Kei-kei: Hi everyone! I have a new story I want you guys to check out, its a One Piece gender-bender story. In this story all of the Straw Hat crew will be there oppsite gender. I also will be changing some of the other characters into their oppsite gender. Here is the characters info sheet of the one I'm gender-bending for now.

Info Sheet

Luffyko (female Luffy): Is our main heroine in this story. She is a 1st year student at Grand Line Academy, and always seem to run into trouble everwhere she go. She also have a huge appetite and a huge fan-club of admires ( that she still haven't notice) and seem to always stay in the principle's office.

Zora (female Zoro): She is captain of the Kendo club, and a close friend to our main heroine. Zora is one of the toughest female students at Grand Line Academy, making most students fear her. She also argues a lot with Sana.

Namizo (male Nami): Most popular boy in the whole 1st year class. Namizo is a another close friend to Luffyko and also has a crush on her, but tries to hide it. Namizo is the only one able to knock sense (literally) into Luffyko which others fail to due, but he can be kind and sweet as a gentleman at times. Namizo has a huge rivalry with 3rd year, Boa Hancock (male version) who is called 'The Snake Prince', because of the huge snake he always carry with him ( WHY THE HELL DO THE SCHOOL EVEN ALLOW THAT!) and his breathtaking look, who also have a crush (obession) on Luffyko.

Ursula (female Usopp): She is another close friend and also Luffyko partner in crime. She's a compulsive liar and has emotional stress when she either mad or sad.

Sana (female Sanji): Sana is one of the prettiest girls( 2nd to Luffyko, who is 1st, but of course neither of them know this) in the whole 1st year class. She is also know as a Queen in the kitchen, because of her amazing cooking skills. She is also very 'boy-crazy' and will try to flirt with any cute, hot, and sexy boys she lay eyes on (Namizo). This often leads to most of her fights with Zora.

Chelsa (female human Chopper): She works as a nurse at Grand Line Academy. She is vey shy and nice, and sometimes too emotional, but can turn strict when the time call for it.

Robby (male Robin): He is a laid back type of guy and is very polite. He love to tease the others sometimes (especially Namizo on about his crush) and is also very smart, and have good fighting skills.

Brook (female Brook): Works as a teacher at the Academy. She always bring a gutiar to class and seem to ask the guys to show her their boxer, but she is well manner and is very ladylike.

Francheska: She is captain of the girls swim team, and is seen as a big sister to most of the student at school.

This is all of the main Straw Hat crew that I gender-bent, but please let me know of anymore character you will want to see gender-bent. Also vote if I should make Ace stay a man or change him into a girl. Chapter will be posted this weekend, so stay tune! Ja ne!