Chapter One (Cont.)

After snapping out of my daydream, I noticed Madelyn discussing tomorrows schedule with Many. I smiled with joy. I still cannot believe we are here today. I decided to walk over and catch wait was on tomorrows agenda.

Madelyn turned to me, "Great, you're paying attention now!" She slapped my shoulder with a chuckle. I smiled with a blush of embarrassment.

"Any-who, as we were discussing mamacitas, we plan on actually recording a track for you girls tommorow and our going to put it on our cover channel. Ya know, to give you girls some hits before making it big."

"Sounds great." I reply. Madelyn shakes her head and gives a thumbs up.

"Yes, sounds great!" Madelyn added before checking her phone.

"Perfecto, how about noon tommorow girls?" Many spoke with a questioning voice.

I turned to Madelyn, she shrugged.

"Yes, we'll be here." I responded.

"Alright, adios girls. Gotta take care of some other business. " Many waved with a smile as we headed out the studio's doors.

"Madie, can you believe we are here? I can not thank Axel and Bryson enough. More so Many for this experience." Madie giggled.

"I know! They really are the best people," She paused in her tracks. "Speaking of the boys...weren't we suppose to meet them for Liner in about 20 minutes?" I looked at my watch.

"Oh shoot! I still gotta get changed!"

"Me too, don't worry! Let's just let them know that we'll be behind by a few minutes. I don't think they'll mind too much." Madelyn grabbed my arm and we sprinted down the sidewalk to our hotel. Nothing better than having her by my side. I honestly do not know what I would do without her. She's been keeping me alive through this whole mess. This big stressful mess.

After dabbing on the finishing touches of our liner outfits, I text Axel to let him know we'd be a few moments behind. Madelyn and I had separate bathrooms In our suite so I walked across the hall to see if she was ready and I was blown away.

"Giiirrrl, you got it going on!" I teased.

"Girrrll, so do you!" She replied. I looked up and down at her gorgeous, but casual, hot pink sundress with a silver belt across it. I looked at mine. I didn't really like wearing dresses out, so I grabbed my favorite hot pink, high wasted shorts, and one shoulder pull over.

We giggled at one another, and got ready to head out the door. I was just about to ask Madie what our plans after dinner were when we paused in our tracks to what we heard behind us.

"Ehmagawd! Did you know that One Direction is in the city! They're finally back from England! I can not believe it!" A short, blonde haired girl spoke to her taller, but darker haired friend. They both screeched.

"Eepppp! Ohmygod!Ohmygod!Ohmygod! Do you know where they are staying! I must meet them!"

"Hahhaa, no girl. They're location is top secret. I think they are laying low."

"Well, poo. It was worth a shot."

"Let's keep a look out though!" They two girls ran back up the back stairs where the pool was. We never did see them again.

I looked at Madelyn. "I love them. Correction, I adore them. However, I am not a crazed fan like..."

Madelyn interrupted me,"Oh, yeah, I know. I love them too. Jesus. But, Harleigh. They are in the city!"

I shrugged,"I know, maybe Manny knows more information. We'll talk with him more about it tommorow." Madelyn nodded and we headed out the hotel's door arm and arm. I didn't want to admit it but, I was so happy that One Direction was in the city. My heart was beating a mile a minute. They meant so much. Goodness, Harry's eyes. I could get lost in them forever. Niall's perfect smile amazes me. Louis's humor, oy vae. Zayn and Liam, with their magnificent looks. I love them all. My heart was pounding and I didn't want to freak out on Madie. Even though, I'm pretty sure she was going crazy on the inside too.

I was so glad when we reached the restaurant. I was in the mood for some really good food. Oh hey, I ryhmed a little there! Haha, oops sorry. I keep getting off track.

Since it was about lunch, but not quite dinner, we decided to eat at The Griddle Cafe. I absolutely loved their food. It melted in your mouth. Like, yumm.

Madelyn and I looked around for Brys and Axel, when they saw us and waved we sat down at their table. It was so good to be in a place with your best friends at your side. I felt like I was home.