Asivia stood in the center of the circle, holding her staff securely in her hands, her pack left outside of the circle, the eggs settled in a half circle before her. "Remember, this is an extremely dangerous creature of the darkness! It feasts on dragon eggs and if you do not step in to banish it back to its plane of existence, it will devour your dragon egg," Warlic warned.

Asivia merely nodded at the warning, gripping her staff tighter. Warlic let out a controlled breath and he raised his hand. Blue lightning crackle and the portal of darkness spun, wrenching the creature who would sniff out the dragon egg from its plane and dropping it before Asivia.

"Mew?" it squeaked out and Asivia grinned.

"Awww! It's so cute!" she squealed.

"Asivia, this is just the appearance the Doomkitten…" Warlic began only to get cut off by the gushing Asivia.

"DOOMKITTEN? I just want to hug it!" she squealed out.

He sighed.

"Just…let it pick the egg," he stated and resisted the urge to hide his eyes.

He couldn't interfere, and he truly hoped she snapped out of it when it went to devour the egg.

It sniffed along until it came to the third egg, where it growled. Warlic didn't have time to say a thing when Asivia suddenly blasted it, her robes flaring out from the sudden expenditure of power. She spun her staff around and stood in front of the egg. "Over my dead body," she hissed.

The Doomkitten growled and its eyes glowed before it pulled from its realm to attack Asivia.

Her return was just as swift and violent.

Warlic watched, wondering if she would burn herself out going against the Doomkitten, until she sent it flying back into its realm. She stood blinking and then turned to where the egg was, the illusion flickering slightly. She immediately knelt down and carefully lifted the egg into her arms. She turned slightly and smiled at Warlic.

"Thank you," she responded.

"It was no problem. If Twilly was not waiting eagerly for your return, I would ask to study your egg for a while longer. However, it is probably best for you to return to Falconreach," Warlic stated.

Asivia nodded and immediately left, barely remembering to grab her pack as she went.

Warlic watched her go and turned to Nythera. "Nythera, how are your studies going?" he asked, ignoring the sour look she shot him.

Asivia would be fine, he was sure.