Truths revealed

Part 2

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So yeah here you go.

"Normal" speech looks like that.

thoughts look like that.

"Little sister" speech looks like that.

Little sister thoughts look like that.

"Big daddy" speech looks like that/ in case your wondering, only Little sisters can understand them, or are they.

~Big daddy~ thoughts look like that, though they rarely have any.

"Splicers" speech looks like that.

Splicer thoughts? they don't think.

Now let the story begin.

Also just a warning the following chapter may be a bit confusing.

Liea Pov

You know sometimes I feel as if daddy has been with me forever. I mean it's hard to remember a time when he wasn't there to gaurd me or comfort me when I was sad or lonely.

But sometimes I do remember those nightmarish times before daddy was there, sometimes I can't help but remember, that seems to be all I can do nowadays is just remember the past.

This place...

I feel like there is something wrong with it...

Or maybe its just me...

Either way something is wrong...

I spend most of my days dreaming, or remembering my past, even when I'm awake I can never tell if I really am. My dream world and real life are begening to blend together, and this time daddy isn't here to stop it.

Not like last time anyway


The sound of dripping water rang through the eary silence. Seeping slowly through the glass ceiling of the dining hall. The room was a disaster what used to be a grand hall was no more. The rotting stench of mildew clung to the air which had once smelled of home. The great tapestries that had adorned the walls lay shredded on the floor molded and decaying like the rest of rapture. what had once been chisled stone was now nothing more than cobblestone cracks and chips in the rock where every-ware, long gashes and craters left by gunshots adorned them, givening only glimpses of the once magnificent sculpted works of the place.

Tables and chairs where strewn about most were broken or now covered in mold or dust. The carpets where now rags; covered in filth and torn apart. The wood furnishing of the dance floor was coroded beyond recognition, what had once been beautiful cherry wood was now rot, much of which had fallen to the floor below. Great pools of water filled the indents where explosives had gone off or where the wooden flooring had warped. What had once been a place of ethereal beauty was now gone, in its place was not but the filth left by mans endeavers.

Liea (Lee-ah) took the scene in with sorrowful eyes as she began her ardious treck through the room, hoping to avoid being spotted, as she stepped into the center of the hall she turned glancing toward where she had come only to see a blank wall. turning she continued moving, she paused in front of a pile of glass which had caught her eye, glancing down she watched as it formed an image of herself in the glass.

She was wearing a light purple dress with ruffles along the bottom, glancing up she met her own glazed lifeless eyes, that stard blankly ahead, before focusing on her, as she met her own eyes she watched in horrid fascination as it opened its mouth as if to speak before it let out a cry of pain, glancing down Liea saw the tip of a drill protruding from her abdomen, her fresh blood dripping off of it. glancing back she was horrified to see find Mr. B standing behind her, her mouth opened to form a word anything but nothing came out.

She stared into his visor as he yanked his drill from her stomach with a sickening squelch before, he brutily brought it down on her face


Liea sat up with a start breathing her heart pounding in her chest as she stared into the blackvoid that was her room, as she moved to stand up lights came onand she paused momentarily to let her eyes adjust to the light, as she turned towards the rooms door her heart stopped.


I groaned as I woke up, not knowing how long I'd been out or where I was, I glanced around; Rather groggily before closing my eyes as a sharp pain behind them made itself known, growling in frustration, I snapped my eyes back open and began to look around.

I apeared to be in some sort of holding tank, my body suspended in a thick gelatinious fluid which actually apeared to be healing me. I had several needles and other apparatuses attached to my bodywhich was bare. At that revelation a strange sensation overwhelmed me, and caused me to growl deep within my chest as i realised that for the first time in years I felt vulnerable, even a bit scared, my weapons gone and my powers eluding me, I drifted back off into nothingness.

Little sister audio log

Now Up to this point tenanbaum never did anything to hurt me but on this day she seemed a bit on edge grumbling something about the subjects not responding well to something or other

Either way we arrived in the chamber and I jumped onto the exam table, where I was strappped down and given several shots, most of wich hurt like hell, ans then an I'v drip was inserted before I was carted out of the room, I don't remember much else all I know is that when I woke up I was no longer me, I couldn't see the change but I could feel it, I felt different but I chose not to recognize it.

And I guess all that happened after that was my fault.

End log

Elsewhere zone

The light had long since died here the darkness instead chose to cling to everything, as if preparing the occupants for the arrival of death. The icy cold current seemed never ending freezing the men to there core, save the man in the center, whose eternal hatred burned within him brighter and hotter than a thousand suns. The man they all clung next to trying to stay warm in the frozen nothingness they existed in.

For years he'd stayed in the same position chained by the void, that imprisoned them all, his powers suppresed his consciousnes taken from him.

Lieas pov.

The white walls closed in on me as I struggled to free myself from the bonds of the table, in the distance I heard the soft beeping of machinery, and I became even more worried, was tenanbaum going to change me again?

What was that strange smell?

Were was everyone?

How'd I end up here?

where's Dad?

why is she doing this again?

How can I get out of here?

where only some of the questions racing through my mind, as I continued to struggle against the restraints.

I felt the cold chill of an IV drip in my arm, and I became insanitized by the thought of what could be pumping into my viens. jerking up whith all my strength I felt an ungodly pain lance threw my arm. I glanced down at it to find that I had snapped my wrist, and as I stared at it I became dizzy and I soon felt myself passing out.

later I woke up in my room sIting up I found my room as it was. what little furnitour there was, was scattered about the room though my bed was repositioned so the small camera on the wall could watch me.

I crawled off the bed and took my blanket and pillow to the corner wear I layed down scared and sick before I finally fell back asleep.

I woke up with a massive headache and as usuall was back in my bed.

I hopped off the bed and moved to the door, hoping I could get out cause I really had to pee and there didn't seem to be a toilet anywhere in here as I moved towards the door I was surprised to see it slide open automaticly allowing me to enter into a larger chamber it appeared to be a living room with a kitchen adjacent to it I saw a hall to the left and decided to go down it, my curriosity getting the better of me. I found the bathroom down that hall on the left as well as a linen closet.

After I had refreshed myself I headed towards the kitchen to find something to drink, it never occured to me how strange it was to be looking for something to drink Scenting the air I quickly cupped a hand ver it as my senses where overloaded with information. groaning I grabbed a glasss and filled it with water before taking a few cautious sips finding it rather sour I placed the glass back onto the counter and moved to the fridge.

The fridge turned out to be empty though so I moved onto the cupboards and from there to the tiny pantry, finding nothing tasty or edible anywhere I began to search for weapons in case any of the strange men came back. Unfortunatly I couldn't find anything that wasn't plastic, a sudden feeling of wooziness overcame me and I headed back to the bedroom.

My steps a bit wobly and my vision wavering, I paused at the bed and stared down at it and was for lack of a better term horrified by what I saw there.


The wind howelled threw the eaves ripping leaves from trees and sending them spiraling down in a cresendo of fall. As Bruce Wayne made his way to the forya so he could continue hosting the yearly thanksgiving ball.

He spotted one of his more preffered guests, and crossed the floor to greet him.

"Mr. Dent it is an honor to have you here" said bruce his voice flowing as smooth as silk.

Harvey glanced up a bit surprised by the voice but as he spotted the speaker a smile broke across his face, as he shot a hand out to clasp bruces shoulder.

"Hey Bruce old buddy how have you been, haven't run into any money troubles I see" he replied as as he and bruce stepped away from the other guests to converse.

"So I've heard tell of you having a new case something about a big fish your about to fry anything you need financialy I've got it covered just call and its done" Bruce stated his voice now in a more nuetral tone.

"Thanks man, But I don't know about this one, Penguine is getting slicker and harder to catch everytime time I throw him behind bars, he seems to find away to legally get out, and he learns from his mitakes wich is my biggest problem I won't be able to nail him with a light case I have to get a major case together and I've got little to go on" harvey said as he stepped over to the varanda and looked down on the people miling about.

"You'll get him you always do, just go home and get some rest" Bruce said calmly as he walked over to harvey and placed a comforting hand on his back.

"Yeah I probably should I'll go and say my goodbies to our lovely guests first of course, I have to keep my connections you know"

Smilling Bruce stood upright and made a vague gesture with his had before raising his glass of champaign towards Harvey.

"To Politics" he said with a hint of sarcasm

Smirking Harvey lifted his scotch "Yeah to fucking politics" he mumbled before he downed it and headed back into the fray.

Sighing batman turned around and stared off into the waves his mind lost in thought.