Truths revealed!

Part 1

so sorry to keep you guys waiting so long, but were here and thats all that counts right?

"Normal" speech looks like that.

thoughts look like that.

"Little sister" speech looks like that.

Little sister thoughts look like that.

"Big daddy" speech looks like that/ in case your wondering, only Little sisters can understand them, or are they.

~Big daddy~ thoughts look like that, though they rarely have any.

"Splicers" speech looks like that.

Splicer thoughts? they don't think.

Now let the story begin.

Re cap

I roared out in anger as I regained my footing, before charging blindly towards the man, as I slid into my usual berserk mode, Raising my nearly empty machinegun, I began to pour rounds in his direction.

only to drop it ten seconds later as a massive green fist was all but shoved down my throat.

And as I stumbled back from the blow I thought ~God couldn't the damn splicers give me a break just once, cause as of now I really needed one~

Recap end

Glass from my helm exploded inward covering my face in shrapnel and a Light glimmering powder. I grimaced in pain as I felt the crystals of glass slice painfully into my left eye, I struck out blindly towards my assailant. Bolts of lightning danced from my fingertips dancing threw the wind to the beat of destruction. (Is it just me or did I do a bit too much there)

they lashed out viciously towards the green monstrosity, but only stunned it momentarily stunned it.

I struggled to regain my sight as I stumbled about I was pelted with a barrage of blades that exploded on impact. the force of which sent me reeling backwards and while I was stumbling about, It was recovering and I soon found myself being slammed threw a nearby boulder.

My life support tanks ruptured and exploded slamming me forward into the broot causing him to loosen his grip momentarily from the force of the blow.

Thinking quickly I slammed my elbows down into his arms knocking them down a bit freeing my right arm, I used my new leverage to my advantage quickly channeling a large amount of telekinetic energy into my hands before I slammed them into his chest and released it.

The blast sent the broot sailing across the clearing only to slam into a wall; I glanced over my shoulder searching for Liea as I yanked out my dill and prepared for the worst.

I Squinted into the light struggling to see only to realize when I did that I was screwed as a green tipped arrow exploded in my face, dispelling a thick cloud of smoke. I jumped backwards before I rolled to the side and dove out of the smokes fumes.

I began to charge towards the green broot who was standing a few yards away smirking at me, mocking me.

When I was suddenly hit by a wave of dizziness, realizing what had happened I glanced towards Liea worriedly, She was lying face down on the ground in a puddle of what appeared to be blood, the caped splicer was standing over her and I made a note to tear him apart if I survived this.

I struggled to stay on my feet cursing them and their Existence as I struggled to move towards her, I finally collapsed onto my knees, as my vision began to blur I spared Liea on last glance before I passed out.

B pov

Batman quickly moved over to the behemoth and began to restrain him. "Will those really hold him" the cpt. questioned Bruce as he moved in to aid him in securing the giant.

"They should there titanium" was all Bruce said in response as he continued to secure the last restraint.

Liea pov (six and a half minutes earlier)

I burst into tears as Bubbles set me aside, I reached out for him but thought better of clinging to him since he usually knew best and I wasn't about to start doubting him.

Turning around I ran over to a large rocky structure and ducked behind it glancing out every now and then to see what was happening. Suddenly the rock I was hiding behind exploded and sent me skidding across the ground as shrapnel from the blast slashed my face and arms.

I groaned in pain as I slid to a stop, the aches and pains of the fight and my recent flight finaly taking their toll on me.

I sighed in resignation before resting my head on the ground and passing out.

Little sister audio log

"Me again now that you know back to the story.

Mamma tenenbaum wasn't a bad Mother she was by far better than the one I had prior to her anyways. She was nice to me at first, well again nicer than I was used to.

She nursed me back to my health well mentally anyways, only to screw it back up again but I'm getting ahead of myself here, it started off with her just getting me to open up to her sort of like therapy sessions I'd go sit down in a chair in her office and she'd talk to me.

anyways (screaming and gunshots) wha-wait what are you talking about what's going on? (Murmurs) I gotta go bye

Little sister audio log end

Mr. B groggily opened his eyes only to shut them quickly as he was blinded by the rooms harsh lighting.

He slowly moved his arms up until he felt the restraints tighten against his arms, a shot of panic shot threw him and without thinking he jerked his arms upwards in an attempt to break the restraints, only to bellow in pain as his body was racked with spasms as electricity ripped threw his body, effectively stilling his movements and causing him to grimace in pain.

He slowly stilled his movements and waited for the shocks to wear off in there intensity.

he sighed in relief when after several agonizing minuets of electrocution the shocks ceased, he blew out a breath as he began to concentrate on his connection with Liea only relaxing slightly when he found her sleeping soundly several stories above him.

Deciding she wasn't in any immediate danger he began to focus on escaping and saving her while making as little noise as possible. He grinned wickedly as he pressed his palms against the table/bed and sent a steady current of electricity flowing threw it hoping to overload the security mechanism. He instead growled in anger as he was again racked by waves of electricity.

"Screw it" he snarled out in his bellowing voice, before he began to take a more direct route of escape.

Now caring little for his safety he slammed his arms up against the restraints, His face contorted into a wild grin as he heard the sound of bending mettle and felt the table begin to give way.

It was shortly lived though, as moments later the room was filled with a sort of paralytic knockout gass.

He groaned in annoyance as his arms dropped back to his sides before he blacked out.


"I'm alive... Ha ha ha

But how...

B Pov (A bunch of filler garbage)

"He tried to escape again Alfred, and he is getting closer to getting out every time, so any luck figuring out what he is or what language he speaks, We can't get answers if we can't speak to him", Bruce questioned in his usual monotone as he glanced askance towards his butler and longtime friend.

"Not yet Master Wain" Alfred replied stoically as he continued trying to translate the creatures bellows.

Tony Stark burst into the room moving with a deliberately slow pace as he brandished a large file in one hand and a strange collar in the other, he slowly made his way down towards Alfred.

"I bet your wondering why I'm here, well I won't keep you waiting, while you two were plinking away with these little toys of yours I was solving our little creatures odd speech patterns, so let me cut to the good part, after my initial analysis I was forced to rule out all alien life forms, since no alien forms we have met so far use such an annoying advanced form of speech.

That threw me off for about five minutes then I realized that the way they speak is oddly reminiscent of whales. But even then its only because of the frequency and pitch, and due to that I figured that Our best hope is either that little girl who personally freaks me out or Aqua man" Tony finished with an abashed grin on his face.

"Then what is the folder and coller for" Bruce asked as he resisted the urge to throttle the man.

This is a bunch of useless trash it was a blood test but I might as well have not done it for all the good its done me, and the coller is for the big guy its a sort of containment collar it works by utilizing his bodies electrical field which is incredibly strong by the way, against him.

Anyways I'm going to be here working on him and this girl trying to make sense of them.

In the meantime I need you guys to take him to Atlantis and see if our friendly fish man can talk to him" Tony replied airily as he began to head back up the stairs.

"I believe he has a point master" Alfred stated tersely after Stark left the room.

"We'll see Alfred but in the meantime keep trying to crack it" Bruce replied as he pulled on his mask.

Liea Pov (Conscious)

I woke up slowly with my head throbbing painfully, I sighed before I opened my eyes. and stared up into a bright white light, I played there mesmerized for several seconds before I sat up and looked around.

I found myself to be in a very small and Spartan like room, with the only furnishings in it being a bed, night stand, a dresser and a lamp. The floor was a type of white marble with veins of silver running threw it, there was also a nice pine sent in the air probably coming from the dresser, though it was almost masked by the over powering chemical smell the place had.

I rolled over and yawned, before I stood up and rechecked the room for any people, before I began to stretch my aching muscles.

I moved around the room at a leisurely pace my hand trailing along the wall behind me as I searched for any ventilation shafts or ducts I could hide in, finding none, I moved to the center of the room and sat down and began to search for Mr. B.

I found him several floors below me unconscious, which worried me since nothing could beat daddy, nothing that I knew of anyway.

I decided to stay where I was and wait for him but as an hour rolled by I found myself walking around the room checking the dresser drawers for any snacks or Atom.

Finding none I walked back into the middle of the room and sat back down on the floor I Pulled my now tattered Mr. B doll out and began to play with him, making him dance across the floor before coming back to hug me.

I glanced up as I felt the floor beneath me begin to vibrate in a pattern similar to that of footsteps, thinking I might be exaggerating I laid down on the floor and pressed my ear against the mettle as I focused on the natural sounds of the building, in between the hum of electronics the creaking of wood and the groaning of mettle I heard the unmistakable soft thumping of footsteps.

I quickly jumped up and went to hide under the bed hoping that he'd pass me but preparing for the worst just in case.

I pressed my palms against the floor and concentrated on the vibrations as I felt them strengthen I knew he was coming closer.

I held my breath as he passed my room, I waited till he was far down the hall before I risked moving out from under the bed, I stood up and rushed to the door searching for a lock and only finding a strange box full of shiny buttons. Deciding it was nothing I moved over to the dresser and pushed it away from the wall, before getting behind it and pushing it.

It was a slow and tedious process but I managed to move it in front of the door, before I slumped down in front of it panting.

I sighed in annoyance as my stomach growled violently, angry at me for my lack of adom.

I stood up and moved over to the bed before I climbed in and tried to fall asleep ignoring the new hunger pains.


What is this... this feeling.. could it be,

Is it cold..

Am I cold...

its cold.. why... how

Little sister audio log

"Okay I'm back Umm Just those stupid things again,

Anyways Tenebaum was a decent person who was forced to do bad things, I doubt she really wanted to turn me or any of the other girls into Monsters.

She didn't really have a choice it was all that fool Ryans fault well maybe it was more Atlas's fault or a mix of both either way it wasn't what she wanted to do, she was pressured into converting us before the formula was complete.

Sucks for me and mine but it saved Mamma tenebaum so I guess that's alright.

Still she was

It started off as small little tests you know a shot here injection there, testing my blood and Dna, urine samples, the works basically.

At the time I thought it was rather fun sitting in the room waiting for the shots listening to all the strange beeping machines and watching the screens endless readouts.

I had fun until the last day of testing when she told me I was ready for the change.

Audio log end


God I hate this chapter so much, its an absolute mess that I'll probably have to fix later on. But I feel as though it is necessary to get to wear I want to go so please forgive me I like it about as much as you do if not less.

Also if you're wondering why Liea and Mr. B are acting a bit strange it is because they are no longer in raptures chemical filled air and as their bodies detox more and more of their personalities will slip out.

Just a bit of info for the curious:

The Elsewhere zone

Is a silent black void in the center of a black whole

Time there moves faster than normal so an hour in real time is equivalent to a year and three days there, how I don't know it just fits my plans.

I've also introduced several more characters though some are more settle than others.