"Red light!" Bree cried out as she whirled around to see the Doctor frozen on spot 10 meters away. He quivered slightly as "it" laughed at the sight of him standing there. "I'm going to get you Doctor!" she said. The Doctor gave a goofy smile back.

"Aren't I the one who's supposed to say that? Now cummon! I've got a game to win, enough stalling already!" he shouted boisterously. Bree smiled widely as she spun her back to him.

"Green light!" she shrieked out. The Doctor took his chance to run as fast as he could to reach the girl, but he wasn't fast enough for her.

"RED LIGHT!" Bree screamed, and the Doctor froze mid-stride; his fingers reached out to where she stood 3 meters away. As she turned to look at him, the smile she had on her face melted away quickly as she spotted something behind her friend. The Doctor frowned at his friends horrified and frightened expression, yet didn't move.

"What is it Bree? I can't move while you're looking at me, what's there?" he tried to see from the corner of his eye but failed to see what the girl was looking at.

Bree stepped back nervously. "Doctor, I think it's best if we both do the running now." she said taking a step back, never taking her eyes off the thing behind him. The Doctor relaxed and stood up straight, a slight feeling of dread taking over him, yet still not turning around.

"You better not be playing tricks with me because I still haven't forgiven you for the last time you did it." But when Bree didn't respond to the hit, the Doctor walked up to her and studied over her in close proximity. "Why should we stop playing Bree?" he asked in a hush tone of voice. Bree gulped, her eyes still wide.

"Because the god of red light green light just came to play." she said gravely, pointing to what scared her. The Doctor turned slowly to see the weeping angel leaning towards where he had been standing, claws reaching out and fangs bared. He too gulped nervously.

"Run." he instructed.