Chapter One

"Harleigh.." I heard Many's voice speak softly after we finished our harmonic melody. "Madelyn.." I thought as if he might choke on his own words or worse, start to cry. He seemed stunned or was he just shocked? I turned to Madi and clenched her hand. I didn't want to hear the news alone if it wasn't good.

"Yes?" Madelyn and I said in unison as a weak smile stretched across our faces.

He began to stand up and what I thought was a smirk, acctually grew to become a smile. "Your voices together are perfecto musica! Angelic sounds filled my ears when you sang together. I know for a fact you two are going to be the next best thing!" Many spun around with joy. His mexican accent blew me away and made me want to giggle all the time.

Madelyn gasped. My heart was pounding. Did he really just say that? Are we that good? I had no idea. Everytime I heard my voice I thought a cat was dieing.

Let me fill you in on a few missing details. Nearly 7 months ago, My best friend Madelyn and I were just two, typical high school Juniors, dealing with the prices of being one. We were from a small town. It was quite common in our area of Illinois but not nation wide. It was just like any other town. Broke and useless. I often grew bored. Correction, we often grew bored. What was there to do in a small town with absolutely nothing? Oops, sorry, I'm rambling. Where was I? Oh, right! Anyway, I haven't known Madelyn my whole life, but she is my best friend. We met each other a few years ago and have been inseparable since. You would think we were sisters by the way we acted around each other. I grew up, singing and dancing. I loved the idea of one day being famous strutting my assets across an arena full of adoring fans. Now, did I ever think that would happen to me? Ha ha, hell to the no. Especially with all the torment I got growing up as a child. (I'll fill you in later) Madelyn on the other hand, is absolutely gorgeous. Together, people say, that we have more beauty than the Garden of the God's itself. She grew up wanting to be an inspiring model and singer. Madelyn would always tell me how much she adored being in front of a camera or pretending to be on stage staring into a crowd of eyes on her. She thought the same thing I thought. I will never be famous. I will never be known. I am a nobody.

This all started around my 17th birthday. Madelyn and I planned the whole thing. It was extravagant! Any who, Madelyn and I were partial entertainment at my party. Together we sang Selena Gomez's 'Hit The Lights' and I swear sparks flooded the room. It was amazing to hear our voices as one. Later that night when Madi and I were cleaning soda spills off the bottom of our dresses, my friend's Axel and Bryson came up to us. They looked tranced. Madelyn didn't know them but stood there dumbfounded. I looked at them with an eyebrow raise.

"Are ya'll okay?" I spoke.

They looked at each other. "Are we okay?!" Axel exclaimed aloud. "Of course we are okay! Your voices..."Bryson cut him off in mid sentence.

"Girls, your voices are incredible. Like..fabulous."

I looked at smiling. Her face was full of Joy. I chuckled.

"Aw, thanks guys. Really, that was nothing. Shoot, it WAS nothing. Just felt like doing something for the big one seven." Madie and I giggled in unison.

'Dude, you've got to tell them!" Bryson turned to Axel with exctiement.

I grew stunned. These boys are messed up I swear.

"Jeez bro, you always gotta ruin the surprise."

"Erm, tell us what?" Madie finally spoke. "What surprise?" I added.

"If you're up for it, I can get you hooked up in Cali for a record deal. My dad use to play for AneglicRecords and I'm pretty tight with them. Ask Brys, he's a drummer for them when we have school breaks." I looked at Bryson. He nodded with a smirk.

I looked at Madelyn. She was in awe. Her mouth openend and my eyes widened.

I started shaking and always screamed but realized I would draw to much attention and I had enough of that tonight.

"Excuse my french but are you fucking serious?!" I jumped for joy. However, I paused and started thinking. Are they messing with me? I always messed with them in school about stupid stuff so is this revenge?

"Wait, ya'll aren't messing with me are you? You know how much I love singing. How much fame means to mean."

I turned to Madelyn. "She's right. It means the world." She grabbed my hand and squeezed it tight.

Axel looked me in the eyes and took my shoulders in his hands. "Trust me. I'm dead serious. You gals come by one day. I'll lay down a tack. Sing your hearts out and I'll put in on a CD. I'll send it in and hear from Many from Angelic in about 5 days and well..You gals will be chilling in LA for the next few years of your life."

"Plus, you'll have Axel and me at your side. Basis and drummer." Bryson added with a smile.

Without saying a word, I jumped into Axel's arms. Madelyn hugged Bryson awkwardly but I could tell she was happy.

Out of surprise Madelyn spoke "How does Friday sound?" We all chuckled with unison and headed on the dance floor when Low came on.

Believe it or not, 7 months later, after everything was settled, we packed for Cali and here we are. It was so hard convincing out parents. They almost didn't budge but they finally accepted our dream. Since then, we have been enjoying the nice heat in Cali that August has to offer. At first, I couldn't believe what was happening. Was it for real? I pinched myself everyday 'till I knew for a fact that it wasn't a dream...