It was a normal day. Dr. Miranda Foster got up and went to work at Three Rivers Regional Medical Center as per usual.

"Hey Miranda," said Dr. David Lee, surgical resident and her friend, "Do you want to go out for a drink?"

"Sure, I'll ask Andy if he wants to come," she replied. She eventually found her superior and teacher in the hallway, "Hey Andy, David and I are getting a drink you coming?" she asked.

"No, my in-laws are coming for dinner tonight," answered Andy, "It's Patricia's birthday and Rena would kill me if I missed it."

"Ok then," said Miranda with a chuckle. She knew both Andy and Rena got along with each other's' parents but it was still amusing to hear them talk about them. Miranda caught up with David in the lounge.

"So is Andy coming?" David asked.

"No, Rena's parents are coming to their house," she said.

"Ok, I guess it's just you and me then."

"I guess so," said Miranda a little nervously. She had never been anywhere with just David other than the hospital really. She kind of liked the idea.

"So where do you want to go?" asked David.

"How about wings? At Quaker Stake and Lube? You know the Eagles play the Lions tonight don't you?" she said playfully.

"That's fine. And I can watch the Eagles play the Lions. I can watch the Phillies play the Tigers. Just don't get me started when the Red Wings play the freakin Flyers," said David.

"Hey only Andy and Rena and the other Pens fans can say that!" defended Miranda. David just laughed.

"You ready?" he asked.

"Yeah meet you there," said Miranda headed to her car as happy as ever.