Here he was again; the same guy that had been hanging around the orphanage for the past few days. I'd catch him looking in my direction or at the other kids but he never did anything other than look. I was friends with a few of the little kids including my lil' buddy Gino and I was getting suspicious that this guy might be a pedophile, but I just ignored him and stayed close to the little kids whenever I saw him. But then that situation left my mind as the whole world went to hell when I got called into Mrs. Milly's office about a week after my 16th birthday. "Lelouch, darling, sit down and relax. I have something very important to talk to you about." She said when I walked in, throwing myself in the armchair and kicking back; the house arrest anklet clanging against my shoe. Mrs. Milly sighed and looked at me with distaste. "Lelouch." She said, clearing her throat and looking at the armchairs beside me. I turned my head and saw two men; both with brown hair and green eyes. The one sitting next to me was older, probably in his mid-40 to early 50's. He looked like one of those kind old coots you see on TV; and then the man beside him, the one that has been watching the orphanage for about a month and a half.

"Who are they?" I said flatly, looking to Mrs. Milly. She smiled and shuffled papers on her desk. "This is Genbu Kururugi and his son Suzaku Kururugi, and they are here to adopt you. Isn't that wonderful news, Lelouch?" she smiled. My mouth dropped open and I stared at the Kururugi's "WHAT!" I nearly screamed, sitting up straight in the armchair. "Yes, I will be adopting you Lelouch." Genbu said, smiling at me. I frowned "Sorry, but I'd rather stay here." I said, glaring at Mrs. Milly. "It's too late, Lelouch. Mr. Kururugi has already signed the papers. He is your legal guardian now… you are no longer a part of the orphanage." She said. I growled "but what about my parole. I can't leave here." I smirked. "You're parole officer was kind enough to reprogram your anklet this morning." The guy named Suzaku said. I looked at him and growled.

Great, I thought, how am I going to tell Gino, I thought. "We have arranged for your belongings to be transported to our 'house' by the time we arrive tomorrow afternoon and-"I stood up, cutting Mr. Kururugi off. "I'm not leaving." "Lelouch, dear calm down. You should be happy that they want to adopt you." Ms. Milly chimed in from her desk. I shook my head. "I'd rather stay in this dump than go with them. And I most certainly am not leaving Gino in this shithole!" I screamed at them, turning and running out of the door. "Gino!" I yelled, running to our tiny room to find him playing with the robot I bought him for his birthday. "What's wrong lulu?" he asked as I snatched him up in my arms and ran down the hall. "Lulu what's going on!?" Gino squeaked in my arms, cradling his robot in his hands as I ran to the main entrance. "Some people came to adopt me Gino; but I'm not going with them. I won't leave you here in this… dump." I mumbled, kicking open the doors and running out into the crisp autumn air.