Final chapter! Hope you enjoyed the story!

"Good job baby. You did a great job," said David kissing Miranda on temple, "Thank you for giving me a beautiful baby girl and a handsome baby boy," he said as Dylan looked up and smiled at him.

"And thank you for making this the greatest day of my life," sniffled Miranda happily as Colleen held her hand around Miranda's finger. David wiped away the tears running down her cheeks.

"You guys ready for some company?" asked Andy poking his head in the room.

"Sure," said Miranda as Andy and Rena walked in.

"Hey guys, I'm your Aunt Rena and this is your Uncle Andy. You'll be seeing us a lot," cooed Rena.

"Do you both want to hold them?" asked Miranda. The couple nodded. David and Miranda handed the twins off to their godparents.

"They're so cute," said Andy wondering if he'd ever hold his and Rena's child one day.

"Oh by the way. Now would be the time to ask her," said Rena to David.

"Ask me what?" asked Miranda.

David chuckled, "Well uh I was buying something for you. I was going to ask you this later tonight but then Andy called and said you were in labor. But it's only appropriate." David stood up from his place on the bed and got down on one knee, "Miranda Alexis Foster, I love you. And now that we have two beautiful babies together I have another question. Will you marry me?" he asked pulling out a diamond ring.

"David Alexander Lee, that was the errand today?" asked Miranda grinning from ear to ear, "And how long did you two know about this?" she asked eyeing Andy and Rena.

"That he was going to propose? A week," said Rena casually.

Miranda started to cry again and looked David in the eyes, "Yes."

David stood up and slid the ring onto her finger. Rena handed Colleen to David and Andy handed Dylan to Miranda. She snuggled close to David gazing at her babies.

"He's going to be my husband. We're going to be a family," thought Miranda joyfully. She looked around the room as Andy and Rena slipped out the door to leave the family alone. The family of David Alexander, Miranda Alexis, Colleen Mackenzie, and Dylan Michael Foster-Lee.

The End!

Also please not I am trying to write a sequel but with school and college applications and other things I'm quite busy. It might take awhil e to be completed.