As I ran to the only place that I found comfort in, the cemetery, Gino began to sniffle; an instant reaction before he started to cry. I stopped and sat down by my favorite mausoleum, setting him down on his feet. "G? What's wrong?!" he looked up at me, tears rolling down his pale face. "You should go with them, Lulu. You'll have a family and you can be happy." He whined, wiping at his face. I stared down at him. If only he knew. "No, Gino. I don't want a family. I already have one. You're the only family I need, G." I said, hugging him. "But Lulu, you can go to school and get a boyfriend and make friends." He protested. I looked down at him and smiled. "I don't need those things Gino. I have you. You're like my little brother. I've raised you since you were 2 years old. That's 5 years you've been with me. I love you like you're my own blood. I'm not giving you up for school, or a boy, or even… 'friends'. I don't need them. I need YOU Gino. You're the reason why I haven't cut this damned house arrest anklet off. You're the reason I'm still ali-"something hit me in the back of the neck and my vision went blurry.

I heard someone scream, their tiny pitched voice ringing in my ears, even in the defenseless state I was in. I was paralyzed and unable to move, a great pain spreading threw my body. I smelt something delicious. Metallic, salty. A flash of red against pale skin. That screaming again… and then someone's sweet melodic voice. "The undead should never say they are alive; because they aren't living." And then another voice, rougher than the first. "That my boy. Tell it how it is." "No! Don't touch her! Lulu! Get up! Lulu get up please!" I heard gino plead. "Don't…hurt…him." I choked out. "Don't worry about the boy, missy. We ain't here to hurt him…unless we 'ave to." A sly smile slid over the man's face as he bent near my face. My vision cleared slightly and I recognized who it was….. .