Aaron rushed down the street, keeping an ear out for the sounds of footsteps. They were after him but they were beginning to tire, still. There were a number of officers that were coming from the other side. He would have to find a way of evading them, but how.

He glanced up, calculating what to use to jump up to the roofs, he could escape that way. The officers were making their way towards him.

He grinned wide when a figure jumped down and easily took the four officers.

The blonde glanced up, blue eyes meeting Aaron's hazel eyes.

"Just in time, I was beginning to wonder if you were going to show up at all." Aaron grinned, rushing past Jason, snagging his hand and taking him along.

The officers were still behind him, he could barely hear them, they had tired out. But they couldn't afford to stop, it was better if they didn't.

Aaron didn't want to stop.

He missed this, running, hand in hand with Jason, who kept pace with him. Jason knew that they could stop running, but he just kept on running, until his breathing became labor and his legs began to throb.

Aaron easily felt and heard the changes, slowing down until they came to a full stop.

"I can a little late." Jason breathed out, leaning against the wall for a slight support. Aaron just grinned because he was too ecstatic for anything else, really.

"You sent a message then? That is how you got into their radar again."

"Just enough to keep the case open, to file a search on the programs." Aaron muttered, a bit angry that they had not managed more after so much time working on. It was going slower than they wanted, but they did not want to take too big of risks. Not yet.

"I know, come on." Jason grabbed Aaron by the arm and led him down some streets.

"Heard you got in touch with Nicky."

"So did you."

Aaron wasn't sure how he felt about Jason going to stay with Nicky for a while. She was someone from his past, so he understood that, but still. There was a past there and Aaron didn't know what it was.

"Good thing, or I would not have arrived here on time." Jason pointed out which Aaron begrudgingly agreed on.

"Marta got along with her just fine." Aaron muttered, because that also had been slightly annoying.

"It is not the same talking to a man all the time. Especially one that sheds so much hair." Jason snorted and Aaron was happy to hear the other sounding a bit more relaxed, compared to the last time they saw each other. Jason was slowly loosening up and it was refreshing.

Seeing the man begin to live again, perhaps, showing more of David than Jason.

But, he knew that Jason would never be erased. That part of Bourne was too deeply ingrained for it to vanish; it could only be molded slightly, shaped to allow for David Webb to emerge.

"How long are you going to stick around for?" Aaron asked, stopping in the middle of one of the streets, to stare at Jason.

"Where is Marta?"

"We got separated."

"I'll help you get back to her."

Aaron grinned and tugged Jason close.

Another time he'll get Jason to stay with him, for now, a week to get back to Marta was good enough for Aaron.

He pressed his mouth to Jason's, growling as his wolf took in the feel and scent of Jason. Of Pack.