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This story is going to have my first oc in it, thought you might want to know.

This is a bioshock 1-2, Batman, and Avengers cross-over mainly, so it might start a bit ruff, oh and in this story there are also superheros, like Aqua-man, and maybe a few others. Another thing the little/big sisters and big daddies, might occasionally be in first person.

Also gotta give a big thanks to my Beta Futanari King, for proof reading this and just helping me out.

Now for the speech stuff.

"Normal" speech looks like that.

Thoughts look like that.

"Little sister" speech looks like that.

~Little sister~ thoughts look like that.

"Big daddy" speech looks like that/ in case you're wondering, only Little sisters can understand them, or are they.

~Big daddy~ thoughts look like that, though they rarely have any.

"Splicers" speech looks like that.

Splicer thoughts? they don't think.


Now let the story Begin._

Little sister audio tape.

"I should probably introduce myself first, my name is Liea... well I forgot my last name after the whole change, but hopefully it'll come back to me.

Anyways my name is Liea,(Lee ahh) and I'm a Little sister, or a genetically altered freak as the residents of rapture have begun to call me.

I just turned well I stopped counting after 50, but I still look like a 10 year old girl, which is annoying, how the hell am I supposed to get a boyfriend if they all think I'm 10, I mean I have no sex appeal, I've got no chest no ass, I don't even have much of a waist.

"Sigh" I guess being a little sister isn't all that bad, I never age, don't need to eat anything, though I have to drink atom or my genetic code will slowly start to corrode, I already have massive black out periods, I don't want to know what'll happen if I stop drinking atom.

But anyways my name is Liea and I'm what the people of rapture call a Little sister, a Genetically altered freak, I have a Sea slug imbedded in me, it sorta makes me semi human I guess, it numbs me makes it so I can't feel pain, but heightens my senses, especially my sense of smell and my sense of hearing, it also does something to my sense of sight I just know it, though I can't figure out what it is.

But I guess I should start by telling you how this all happened to me.

I think I might start with how my parents came together.

Oh crap looks like this tapes running out, guess I'll see you again when I manage to get another one".

Little sister pov.

I smiled as I watched my Daddy walk ahead of me, his giant form easily dwarfing mine, most people seemed scared of the fact he was so tall and powerful.

But the fact that he was tall and powerful, and scared other people away, gave me a sense of safety, and a sort of peace, that I desperately needed.

I stared up at him as he walked, and I began to think about my Daddy, cause he wasn't what was considered a normal Daddy.

He was really tall, at 11'2, and he was really strong, you could clearly see the large bulge of his muscles flexing threw the suit, as he casually walked next to me, or as casually as something like him could, he was built like a tank, and it made me feel safe, knowing I had such a powerful man guarding me.

His head was as usual covered in a strange helmet, with a single port hole in the front.

But when it wasn't he looked somewhat normal, his eyes devoid of white, and where the white should have been it was blood red, with flecks of gold in them, but his ey color was balck, so I guess he has red and black eyes.

He's got really long white hair, and it's really soft and silky, and sometimes when where with mommy tenanbaum, he'll take off his helmet and let me play with it, and its so long, I'm not sure how long though cause he has it tucked into his suit, which he never seems to take off, at least in front of me anyways.

He has a very narrow face, and oddly pointy ears, which gave him a sort of elfish look, his teeth are really scary, all his teeth are razor sharp, and he even has fangy things, though he's never tried to bite me, I still don't like it when he smiles.

My favorite part about him though is his dark greyish brown skin, it just looks so cool, and it is really soft, you wouldn't think something that looks like Daddy could have such soft skin, but he does, like a newborn baby.

His suit is dark blue, and has a few black streaks in it along with a couple of bronzed patches. the suit was made out of what he called a polymer, it was a ridiculously tough sort of rubbery materiel, they used for his diving suit, he said it was a new version they cooked up here in rapture.

Snapping out of my thoughts, I happily skipped ahead of him and began to scent the air for any angels, oddly enough I was unable to find any, so I just continued walking for a little ways, until Daddy got a little impatient anyways.

"Little one, we should go now, Ryan doesn't like us standing still for too long" He stated, in that odd voice of his, as his mask began to give off an odd blue glow, the longer he stared at me, shrugging it off I scented the air again, and again came up with nothing.

"Sorry Mr. B there doesn't seem to be any angles nearby" I stated, as I shrugged.

A strange clinking brought my gaze upwards, and I stared in surprise at a strange man crawling over the ceiling.

"Don't call the cops on me" he whispered, as he stared at me.

Suddenly scared I pointed at him and screamed.

Mr. B pov.

The foolish splicer dropped down from the ceiling and charged me, I watched slightly amused as he jumped towards me, his meat hooks posed to strike.

I side stepped his attack and brought my drill up revving it, and before he could try and flip away, I buried it in his stomach, it went clear threw him in a matter of seconds, and I pulled it out of him, a torrent of blood and guts following, annoyed with the mess he was making, I grabbed his body and threw it against a nearby wall, before turning back to Liea.

"You okay, he didn't hurt you did he" I asked, in as calming a voice as I could, as I knelt down in front of her, really looking at her for the first time in a while.

Her raven black hair was a mess and covered in filth, her face had little smudges of adam, blood and dirt covering it, her arms where covered in dirt, blood and had several mild lacerations, wich luckily didn't show any signs of infection.

Her once light blue dress was tattered and filthy, it had stains of almost every kind on it, the most noticeable was the large blood stain from her neck down to her chest, where the adam and blood she drank daily had dripped down over the years.

I felt a slight pain in my chest as I looked at her tear streaked face, reaching up I brushed a few of her black curls behind her ear, before I cupped her cheek.

"Come here" I said, as I opened my arms wide for her.

She launched forward and hugged me, her little form shook as she sobbed, I hugged her lightly, hoping that I wouldn't hurt her.

Her moment of humanity was gone as quickly as it appeared though, her eyes closed, and when she opened them the yellow glow was back, and she was stuck in her little wonderland again.

Little sister pov.

I smiled and began to skip ahead of him, I paused when I saw a crystal mirror in the floor, and I began to look myself over.

my long raven locks fell down well past my shoulders, the soft curls, giving me an angelic look,

I smiled down at myself, and noted that I had perfectly white teeth, my light green eyes stared back at me, sparkling with laughter, again I smiled down at my reflection, and watched as her perfectly white teeth glimmered back at me.

I stood up and glanced at my reflection once again, admiring my choice of dress, I was wearing a beautiful light blue dress which was perfect and wrinkles, lightly decorated with little frills around the hem, and a large bow in the back which was tied around my slim waist.

I continued to admire myself for a few moments.

"What are you looking at?" Mr. B asked, after a couple minutes of standing still.

"I'm looking at me silly" I said, as I stuck my tongue out at him, I was feeling surprisingly playful.

When he didn't respond I began to feel uncomfortable, he just kept staring at me with that odd blue glow, I know the helmet is sort of wired into his emotions, green meant he was in a friendly mood, yellow meant he was wary, and red meant he was pissed, but he'd only recently began to give off that blue glow, so I hadn't had the time to ask him what it meant.

Bored and slightly uncomfortable under his relentless gaze, I glanced down at my bear feet.

Before I decided we'd stood still long enough.

Normal pov.

"Hurry mister Bubbles, I can smell an angel" Liea shouted out behind her, as she ran around a corner, into a large greeting room.

Entering the room she ran across the golden carpet, and paused in front of a large stone fountain, to look around the room, her eyes skimmed over the giant pink walls covered in floating bubbles, and over the intricately painted scenes on some, to again rest in front of the fountain.

She stood staring lovingly at a glimmering angel, its wings neatly folded behind its back, as it rested its head on a pillow, its stomach giving off a beautiful glow.

She knelt down in front of it and began to examine it, her eyes flashed a light amber for several seconds, as she scanned the body for the best way to extract the atom, giggling as she continued to scan its body.

Lifting her needle up she stabbed it into the angels stomach, and pulled the trigger on the needle, she waited a while for it to suck all the atom out of that area, before she pulled it out and stabbed it back in, this time it was lower in the stomach though, she again squeezed the trigger, and stared somewhat fascinated, as the needle began to filter the atom into the container on top of it.

When it was done she unsealed the top of the container and drank its contents, looking up at Mr. B she smiled as she wiped what little spilled onto her lips off with her arm.

"Hey Mr. Bubbles, I think I smell another angle... wait, this one is different" Liea murmured, as she continued to sniff the air, her sensitive nose picking up a strange scent.

She walked back out of the room, moving as if in a daze, stopping every couple of steps to scent the air, she began to head down a dark purple hall.

"Mister Bubbles make it shine" Liea ordered, as she held her arms out towards him, telling him she wanted him to pick her up.

She burst into a fit of giggles as she was thrown up onto his back, sighing she leaned back against his life support tanks, as she pointed forwards with her left hand and shouted, "This way Mr. Bubbles, the angles over there"

Mr. Bubbles perspective.

I let out my usual groan of annoyance as I headed down the hall, my suits exterior lights glowing eerily in the dark.

"Do you know which way it is from here" I groaned out, as I approached the end of the hall.

I followed her directions, taking another left and heading down another of raptures collapsing bridge ways.

It was way to quiet for rapture, the sound of my heavy footfalls echoed out into the silence, the lack of activity and noise put me on edge, my helmets lights turned from a yellowish green, to a red tinted yellow, alerting anyone watching us that I was on edge, and that they should avoid me.

Turned out I was right to be on edge, as I turned the corner I was immediately assaulted by a barrage of bullets, luckily my armor held up, as I raised my Gatling machinegun, and began to gun down the splicers.

Liea had huddled down in between my helmet and life support tanks, screaming, "Unzip them Mr. B Unzip them" I gladly obeyed her wish.

As I released a steady stream of fire on the splicers, picking off anyone of them dumb enough to move from there hiding spot, as I slowly moved towards them, blasting holes through several pillars to kill the splicers hiding behind them.

One bold thug tried to charge me but, I just slammed the barrel of my Gatlin into the side of his skull, smiling as I heard the sickening crunch and cracking of bone, as he slammed into a nearby wall, laying still,

A sudden cracking above me had me diving out of the way, praying Liea could hold on, as a chunk of the ceiling collapsed blocking off the way we came.

"Damn it!" I shouted out, my strange bellowing voice shaking the building with its intensity, as I launched back into the fray, bringing my gun back to bear, I began to pick off the annoying splicers, with a quick succession of shots I easily took out half a dozen, sending the rest scattering, to relieve a bit more of my frustration I picked off a couple of the stragglers, before I settled down.

"So wich way now Liea dear" I asked, as I set her down so she could look at the newly made angles, and check them for atom.

As usual she ignored me, and continued to scan the dead splicers.

why'll she was doing that I reloaded my Gatlin machinegun with incendiary rounds, that last fight dragged on way to long for my taste, and one shot from these and they'd be a smoldering corpse.

Keeping a watchful eye on Liea I went and sat down in a corner, my Gatlin gun at the ready, but I didn't get to rest long, before Liea decided it was time to move on.

Normal pov

"Don't be a slow poke Mr. B, angles don't wait for slow pokes" Liea said, as she glanced back at the crouching form of Mr. B.

She waited for him to head over to her, before deciding she'd just run alongside him.

She began to run through the corridors and halls of Rapture, her Big Daddy right on her heals, as she rushed towards the ever strengthening smell of that strange atom.

"In there Mister Bubbles the Angles in there, open it up for me" she pleaded, giving her giant guardian her best puppy dog eyes, as she pointed towards a strange sphere.

An annoyed groan was his only response, as he grabbed a lever on the wall and pulled it, causing the door on the large door on the sphere to swing open, revealing a rotting corpse siting on a bench, its body leaning against the back wall.

Bubbles glanced around cautiously, every cell in his body screaming at him to grab her and run, but he ignored the feeling, as he eyed the oddly familiar object.

"Oh wow, this angle is bursting with atom Mr. Bubbles, let's go get him" Liea said, her slightly demonic voice echoing threw the chamber, as she jumped into the sphere and began to walk towards the angle.

She glance behind her as the sphere sank into the water, and smiled as Mister B stepped fully into the sphere, walking forward she brought her needle up and stabbed the angle in the chest, causing his arm to slide forward and knock a lever inside down.

Liea screamed as the door slammed and sealed itself shut before, the sphere began to descend, "Mr. B make it stop I don't like it" she cried, as they slowly moved away from the city, both watching in mild horror as it slowly disappeared into the gloom.

Little sister audio tape.

"Hey it's me again, I finally got another tape, so I decided to try and finish my little tale.

My dad was a doctor of pretty much everything; he'd worked on everything from bombs to children.

He was always good at what he did, no matter what it was he set his mind to, he always excelled at it, probably why Ryan hired him, because he got stuff done, no matter how absurd it was.

Fun fact he actually was the one to suggest the idea of Little sisters!

He'd been working closely with tennanbaum for a couple of years now, and that was how he met my mother.

My mom had been Ryan's show girl, there was never anything going on between them, but they both loved being in the spotlight, so it worked out for them.

But that's not important, my dad was heading up to Ryan's office to debrief him on the Sister project, when he bumped into her leaving his office, and I guess it was love at first site, he never really told me how they came to be married, and well frankly I never cared to ask.

Well to make a long story short, they fucked and nine months later I popped out, there little unwanted gift.

My dad made an attempt to take care of me but was always gone at work, and never really had time for me, but he did occasionally make time for me, and from what I can remember he was always really nice to me, constantly buying me little trinkets and toys.

My mom on the other hand hated my guts, you see my parents relationship started to wither affter I was born, she didn't have any paternal or maternal instincts, and just wanted to get rid of me, my dad didn't agree on this point and their relationship began to fall apart from there,

My mom instead of talking about her problems and feelings, she drowned herself in vodka, and used me as a punching bag when she was bored, tired, hungry, sleepy, she just really liked to hit me apparently.

But yeah, they never got divorced, though my dad did try to on several occasions, mom just wouldn't sighn the papers, she just drank more and beat me harder every time he asked, after the last time though she began to experiment with splicing, and immediately took to it,

This is my happiest memory of mom, It's when she started splicing, it's a happy memory because she was to busy splicing to pay attention to me, well at least for a few months, but then she began to get even worse than before, she began drinking, smoking and beating me again.

As it turns out splicing fucks you up.

Sorry this tapes running out as well next time then".

Normal perspective.

"Hey daddy are we there yet" Liea whined from her seat next to the still mostly full angle.

"Not sure Liea" Bubbles mumbled, his odd whale like voice reverberating against the walls, as he turned back to the simple control system to try and figure out how to work the thing.

"But its sleepy time Mr. B, and there's no vents in here, where am I going to sleep" Liea asked as she yawned.

"You'll just have to make do with that bench over there, for now at least" He mumbled as he, continued to fiddle with the controls.

She stretched trying to get the kinks out of her muscles, "fine I'm going to sleep, nighty night Mr. B" She said, before she rested her head on the angles lap and drifted off to sleep.

Bubbles just sighed before he tried to punch in another code to lift the pods lock down, he entered several codes into the stubborn machine, with no results.

A loud bang on the roof of the bathysphere had him pausing, as he glanced at the display screen for the only exterior camera the thing had, all that he saw was blackness with little specks off light in the distance.

deciding it was a bird he went back to the console, until he heard something clamp onto the pod and begin to hum, followed be several others, moving to the back of the bathysphere he ripped open a door containing emergency supplies.

Glancing inside he took a quick inventory, there was some normal people food, a shelf full of vials of pure atom, a crate of eve syringes, a large can of drill oil and another divers suit complete with oxygen tank and a life support tank, there was also a few guns and an assortment of ammo and grenades, taking as much ammo and eve as he could, he quickly began placing everything into the hidden pouches all over his suit.

He stood a couple feet in front of the door, Gatlin ready and aimed at the door, waiting for the splicers to break the door off and come swarming inside.

What he wasn't expecting, was for the bathysphere to be lifted into the air, stumbling back at the sudden shaking and jostling of the bathysphere, he glanced back to the screen to see the water moving at a blinding speed below them, glancing over at Liea he noted she was still asleep, he felt the pod slam up into something before it stilled.

Deciding his best course of action was to wait and see what happened; he slid his Gatlin gun onto his back, then slid his drill onto his hand and settled down into a defensive position.

Bat log, day one of the appearance.

"I was on my way back from Atlantis when I noticed it, on the edge of my radar, just a tiny blip appeared.

Now normally I would've went and checked it out, I mean it's the middle of the Atlantic, nothings out here, but the Joker had just escaped Arkham, and was holding the Mayor hostage.

So I ignored it.

Two days later I was headed back, Aqua lad was getting engaged, and for some reason he'd invited me to come.

I was in the same vicinity, when my radar picked up the same blip as last time.

I was curious so I went to investigate, and I found a strange sphere, it appears to be made out of some sort of bronzed steel, and is quite large, perhaps 12 feet high, 10 feet wide, and 20 feet long.

It has a massive porthole in the front, that is completely covered in algae, so I can't see in side it, other than that one porthole there were no other visible ways to see inside it.

I began to feel uneasy the longer I stared at it, so I decided to take it back with me, so I could further analyze it.

I believe this may have been a mistake, but it's not like I could leave whoever is inside it in the ocean to rot.

After I get it back to the cave, I plan on running scans for any harmful elements such as radiation, then I'll proceed to scan the interior for any harmful chemical, as well as for any life forms.

End of log 1.

Batman cautiously walked towards the strange sphere, he held out a hand held Neutron radiation scanner and began to walk around the sub, scanning it for any type of lethal radiation. glancing down at the readout, he noted there were two forms of radiation being given off by the strange object, but very low amounts, it was the fact that there was gamma radiation being given off, that put him on edge.

Turning his scanner to a different setting, he began to scan the interior for any indication of harmful gases and chemicals, finding no harmful known elements.

Pulling out a thermal imager, he connected it to his scanner before he began to rescan the sphere. Glancing down at the imager, he noticed there where two different heat signatures, there was one massive heat signature, whose shape appeared to be humanoid, and another smaller figure which appeared to be lying down.

ignoring them for the moment, he glanced back at the scanners data, glaring at the jumbled and confusing readout, he walked over to his super computer and fed the information into it, hoping it could clear it up for him.

"Damn" he mumbled softly as he glanced at the computers readouts, which were just as confusing as the scanners.

"Alfred, I need you to watch this thing for me, lock it up and tell me if anything comes out of it, alright" Bruce said, as he pulled his mask off, and walked over to a visual communicator.

"Very well sir, I'll get right on it" Alfred stated calmly, as he walked over to a control panel and began to move the pod to a secure cell.

Bruce typed in a couple of digits into the com unit and it quickly connected him to stark enterprises.

As the visual link finally connected, he was met with the site of Tony Stark, in nothing more than a towel.

"God dammit Tony put some clothes on" Bruce growled out, "what if Bat girl where here"

"Well then she'd be in for one hell of a show" Tony replied, as he tossed his towel over his shoulder, before he walked over to his dresser, searching for a pair of boxers.

"Look Tony, I have something I'd like you to take a look at, it's kinda important, so quite fucking around" Bruce said, quickly getting to the point of his call.

"Oh that hurts Brucy, and here I thought you were just calling to see me" Tony replied, with a lazy smile, as he pulled on his boxers.

"But that's not important right now, so I'm guessing that this thing is a bit on the strange side, so whose it from Joker, Riddler, Freeze, you got any ideas" Tony asked, as he threw on a pair of dress pants, before glancing back at the screen.

"That's the thing the cities actually been peaceful for a while, and I just threw Joker back in Arkham, so it can't be him.

There have been no threats or anything, but there are two living things inside it, and whatever they are there giving off Gammas radiation, not a lot but enough, to make me nervous. I can't tell if it's this pod there in, or if its them that's leaking all this radiation, and before I crack it open to see what we're dealing with, I want to gather all available information" Bruce stated, in his usual monotone

"I see, well chill for a minute, and I'll grab a couple of the guys and head on over.

Several hours later in the Batcave

Steve sighed happily as he hopped out of the jet, "alright it's about time we got here" he said happily, as he glanced behind him.

Dr. Banner walked out behind him, and shook his head, "where not here to meet the bat Captain, where here to try and work out a scientific anomaly, and possibly discover a new life form, both of which we don't need you for, so why did you come again" Dr. Banner asked, as he glared at the cheerful captain.

"He's just hear for fresh ideas, sometimes even idiots can get the hard questions right, but basically he's here so we can bounce ideas and theories off him, maybe teach him a thing or two" Tony replied, as he waltzed down the ramp,

"Well then let's get to it" Steve said, as he turned and began to head towards the stairs, ignoring the last comment.

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