What else can you do when you are trapped, surrounded by the enemy, have lost all hope, and have nowhere to run?

What do you do,

other then make them remember you?

No matter who or what you face,

make them remember you.

Make the Goa'uld system lords remember you as one of the most impudent person in the universe.

Make the Replicators remember you.

Make the Wraith remember you in disgust.

Make the Genii remember you whether it be for good or bad.

Make the Daleks and Cybermen remember you.

Make the Hutt's remember you as the filthiest scum in the galaxy.

Make the Separatists and sith lords remember your name.

Make the bounty hunters have nightmares about you.

Make the Death Eaters hate you.

Make a Dark Lord remember you.

Make the Magog run at the sound of your name.

Make the Nietzscheans quiver in their boots at the sight of you.

Make the Empire remember you as the one lone rebel who stands in their way.

Make those in power envy you.

Make them all remember you,

Make history remember you.

Only then;

will you prevail.