So sorry to keep you guys waiting so long, but we're here and that's all that counts right?

"Normal" speech looks like that.

Thoughts look like that.

"Little sister" speech looks like that.

"Big daddy" speech looks like that/ in case you're wondering, only Little sisters can understand them.

~Big daddy~ thoughts look like that, though they rarely have any.

"Splicers" speech looks like that.

Splicer thoughts? They don't think.

Now let the story begin.

Little sister audio tape

"Okay where was I? Ah right Mom."

So she started Abusing me again, it started off as small things, she'd tell me how it was my fault dad was never home, she'd blame me for her failing relationship with him, pull my hair, shove me out her way, call me a worthless bitch, but in the end its the small things that really get to you.

By the time she really started to beat me, I actually believed I deserved it, I came to almost take joy in them, happy I could relieve some of the pain I'd caused her, well that was until the mutations started.

It started out almost un-noticeable with an extra mole or two, her eyes sank back a bit, and then the big changes started to take place, her forehead began to bulge out, her jaw grew out on an angle causing her to slur.

After every change the level of her beatings grew, it went from mostly verbal abuse, to her almost daily beating me near death, I think the happiest day of my life might have been when she sold me to mama Tenanbaum.

Sure the crazy bitch turned me into a monster but at least she treated me nicely, anyways I'm getting ahead of myself.

So the beatings escalated to the point that I was visiting the hospital weekly, imagine that.

After a while my thick headed dad decided to step in he took me to his apartment, though he only managed maybe seven hours a week with me, I was oddly content with that.

I mean at first I sort of tried to avoid all bodily contact, I mean I didn't want to be within a hundred feet of him.

Getting beat your whole life will do that to you.

Damn, tapes running out again, I really wish they'd make them long..."

Normal POV

Bruce sighed as he glanced at the screen again, to see the same image as always, a strange sphere sitting still doing nothing, and appearing harmless, yet it made him feel uneasy, something wasn't right about this, he had the strange feeling that he'd stumbled across something he should never have.

Sighing in annoyance he leaned back in his seat and ran a hand threw his hair, as he glanced away from the screen.

He noticed Stark's A wing had landed, and decided to go and see him, standing up he pulled his mask on, and began to descend to the lower levels.

Lower Levels

Stark moved quickly through the corridors, setting a brisk pace for the others to keep up with him.

Steve was the first to break the now uncomfortable silence as they walked.

"Hey Clint what do you think is in that pod"? He asked as he moved closer to him.

Clint reached up and rubbed his jaw as he began to think.

"Hmm not sure man, but I'm guessing nothing normal if it's got Batman asking for help, that's just something that never happens, and frankly it's got me worried, I mean he's Batman, he doesn't call for help, it goes against everything that's... well Batman-ish." Clint stated as he glanced at the captain.

"Yeah I know what ya mean, were talking about a guy who takes on alien armies head on and comes out without a scratch. That sort of person doesn't ask for help, unless it's really serious, right"? Steve responded as he adjusted his shield.

"You're right, I doubt that he actually needs our help, for anything other than cleanup, if even that." Clint responded, as he began to look around, as they approached their final destination.


Batman stood waiting on the other side of the door listening to their conversation as they came closer wincing slightly as they made him sound inhuman.

Sighing he punched the code into the door, and waited for them to enter before he moved to Tony's side.

"You guys are mainly here for containment, for the off chance that I can't handle this, I'm going to be counting on you and your team, don't let me down." he growled out, in his raspy baritone, before he swished his cape and moved on ahead.

"Alfred should have it in a rather secure area at the moment but I don't trust it, I want to get this done as soon as possible, so I'll have you run a few tests to make sure I'm not releasing some plague, after that the case will be moved to my full control. From there we'll decide what to do with the things inside of it; other than that this is my case. If you want to even touch anything you have to go threw me first, no exceptions are we clear?" he asked, before he again moved on ahead giving them no time to argue.

Liea's Pov

I awoke with a start as there bathysphere jerked to the left suddenly, sending me flying into the wall.

"Mr. B what's happening, why are we moving?" I asked dumbly as the sphere continued to shake.

He replied with his usual grunt which I still couldn't understand, as he shifted his stance in order to better balance himself, before he tossed me over his shoulder.

I clung onto his life-support tanks as he moved towards the control panel and did something he probably should have done a couple days ago.

As he approached it he revved his drill up and slammed it into the panel crushing the control system and revealing an assortment of beautiful looking wires, he reached down and began to tear wires apart and press others together, until he finally got what he wanted.

As he pressed the last to wires together I head the distinctive pop of the bathyspheres door unsealing, and as I turned to glance out the door I saw the strangest thing, there was a tiny Mr. B outside the pod staring at me, he was orange and yellow and had a weird glowy center thingy, but other than that he looked like daddy.

Out of reflex I pointed and screamed at him, alerting daddy that something was threatening/scaring me.

Little sister audio log

"I began to get comfortable with my dad sure it took me a year to finally open up.

But what did you expect; I mean after all I'd been through, I expected him to be just like mom.

I was wrong about that but solely because I thought he was trying to trick me at the time.

Anyways so I began my slow recovery both mentally and physically, And over time I began to open up to him, began to trust again.

I was finally happy, I didn't have to worry about being beaten, or staying away from him, in fact he was always ready for me to hug him or snuggle up next to him when I was tired.

That was until my eleventh Birthday, my Dad was out late and I was at home listening to the radio, when I heard the door creak.

Expecting dad I stood up and ran to the door to greet him only to be sent flying against the adjacent wall by my mother.

Lucky for me I was knocked out upon impact.

So she took me back to her place, ripped my clothes off of me and then dressed me in a nice blue dress, after that she pulled my hair back up into a ponytail.

That is what was going on when I woke up, I opened my eyes to find my mom's inner beauty finally matched her exterior, so to put it nicely she wasn't a pretty sight.

So after dressing me, she quickly dragged me out the door, and much to my dismay, to a dark and shady side of town, which is where I was "adopted" by mama Tenanbaum.

Anyways I'm getting kind of tired; I'll continue this latter bye."

Mr. B pov

(Just trying this style out, tell me what ya think)

I was just starting to stand back up when she screamed, I spun around and revved my drill to the all familiar adrenaline rush began to kick in as I spotted the thing that had scared her, it lifted its hand up and pointed at me and I reciprocated the gesture I just added 90,000 volts of electricity to it.

I launched out of the pod, praying that Liea wouldn't let go, as I slammed down onto a strange metallic surface, I spun around in time to doge a barrage of strange blades, but I wasn't so lucky when it came to that bloody shield.

The thing slammed straight into my visor and forced me to take a step back as I re-evaluated the situation, three of these new splicers vs. me, it wasn't fair for them, or so I thought at the time.

I raised my arm and released a volley of lightning bolts toward them, with my right arm, while I hooked my drill to my belt.

I un-holstered my gun just as they began to launch their counter strike, several more of those blades began to slam into my suit doing virtually nothing so I didn't bother to move as I leveled my gun and began to lay down some heavy fire on them.

Unfortunately they turned out to be a distraction as a few seconds into the counter strike I felt Liea's weight disappear from my shoulders, spinning around I began to fire at the strange purple clad figure that was holding Liea in his arms. I roared out in anger before I reached out towards him, praying he was still within range I grabbed him with my telekinesis.

I yanked him backwards as hard as I could, as I ran towards him, he slammed into the ground hard as I caught Liea, I skidded against the ground and without thinking, I slung her back over my shoulder as I turned to crush the insolent fool beside me, but before I could reach him, the tin splicer slammed into me.

I roared out in anger as I regained my footing, I charged blindly towards the man, as I slid into my usual berserk mode. Raising my nearly empty machinegun, I began to pour rounds in his direction.

Only to drop it ten seconds later as a massive green fist was all but shoved down my throat.

And as I stumbled backwards from the blow I thought ~God couldn't the damn splicers give me a break just once, cause as of now I really needed one~


(Before I get any complaints that Mr. B is OP (over powered) know this he's not, he just had the element of surprise, plus other things.)

And I know it was short so sorry about that, but other things kept getting in the way (a mixture of tests, work, and babysitting) and it just ended up suffering because of that.

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