L looked up at Light thoughtfully, his thumb resting on his lips, who was intently working at the computer. Their task to find the third Kira was beginning to take its toll. The rest of the remaining task force had long since taken to their beds when L broke the silence with a simple call of his counterpart's name.


"Hm? What is it, Ryuuzaki?" Light looked at L, who was currently eyeing him tiredly.

"You won't be any help to the investigation if you're under-slept," L began, tugging on the handcuffs that bound them together, "You should get some sleep. It'd be best that way."

Sighing, Light replied. "I don't want to leave so much work undone, but you're right... I can't focus... I-... I think I will get some sleep."

L smiled. "Come. You'll want to get as much sleep as you can."

Light pressed the 'Off' button on the monitor, extinguishing the only remaining light in the room before standing up and pushing his office chair in.

L slid his spare hand into his pocket, the other causing the handcuffs to jingle mutely as they walked to the elevator.

Light pressed the upward arrow, a thin border of red rimming the triangle. A small bell sounded, the elevator doors peeling open to reveal blinding fluorescent lights.

L slid his hand back out of the pocket, and pressed the circle corresponding to the number '6'. As the elevator rose past each floor, a small 'tick' resounded in the cool box. The doors slid silently open again, revealing a short corridor with a soft yellow light overhead and a single door at the end.

The pair walked out of the elevator, hearing the doors meet once more. As they reached the solitary door, Light pulled the card key out of his back left pocket, smoothly scanning it through the lock on the door.

The small LED illuminated green, and the lock unlatched.

Only moments after they had walked into the room, the pair had already changed into clothes more suitable for sleeping.* They then clambered to the cool sheets of the queen sized bed.

L gingerly pulled the corner of the blanket over him, beginning to shut his eyes when he felt warm lips cover his, the smoothness overwhelming.

"L-Light?" L kissed back, his mind running wild in all directions.


L woke up with a start, panting. That was the second night in a row that his sweetest memory had come to haunt him. Light had been taken in for a second round of confinement against L's will weeks ago. The remainder of the task force had claimed to have found evidence more definite than anything prior. L hadn't been able to sleep right since then, he hasn't felt right without the slight pull of the handcuff on his right hand, and, recently, his memories of nights with Light had begun eating away at his mind. He didn't want Light to be Kira, no matter how much evidence there was to convict him.

Tears began to slip silently down L's cheeks, broken mumbles escaping through muffled sobs.

"Y-you... Left... Before I- before... I could tell you... L-Light..."

More broken whispers, haunting words that hadn't left L's thoughts

"I-if only I hadn't- hadn't... Hadn't wasted my time with you... The half of a second that I needed wouldn't have... S-slipped throu-gh... M-my... My grasp..." the detective trailed off, his tears leaving small stains of water on his crisp white shirt.

"Light..." the one word echoed coldly in the room.

"L." was all that was spoken before a pair of all-too-familiar lips crashed into his.

*Due to undisclosed information on L's ability to unlock the handcuffs for changing and so forth, I did a minute time skip. The solution is up to you.