Bat log entry?

"I've been having more of those strange dreams; as usual I'm in that pod they showed up in.

I usually wind up in some underwater city, but it's not Atlantis, there something dark and ominous about this place.

I usually wonder around aimlessly for a while until I see a strange machine, one that has those little girls on it. I walk over there and pick up a syringe full of red liquid, and then for some reason I jam it in my arm, and then it goes fuzzy...

I don't know what it means, but I've got a bad feeling about this whole thing, you know what they say "it's always the calmest before the storm"

End log

In the Future: Stark enterprises.

Tony stark Paced inside the command room of the avengers, he looked rugged and worn out, his hair was messy and full of knots, his jaw sported about a weeks' worth of stubble, and his blood shot eyes seemed to never leave the endless streams of information, displayed on several screens in front of him.

His clothes were wrinkled and dirty as if he hadn't changed them in a while, his dress shirt had the first few buttons undone and was un-tucked, his tie hung loosely around his neck.

He stopped pacing to scan over an interesting bit of data, as he ran his fingers threw his hair, a stress filled sigh slipped past his dry lips.

"What the fuck is going on, this is insane, what the hell are they.

"Computer, what is this bullshit, "They are the readouts you requested Mr. stark" No this doesn't make sense, the equipment must be faulty, run a scan on everything, make sure everything is working properly, and I want you to do it now" Tony raged at his computer, before he shut down all the screens and stormed out of the room.

In a lower section of the building, Steve Rogers (aka captain America) was having even less luck with the little girls.

"Okay let's try this again what is your name?" Steve asked the strange child for the umpteenth time.

She completely ignored him as usual and began to sing, "Mr. Bubbles, Mr. Bubbles where are you where are you, Come and bring me lolies come and bring me toffees, teddy bears teddy bears" she sang, in her almost inhuman sounding voice, sending shivers done Steve's spine.

"Okay then, how about this you answer my questions and I'll give you some candy, okay I'll give you a piece for every question you answer, how's that sound" Steve asked, in a unthreatening tone, trying to seem as nice as possible.

The little girl just tilted her head and stared at him, her eyes flashing yellow for a couple of seconds, before she glanced back down at her strange doll and began to mumble to herself.

"Oh this ones not an angel yet, but I think he will be soon, Mister Bubbles will be here soon, and he'll make sure of that" she glanced back at him one last time before standing up and walking away.

Steve sighed before he stood up, and walked out of the room, sealing the door off behind him so the girl couldn't get out.

He strolled through the halls for a while before an idea struck him.

turning around he began to head towards Clint's room, his mind a confused mass of ideas.

he managed to catch Clint right before he left to go on patrol.

"Hey Clint, hold up a second" Steve shouted out, as he jogged over to him.

"What is it cap"

"I was wondering if these, umm, these little girls could possibly be suffering from some form of mind control, and I was thinking if any organization would know about this sort of thing, it would have to be S.H.I.E.L.D, and I know you've still got a couple contacts there, so I was wondering if you could pull a couple strings..." Steve began, before he was interrupted.

"Way ahead of you, I already made the calls the other day, it might take a while for them to get it all together though, I'll keep you updated" Clint said, as he turned around hover board in hand.

Back with: Tony Stark.

It doesn't ,make sense, there human, at least to some degree, but how did they get like this, who even has the technology to do this, what caused the transformation and why.

Nothing about this makes any sense.

Tony thought as he went over the readouts again, "computer connect me to Bruce Wayne" he suddenly shouted.

"Right away"

"What is it Stark any luck on figuring out what's wrong with them" Bruce asked as he fought a yawn down.

"I believe I might have, It appears to be some sort of genetic mutation I mean those big guys genetic codes so screwed up they make the hulk look normal. Anyways, I'm goanna need to do more tests, I might be able to isolate the point of mutation and reverse it, though at this stage it might just kill them, which is why I'm contacting you, before I do anything I want your permission, to do the tests on them" Tony replied, as he glanced towards Bruce.

Clint flew through the city on his favorite hover board, searching for any serious criminal activity.

Hovering over the docs Clint watched bow as S.H.I.E.L.D operatives quickly secured, and removed several of the strange pods that the girls showed up in.

Quickly dropping down to the ground to avoid detection, he pulled out his long bow, Fixing a tracking bolt onto the tip of one of his arrows, he took aim and shot the large cargo ship as it took off.

Smiling to himself at his lucky find, he reached into his vest and pulled out his com unit, he quickly switched to a secure link before he paged the captain, "hey we got a problem down at the docs, S.H.I.E.L.D just carted off at least ten pods, But I managed to secure a tracking device on them without being spotted, and I got to say man I've got a bad feeling about this, something just ain't right about this whole thing, why the hell has Atlantis gone silent, and where the fuck is Aqua-man, things just aren't adding up here Cap" Steve said, as he began to race back towards stark enterprises.

"I know what you mean head on back, I think we have to pay ol Nick a visit what do you say" Steve replied, over the com.

"Yeah sounds like a plan, but make sure we bring Bruce with us, we aren't exactly on friendly terms with S.H.I.E.L.D" Clint responded, as he sped up.

S.H.I.E.L.D headquarters, forty minuets after pods arrive.

Nick crossed the observation deck, heading towards a tall cloaked figure, he paused in front of the man and bowed slightly, "General the pods are secure and we are attempting to open them"

His only reply was a nod from the man as he stepped forward to watch the men open the pods.

Nick stepped over to the guardrail, and nodded towards his lieutenant who began shouting out orders.

the men all backed up after the charges were placed on the doors, "Nick the charges are set and ready to blow" a man below shouted out.

"Good, now use them" Nick replied, as he gazed intently at the pods.

Several explosions suddenly rocked the base as the doors were blown off, A large cloud of smoke enveloped the area, obscuring Nicks view for a few seconds.

when it cleared he stared into the inky blackness of a pod, waiting.

Suddenly a pod shook as something moved inside it, a armor plated hand grasped the outside of the pod, causing several of the soldiers to raise their weapons, seconds later a massive steel boot came out and hit the ground the force of it shaking the floor and startling several soldiers, an eerie groan came from within the pod before its large helmet covered head came out, followed by its torso and the other boot, the last part to come out was a massive drill, covered in dry blood.

It stood for a second staring at them, the helmets portholes giving off an eerie yellow glow, it suddenly stood up to its full height, a quick estimate put it at ten feet tall, its entire body was covered in armor and what appeared to be dry blood, especially its drill arm, after letting out several spine tingling howls it was finally answered from one of the other pods.

the first thing was soon joined by another larger one, this one was built like a tank covered in an even thicker armor plating it was hunched over but still towered at 9 feet tall, it had short legs, and long muscular arms, for its left hand it had a drill which appeared to be welded into its suit, the other hand had an odd blue tint to it and seemed to spark every now and then. its suit was dark grey, and its helmet had two extra port holes on either side of its head giving it a better field of view then the first one.

That one was soon joined by yet another, this one was about ten feet tall as well, it was almost an exact copy of the first one except it had a belt that had several pouches on it which appeared to be over flowing with extra ammo for its weapon.

Nick began to head down to see if he could communicate with these things, by the time he got down there were twenty of them now, nine of the shorter but more heavily armored ones, and ten of the first tall gun wielding ones. The soldiers behind him were getting nervous, but he ignored them, instead he walked up to the first one, but kept a safe ten feet away from it.

"Where are you from" Nick asked, his voice loud and commanding, as he stared into the strange things porthole, "Who or what do you represent" he tried again to no avail, glancing it over again he found a strange sort of grin was painted on its arm, but he ignored it finding it irrelevant, he continued to look them over, and noticed that they were wearing something similar to a diving suit, though a very old model.

It seemed to ignore him as it looked around as if searching for something, before it and the others suddenly began to move forward, Nick quickly drew his pistol and pointed it at the creatures, "if you do not stop your advance we will have no choice but to shoot" Nick warned them.

they continued there slow lumbering pace, walking straight towards the group of ten soldiers, who were guarding the stairs, " Aim for the closest one and take it down when I say, Alright, ready, fire" Nick shouted out, as he stepped to the side of his men. He soon realized that shooting at them was a mistake.

There bullets seemed to bounce off them with no effect, the only signs that showed it was being hit where the sound of bullets clanging off of its metal plating, and its aggravated roar that seemed to shake the whole building, before it brought its weapon up, firing in a quick Succession, it managed to take out four of his troops, while continuing to advance at the same pace.

several other of the gun wielding ones began to rain shots down on his troops as well, Nick cursed his luck as he paged for back up, before he grabbed a rifle from one of his dead men and began to spray at the nearest one.

Quickly running out of bullets nick pulled out his pistol, and flipped off the safety.

before he could pull the trigger though, he saw the first one point its hand towards him and his men, without really knowing why he dove sideways just as his troops went up in flames. pointing his pistol towards the one with the gun, he began to fire at random points on its body hoping to find a week spot.

the creature finally done killing his troops spun around with ungodly speed and slammed a gauntleted fist into him, sending him sailing into the wall, the pressure denting the steel.

Nick cursed as he landed on the ground his vision blury and his right shoulder dislocated, he began to search for his pistol, when a sudden noise from in front of him had him glancing up.

He watched in what appeared to be slow motion as the creature pointed its large weapon directly at his face.

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