I'm an Aaron/Jason fan, the only one it seems, don't expect many readers. If you don't like the pairing then don't read it. To those who are reading this, hope you enjoy it, as much as I enjoy writing it. I don't expect this to be too long, perhaps at top four chapters. I'll see as I continue to write.

Pairing: Aaron/Jason, don't like it go away

Warnings: AU, Aaron is a werewolf, slash

Rating: T, but who knows, maybe as this continues it be M

Summary: Jason is hiding in the mountains when he finds a rather big wolf, wounded. He finds himself bringing the wolf back with him and tending to him.


The Finding


Jason shuddered as he pulled his coat tighter to his body. He had been stupid enough to think that taking a short walk was a good idea, but he really should have learned by now that just because it was clear out, it did not mean that snow would not be raging down at any minute. He could barely feel his face, and even if it was nice to not feel the cutting pain of the wind, numbness was not a good thing. The warmth that his winter clothes provided diminished the longer he stayed outside.

At least he shouldn't be too far from the cabin he was staying at. He frowned when he saw a spot of something in the snow. Blood. He knew that shade of color. It did not necessarily mean that it was human blood, for there were wolves, deer, and other creatures….but Jason could not risk being careless. Jason quickly looked around, trying to see through the storm, trying to listen through the howling wind. The snow was coming down fast, covering many of the footprints but Jason could barely make out some paw prints. A wolf. It appeased Jason, just slightly, for he would not feel at ease until he was completely sure he was alone in the mountains.

He resumed walking, well, more like trudging, through the snow. He followed the spots of blood and paw prints, watching as they became shallower, wider. Jason frowned once he came into a clearing, the body of a rather huge wolf laid on the snow, motionless. It had a dark fur coat and it was rapidly being covered by the flurries of snow. This was mother nature, Jason should not be messing with it, but…Jason found himself being drawn to the wolf, cautiously moving forward, picking up the movement of the injured animal's chest. The creature was still alive but for how long? wondered Jason.

It made him questioned if he ever had a pet, back when he was David. Had he ever had a dog? a cat? he liked to think that yes, he had a pet, that he would walk him and play catch with him. He would have probably named him something ridiculous. He snapped out of his thoughts at the sound of growling, the wolf had raised its head, eyes peering at Jason. Had they been red for a second there? Jason wondered, unable to look away from the hazel colored eyes.

"It is ok, I'm here to help you." Jason called out, hoping he was heard over the wind. The wolf made no move to snap at him, and Jason took that as a good sign. He was helping a wolf, but it was something, it was being helpful and Jason missed that. God was he tired, just thinking that had him sagging down. He shook his head, trying to get himself back unto his feet, he had to make it back to the cabin and carry the wolf along.

"I will carry you, if you are fine with that." Jason crouched next to the wolf, unable to see the full extent of the wolf's injury. The wolf tried to stand up in protest, only to whimper and slam back down to the snow. Jason knew that there was no way they would both make it if he did not hurry. He slipped his arms under the wolf, before pushing himself up, huffing as he did so. The wolf was rather heavy, he thought with a grunt, rushing as fast as he could. His arms were numb and the extra weight of the wolf, was not helping. The wolf remained completely still in his arms which was good, a thrashing wolf would have made things worst.

Finally, after thinking that there was no way he could carry the wolf any further, the cabin came into view. He sped up with all he had for the last few yards, fumbling with the door and stepping inside with a big sigh of relief. He laid the wolf down before locking the door securely behind him.

He winced as his body began to thaw but he had no time to just relax, not until he looked over the wolf. There was a kit in his room and he went to get that before kneeling in front of the motionless wolf. He began inspecting the fur, trying to be gentle but figuring that the wolf was as numb as he was at the moment.

The wolf remained silent, flinching and whimpering as Jason went about cleaning and stitching up the bullet wounds. People were hunting wolves, it was not unlikely but he hadn't heard gun shots nearby. Nor did it seem like it was a trade for wolves in the area. He patted the wolf's head, gently scratching behind his ears. Very slowly he half carried, half allowed the wolf to drag himself over closer to the fire.

Finally, after throwing a blanket over the wolf's form, Jason slumped down, on the floor, next to the wolf, taking in some warmth from the fire as well. He was tired, hungry, thirsty and just….wanted peace. Was that too much to ask? Jason wondered, but perhaps it was punishment? he snorted at that and stared at the fire, closing his eyes but forcing himself to stay awake. After a couple of minutes of lying there, he turned his head to see the wolf sleeping.

Jason would have to keep an eye out, make sure there was no more hunting while he was there, at least. Such beautiful creatures didn't need that; being hunted….Jason was tired of being hunted and hunting.

He stumbled onto his feet, shuffling over to the small kitchen, heating up some water for coffee. He needed to find something to feed the wolf, but what? After heating up some leftovers, Jason settled down on the couch, cup of coffee warming his hands. He didn't notice when he placed his cup down and fell asleep.

He could hear her screaming for him, but he only kept on running. He ran and ran until he couldn't hear nor smell her. He could feel the bullets whizzing by him but he had to get them away from her. She could escape, she could live her life all he had to do was get them away.

He had barely even felt the bullets as they hit him. Actually, he couldn't even pin point the moment his two legs changed into four, claws digging into the ground with each stride.

There was a light up ahead. He had to get to the light.


The wolf woke up, startled, eyes wide as he turned his head, looking around, taking in each smell and sound. He was warm, and his wounds were still there, but quickly healing. The sound of soft breathing had him swiftly turning over, eyes zoning in on the man on the couch. He knew that man, had seen him before.

Finally, realizing that he was safe for now, the wolf laid his head back down, to rest on his front paws.

He hoped Marta was fine, wherever she was. He had not meant to leave her on her own, but it was better this way. Once he was better, he'll look for her, but for now, he knew she would survive on her own. That allowed him to breathe easier at least, 'even with the sore ribs' he mused.

What was the coincidence that he would be saved, in the middle of the mountains, in a snowstorm, by Jason Bourne? He wondered, shooting Jason a glance, before closing his eyes once again.

He would have to think about that some other time, for now, he could barely keep his eyes open.

To be continued