Subsisto motus – stop motion

Suffoca – choke

Congela - freeze

Da cultri – gives knives

marmor – marble

sanguine furtur – steal your blood

sacer ignis – sacred fire

demens ignis – demented fire

Extrudo: Pushes people backwards, 'protego' ineffective.

Aegis Ultimo: Advanced shield spell

Deflagratio: Sends out a jet of fire

Motes humo: Makes the ground disintegrate and fall apart

Sectumsempra: Creates gashes on the victim's face and chest (Can be fatal). Dark arts

Arma Argentum: Shield conjuring spell

Conjurus Ensis: Sword conjuring spell

Condolesco: Sister curse of the cruciatus curse, causes sever pain wherever it hits. Dark arts

Animus: To animate an object and bring it under your control, takes a lot of concentration.

Integumentum: Disguises yourself. Point at where you want to disguise and imagine how you want it to be.

Lethargus: Coma curse, puts anyone hit into a coma, length dictated by power, up to a month. Dark arts.

Flabrus: Creates a string wind, useful for blowing people over or away.

Transformo: Tranfiguration charm, different variations can transfigure object into anything else. Useful for changing missiles (e.g. daggers) into something less deadly.

Praestigus: Illusion charm, used to create lifelike holograms to confuse opponent.

Fumeus Nebula: Smoke screen, useful for escape.

Lubricus Humi: Makes the floor slippery, hard to remain standing

Lentesco Humi: Opposite toLubricus Humi, makes people stick to the floor

Intransitus: Creates loud white noise, causes people to be in great pain in their ears, will also distract. Border line dark arts

Suffuco: Air restriction spell, strangles victim Dark arts

Petroleus Aduro: Creates petrol, very effective when used with fire.

Necus Lamia: Kills vampires, harmless on other creatures.

Lamia Neco: Kills werewolves, harmless on other creatures.

Adstrepo: Causes a loud bang wherever you point your wand, very useful for distracting opponent.

Transformo Ipse: Self transfiguration, picture how you want to transfigure yourself, uses a lot of power.

Langlock: Renders the victim speechless.

Opugno: Causes conjured animals to attack a specified target.

Confundo: Confundus charm, temporarily confuses a target.

Ardor Glacio: Flame freezing charm, to negate the effects of weaker fire spells.

Episkey: Heals minor injuries

Sagitto: Arrow wand charm, shoots arrows out your wand.

Arma Agumentus: Creates a shield of water which can be later thrown at target. Very effective when used with electricity spell.

Fulemenus Iaculor: Electricity spell, sends out a bolt of electricity, power dictated by power and will of caster.

Pulsum: Propulsion spell, used to propel yourself in any direction, useful for quick attacks and dodging spells.

scutum corporis= physical shield (it's not creative but the incantation actually sounds cool)

vis aeris = force of the air

vir ingens pilum= a great man throws his javelin (haha)

confossus in perpetuum = he was stabbed forever

acerba funera = grievously untimely death (I thought it was funny)

lancea fulgur= lance of lightning (i.e. bolt of lightning)