shot lightning in their direction, making them drop to the ground. "Brachio Staff, Energy Orb!" Tommy cried, as he stood up and created an energy orb. "You're going down!" He exclaimed, before firing the orb at Insectolite.

"Let's help him out, guys." Conner decided, before he and his teammates summoned their weapons. "Tyranno Staff!"

"Tricera Shield!"

"Ptera Grips!"

"Iguano Mace!"

Kira flew into the air and spun around Insectolite, as she slashed him multiple times with her Ptera Grips. Conner drove his staff into the ground, before lifting himself with it and kicking Insectolite. Dawn swung around her mace and whacked Insectolite, before wrapping the chain of her mace around his ankle and yanked it, tripped Insectolite in the process. Ethan picked up Insectolite and spun him around the on the point of his shield, before throwing him on the ground.

"That got him!" Ethan nodded.

"Help me load him up." Tommy instructed, before he and his students tied Insectolite's wrists and loaded him onto the back of his new ATV.

When night fell, the rangers rode their Raptor Riders into the forest, while Tommy pulled over in his ATV. "Let me go!" Insectolite demanded, form the back of the ATV.

"This is your cue, Insectolite." Tommy said, as he unloaded Insectolite and shoved him forward. "Go on, do it."

Before Insectolite could do anything, he was shot and killed by Trent. "You're too late!" Trent stated, before an explosion occurred near the Cephalo and Dimetro Zords.

The rangers climbed off their Raptor Riders and watched as the Cephalo and Dimetro Zords emerged from the smoke. "Check it out!" Ethan pointed.

"They survived!" Conner realized.

Suddenly, the ground started to shake before the Dino Stegazord emerged "Dino Zords, Attach!" Trent commanded, before the Cephalo and Dimetro Zords joined onto the Dino Stegazord, forming the right and left arms.

"Our zords!" Dawn cried. "They switched teams!"

"Another trick!" Kira realized.

"I thought they'd make a nice addition to my collection." Trent informed the rangers. "I planted a starfish device on them to reprogram them and obey me."

Tommy clenched his fist, before raising his morpher to his mouth. "Brachio!"

Once the Dino Zord emerged from the Brachio Zord, Conner, Ethan, and Kira jumped into their zords, before they formed the Thundersaurus Megazord. "Uh, my zord still connected with the others, and I'm not in it." Dawn told Hayley into her morpher.

"Sorry, but I thought you might like to pilot your own megazord." Hayley said on the other side. "I'm sending the Star Chopper."

Dawn looked up in the air to see the Star Chopper fly over. The design was overall the same, but the green parts were white, the original white parts were black, and the star was purple. Dawn streaked into the zord, to find that the cockpit and controls were exactly the same as they used to be. The only difference was that the lights in the back were purple, and the symbol on the back was the same gold and black claw symbol on the chest of her ranger suit.

"It's great to be back." Dawn smiled, before she pressed a button on the controls. "Star Chopper, Megazord Mode!" She called, before the Star Chopper transformed into it's megazord mode.

"Sweet new megazord!" Ethan grinned.

"Alright, let's take care of this once and for all." Dawn decided.

Conner nodded in agreement. "Right, let's make him pay!"

"You can't afford it." Trent shot back.

Trent then activated the Cephalo Power Punch on the Thundersaurus and knocked it to the ground. "Hayley, mind sending over a power disk?" Dawn asked Hayley through her morpher.

"No need." Hayley responded. "I downloaded all the disks into the controls so you can access them yourself."

"Thanks, Hayley, you're awesome." Dawn thanked Hayley before looking down at the small screen in her cockpit. "Here's an old favorite." She said to herself, before she selected a power disk, which appeared on the plate. Dawn grabbed the power disk before she inserted it into the slot. "Power Disk, Locked and Dropped!"

A red power sphere materialized in the Star Megazord's hands before opening up to reveal the Serpent Sword. The Star Megazord grabbed it before charging towards the Stegazord, which blocked a hit from the sword, before using the Dimetro Zord's Saw Blade and knocked the Star Megazord to the ground too.

"With our zords, he's too powerful." Kira realized.

"Now you're beginning to get it." Trent smirked underneath his helmet. "Why don't you surrender the rest of your zords to me?"

"If you think we'd do that, you're crazier than I thought!" Conner stated.

The Stegazord looked down at the Thundersaurus and Star Megazords. "Then I'll take them!" Trent decided, as he raised the Dimetro Zord's Saw Blade, but before before he could strike, he heard laughter behind him.

"I'm back!" Insectolite laughed, and he was giant now.

"Out of my way, Insect. Drago Winger, Strike Mode!" Trent commanded, before he fired his weapon at Insectolite, who landed on the ground and exploded. "Another day, rangers." He decided before disappearing with the Cephalo and Dimetro Zords.

The next day, the rangers were at the Dino Lab, leaning their heads against Tommy's ATV. "Trent's got some nerve." Dawn stated, as she and her teammates sighed a bit.

"Why can't he just give up?" Ethan wondered.

Hayley walked over to the depressed rangers. "Good thing I never give up. Your bikes are fixed...just don't do it again, okay?" She told the rangers, who nodded. "And as an added bonus, I reprogrammed the ATV. Should come in handy."

"We're gonna need all the help we can get." Tommy stated, as he faced his students and clenched his fist. "If Trent and Mesogog team up for good, we're gonna have a real battle on our hands."